Jakob Lorber Offenbarung    Revelation Jakob Lorber

The Universe and Alien Civilizations, Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

The Universe and Alien Civilizations

    Who of us, looking at the starry night sky, did not ask whether we are alone or whether there are intelligent beings on one or the other heavenly objects out there. And could we perhaps get into contact with them? (NASA did, as you know.) Did the material universe really come into existence through the Big Bang? Is there really Dark Matter or is our sun really a gigantic nuclear reactor etc, etc.

    Huge funds were spent and scientists have collected mountains of data to find answers to these unending questions. Their universe is, however, looking chaotic and is rife with accidents, catastrophes, instability and is highly speculative. Every new discovery creates hosts of new questions or may contradict established theories. The main problem of science lies in the fact that it has created a paradigm which has no space for God and a universe which was created by Him and is organized and controlled by Him.

    It is the New Revelation which tells us that all established objects of a certain size in space are inhabited by people (and not exotic aliens) and that everywhere the human shape is the highest form of beings, because it is the image of God. We learn that matter, even the entire material universe, came into being only after a part of the primary spiritual beings cut their links to God or rebelled against Him and how from the invisible spiritual visible matter emerged. We discover how specific space objects like suns (stars) and planets formed and how beings there evolved for whom the grace of God prepared the path back to a spiritual existence.

    We also read that there is a hierarchical structure of the universe and that there are immensely big 'central suns'. That the suns are not big gas balls and nuclear reactors at all but solid objects in 'shell' or 'hull' form, how light originates and propagates. In fact light does not originate by nuclear fusion (conversion of hydrogen into helium) but is created on the surface of the two types of biggest central suns (the primary central sun and the space central suns). On these an extremely energy rich super gas is burning creating the light in our local universe. The energy potential of this gas is many orders of magnitude higher than any gas on our planet.

    As the suns and central suns are not gas balls but solid bodies, objects of giant size are possible. The mass of these central suns is thousands to millions of times bigger than all matter (galaxies, suns, planets) in their orbit.

The hierarchical structure of our universe (Shell Globe)

Level SYSTEM Central object Controls in its orbit

In the light of the New Word of our Lord Jesus Jehovah (Yahweh), the notion of "Universe" must be newly defined. What we usually understand under this name is the entirety of matter which we think is around us and which we can see with the latest and strongest telescopes. Jesus tells us however, that this is only our "local" universe. It is a giant sphere of about 10114 light years in diameter which He calls the "Shell Globe". See level 6 in the table above.

The real Universe consists of about 1030 shell globes, each firmly positioned at a distance of thousands of diameters of each shell globe. Together they form a human figure representing the fallen Lucifer. (See picture assembly below.)

Dimensions of Universe Systems and Objects
System Central Sun/Star Central Sun/Star size in Light Years
Solar System Sun 46.7 Light Seconds
Sun Area (star cluster) Area Sun/Star (Sirius for our Sun area) +-1
Sun Universe (1st order) or Galaxy Galaxy Central Sun 106
Space Universe (2nd order) or Galaxy cluster Galaxy cluster central Sun 1012-1018
Shell Globe: 7 million Space Universe galaxy clusters circle our primeval central sun Primeval Central Sun (star Urka-Regulus for us) 2x1036
Shell Globe diameter of 'our local' Universe --- approx. 10114

Our local universe has the form of a globe and is wrapped in an impenetrable hull or shell (similar to an egg-shell). Therefore the Lord calls it in His New Word "Shell-Globe".

All suns and smaller central suns are like the silvery decoration of a Christmas tree because of their reflective air surface. This way and through the mirror-like inner surface of the outer shell all light in our universe is evenly dispersed.

Finally we are shown the real extent of our universe, the significance of our Earth in it, and much, much more. Facts humanity had no idea about until now. More descriptions about celestial objects are conveyed in the works 'Earth and Moon', 'The Natural Sun' and 'Saturn'.
Following a few excerpts from the original texts are given.

The fall of Lucifer and the emergence of matter

    [Excerpt from the Great Gospel of John 02:231] (The Lord:) "How short however is the period from Adam up to ourselves, compared to what for human comprehension is an endless duration, from the period of the first coming into being of the created spirits, up to the point when they were placed into full use of their free will; and after that, what immeasurable period from their fall up to Adam, and then to ourselves!

    [02] Behold, there are within infinite creation-spaces certain arch-primeval and therewith principal central suns which, on account of their immense distance from here and, notwithstanding their being unspeakably manifold times larger than this earth, can be seen as hardly more than glittering points, and that only by people of exceptionally sharp vision. These primeval suns are of an age from roughly the period of the fall of the primeval spirits up till to-day. And behold, were one to determine the age of such suns by terrestrial years, one would not have room upon the entire Earth to write a cipher representing the number of Earth years! And were you to take the entire volume of the Earth, not excluding the sea, filled with the smallest dust particles to represent a million Earth years each, then this would be far too short a time to represent the said sun.

    [03] Such a period surely represents quite a long while, and yet it is hardly anything compared to the arch-primeval period from when God began to first develop His thoughts and ideas, to make them into spirits and give them independence. What endlessly many things did not take place during such over extended period, for the development of the fully free will of the primeval spirit!

    [04] And yet there were at the end of yonder endlessly long developmental periods of the primeval spirits those who, although comprehending God's correct educational paths, chose in the end to not want to know anything of these ways, but instead chose the much shorter one on account of temporary advantages, deviating from the path well-mapped-out by God, entering upon the path of their very own self-destruction.

    [05] Because the principal spirit of light, indwelt by countless other spirits of light, each one imbued most richly with countless intelligencers, said to himself: 'What more do I need? Within me lie all attributes as within God, and God has placed all power within me. Now I am strong and mighty over everything. He has given away everything He possessed, and I have taken over the lot. Now God has nothing left, whilst I have everything; and we are going to see whether the advantages of transgressing the given commandment are of all that short a duration after all. We should think: with our present all might and omnipotence, we shall be able to quite handsomely prolong the supposed brevity of that span to eternities. Who shall be able to prevent us from doing so? Besides ourselves, infinite space, now populated by only ourselves, carries no higher might and intelligence than our own; who should be able to contest our advantages?'

    [06] Behold, thus thought and spoke the spirit of light to himself and thereby to the host of subordinate individual spirit crowds. - No sooner said than done, and the result was his self-arrest within his inertia, within which he had gradually solidified himself; and the outcome of that again was the creation of matter, likewise along the lines of divine order, because the predictable consequence of potential non-heeding of God's commandment was foreseen with the same certainty as the freest state of yonder spirits who fulfilled God's commandment upon and within themselves.

    [07] And in this way through the fall, firstly the principal spirit and with him his related deputies made themselves captive in the most stubborn and gruelling manner. But for how long it shall please him to tarry within such captivity none but God knows, throughout all of infinity, and not even the angels.

    [08] However, this is certain, that from this lost son of light the individual spirits are awakened again by the power of God and are placed into the flesh as children of the world, and the opportunity will be given to them, just like the children from above, to rise to the highest perfection as children of God.

    [09] All matter therefore is individual spirit, who as soul in each individual person, can be reborn in the soul's spirit to attain eternal life. However, once all individual spirits are lifted from a world, then the full end of such a world has become a reality.

    [10] But with a world like this earth, this takes a pretty long time to accomplish, nonetheless, finally the end will come."

The formation of solar systems

    Excerpt from the Great Gospel of John 04:105. [The Lord:] "Consider how people are now becoming so engulfed by materialism through self-love, arrogance and the resultant desire for domination, that for many thousand times a thousand years they will not be able to be completely free of it. There were also spirits created in primordial times, who became too self-obsessed, acquisitive, arrogant and finally domineering because of the stimulation they received. The result for them was materiality in a completely pure form.

    [02] They have isolated themselves in large communities and have established themselves in for you unimaginably distant places. Each community no longer wished to hear, see or know anything about any other community in its desire to immerse itself in self-love in a world-wide sense. This continuous increasing obsession with self-love and lust for domination, together with the increasingly prevalent arrogance which it caused as well as the compelling tyranny, finally made a countless number of life forms to shrivel into an exceedingly large cluster under the pull of the laws of gravity, a cluster which had itself developed from that same self-love and selfishness. This completed the physical primordial central sun in one shell-globe.*

    ( *Footnote by Jakob Lorber:- A 'Shell-globe' is a conglomeration of an immense number of galaxy clusters, which orbit the primordial central sun at immeasurably great distances, in the same way that individual planets have orbits round their own sun. J.L)

    [Editor's comment: The Lord tells us in New Revelation that the primordial central Sun/Star of our Shell Globe is called 'Urka', known to us as the star Regulus. Various indications in New Revelation lead to the result that the diameter of this Sun/Star is 2x1036 light years ( in stark contrast to the classification of our scientists), and the diameter of our local universe of approximately 10114 light years, which are surely dimensions beyond all imagination.]

    [03] "Likewise an immense number of these systems or shell-globes are now present in infinite space, in each of which a primordial central sun serves countless universes as a common central point, and those primordial central suns are the same shrunken primordial spirit clusters, the origin of all other solar universes [galaxy clusters], solar dominions [galaxies], secondary central suns [star cluster central suns], planetary suns, planets, moons and comets with the passage of time.

    [04] But how did this come about? Inside the primordial central sun the pressure became too intense for many of the large spirits! In a towering rage they fired themselves up and freed themselves from the primordial pressure. They literally flew unimaginable distances away from the early clusters uniting them. For some time they travelled in swarms quite freely, harmlessly and completely independently in endless space and were full of the good intention, to return by themselves to their purely spiritual state. However, as they could not rid themselves of the element of self-love, they ultimately began to shrink again into a solid cluster, forming central suns of the second order inside one or other of all the other innumerable shell-globes.

    [05] In those central suns of the second order the main spirits were in time enraged by the increasing pressure, fired themselves up and freed themselves in untold numbers from their communal clusters of the second order. They again had the best of intentions to achieve pure spiritual transformation but as in time they again derived great pleasure from themselves and could not bring themselves to renounce self-love completely, they again increased their material weight and shrank again into large clusters, thus creating central suns of the third order.

    [06] Soon however the same conditions developed there as came about with the earlier central suns. The higher spirits, fewer in number, were in time placed under excessive pressure by the lower spirit orders, became very angry again and many thousands of them wrenched themselves away from the communal clusters with great force with the firm intention now finally to return to pure spirituality. For unimaginable periods of time they floated in the endless voids of creation like clouds of ethereal vapour at great distances from each other.

    [07] Remembering the intense pressures they had had to endure, they enjoyed this freedom. However, in this inactive state, their appetites developed as time passed and they started to search for nourishment in space - in other words, some external source of satisfaction. This they found as it was inevitable they would find as their desire resembles those magnetic Nordic Rocks which attract all grades of iron as well as all ferrous minerals with irresistible force.

    [08] What was the inevitable result? Their beings gradually started to become more dense as time passed, soon revitalising their self-love and its consequences. Inevitably they shrank again into agglomerated clusters, a process which of course took an enormous number of earth years.

    [09] What is a period of time, however long, to the eternal God?! A wise man from prehistory once said: 'A thousand years are like one day to God!' [Psalms 90 04; 2 Peter 03, 08] I say to you: A thousand times a thousand years are hardly the blink of an eye before God in all seriousness! To a good-for-nothing, hours become days and days turn to years out of boredom. For the diligent and highly active man, however, hours become moments and weeks, days. Since time began, God has been endowed with an infinitely positive attitude to work and is continuously active. The most blessed consequence is, that, for Him, periods of time which are to you unthinkably long, must seem to pass in a moment - and the complete formation of a new sun only takes a very short time in His eyes.

    [10] The consolidation sequences described above gave rise to and have continued to create the planetary suns, including the one which gives light to this earth. This type of sun is in its character much more gentle and soft than the central suns, but each one still has an immense quantity of solid matter as a result of the self-love of their spirits, their lives measured in aeons, whose self-love combined to create that sun. The nobler, refined spirits in this light-giving cluster experience as time passes excessive, intolerable pressure from the lower orders in the spirit world with their total materiality, the outcome being, as with the earlier suns, violent acts and eruptions upon eruptions, as the nobler spirits free themselves.

    [11] There then awakens in them the already very serious desire to convert to pure primordial spirituality by the observance of God's true ordinances. Many fight against the impulse placed in their minds and become primordially created angels, but without first experiencing incarnation. Those, however, who wish to take the way of the flesh, either immediately on the sun or even on this earth, are allowed to do so, as can actually also happen on the central suns previously described - but not so frequently as with this planetary sun in particular, which shines its light on this earth, a light mainly produced by its very active spirits.

    [12] Some of these spirit communities who had freed themselves from the sun formed clusters with the best of intentions, but were unable to free themselves completely from self-love and slowly began again to succumb to the primordial impulse placed in them - unnoticed, one became two and so on ever upwards!

    [13] Soon, their materiality was already quite visible and they were seen as misty comets with long tails. What do the tails mean? They indicate the hunger of these spirits as they materialise and their great desire to reach saturation in their materiality. This desire attracts compatible ethereal substances and the comet, composed of already quite material spirits, then flies around for thousands of years in ethereal space, searching for food like a ravenous wolf.

    [14] This constant absorption and feasting also increases its density and weight. In time it will again be drawn to the sun which it left and be forced to begin an orderly orbit around it. Having obeyed this compulsion, it is now a planet like Earth, the morning or evening star, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and several others which are unknown to you.

    [15] At this stage a planet exists which is still extremely hungry and as it is closer to the sun than when it was still a comet, it obtains sufficient sustenance from it, but this is also a bait to bring the runaway ever closer to itself and finally to capture it again completely - a creditable aim for the primordial spirits in the sun, but one which will never be achievable in the case of the great planets, including this earth. Although the spirits locked into the planets are still very materialistic, they are familiar with the materiality of the sun and do not have any particular interest or desire ever to rejoin the sun completely. They accept with pleasure the spirits, large and small, coming from the sun as good support and sustenance, but do not wish to contemplate complete union with the sun.

    [16] At times it also happens that returning fugitive spirits in their clusters of materiality have taken the bait and have been drawn close to the sun. However the tremendously active free spirits surrounding the hard core of the sun, to which the luminescence of the outer surface is mainly attributable, cause all the spirits packed together in solid clusters to achieve their maximum level of activity almost instantaneously. The clusters break up and each spirit, as one might say, makes a run for it to save itself.

    [17] The consequence of this regenerated activity in a planet, or at least a more established comet, where the spirits have been locked together for a long time, is the sudden and total dissolution of the cluster and the release of many thousand times one thousand multiplied again by a thousand times a thousand spirits. Most of these spirits, sharpened and seasoned by this lesson, immediately return to a correct way of life and become primordial angel spirits as well as useful guardians of their more restricted brothers as well as protecting those which still languish in the solid cluster and thus contribute a great deal to their more rapid redemption."

The significance and origin of the Earth

    Excerpt from the Great Gospel of John 04:106. (The Lord:) "However, some of these dispersed spirits still wish to follow the way of the flesh on any one of the planets. Some prefer to experience it on the sun or on one of its belts whichever is most suitable for them of course. However, only a very few come to this earth as the way of the flesh here appears to them to be too arduous. Here on this earth they even have to forget all recollection of any former existence and enter a completely new being right from the start, while this is not the case on other planets and world bodies.

    [02] In their early days, the incarnate spirits still retain a dream-like recollection of all their previous experience, and the result of this is, that the beings on other planets and world entities are fundamentally much wiser and more sober than on this earth. However, they are as a result unable to progress further to a higher level of free life. They resemble more, as we have already said, the animals of this earth, which are naturally endowed with a certain formative instinct as they develop, a trait which they always display with great skill and perfection and to the extent that man with all his reasoning power would not be able to emulate them in many respects.

    [03] There are however those animals who can accept the necessary training, so that they can if required be used for very simple and unsophisticated tasks - the ox can pull, the horse, the donkey and the camel can carry loads, a dog can sniff out, hunt and pull; but beyond that you will not be able to teach them anything more and with regard to speech absolutely nothing is to be achieved. The simple cause lies in the fact that the vague recollection of their former state imprisons their animal souls judgementally, continuously keeping them busy and to some extent sedated.

    [04] On the other hand all men of this earth, and this is unique in the universe, lose all recollection and therefore have to start again from the beginning with a completely new order of life and a new culture, which is structured in such a way that each person can aspire to the fullest resemblance of God.

    [05] A soul of this kind can therefore only be incarnate on this earth, either because it originates from the sun where all the primordial elements are still present, and it has already followed the way of the flesh there and therefore acquired all those specific elements of intelligence in its soul which are necessary to perfect the highest spiritual life, - alternatively, a soul may originate directly from this earth and have previously progressed through each of the three kingdoms of nature as they are called, beginning with the most crude stone substances, then through all the mineral classifications, and from there through the entire plant world and finally passing through the whole animal kingdom in water, on land and in the air.

    [06] Of course, one should not think of the physical body in this context, but rather of the element of the spiritual soul which is present in its shell, as further analysis also reveals the spirituality of the shell, while it is in itself still too lowly, too lazy and too ungainly as it remains an excessively prominent symbol of self-love, selfishness, arrogance and the most indolent, lazy hedonism caused by the highly acquisitive, miserly, death-dealing, vicious desire to dominate. Soul matter of this type must first pass through repeated stages of decay with only partial transmutation before being absorbed into a purer substance to protect and clothe the soul. It will never be usable in isolation as a true soul substance.

    [07] For this reason there are on this earth many more different species of minerals, plants and animal life than on all the other planets and suns, considering each of them individually of course. Taken together all the others would probably yield a greater number of species but every other world entity in the whole realm of creation individually shelters one hundred-thousandth of the number present here on this earth in each of the three kingdoms. That is why only this earth is destined to provide a home for the children of God in the most valid sense.

    [08] But how and why is this so? There are very special circumstances which relate to this earth. As a planet it belongs to this sun; but it is, strictly speaking, unlike its other planets - with the exception of the one located between Mars and Jupiter which, for certain important reasons, was already destroyed six-thousand years ago, or more correctly, was actually destroyed by itself and its inhabitants. Although the earth is in our solar system, it originally came from the primordial central sun and it is in a certain way unimaginably older in your terms than this sun. Nevertheless, the earth really only physically emerged a long time after our sun had begun, as a fully developed world, had begun its first orbit around its central sun. Nevertheless, its actual physical materiality was mainly drawn from this sun."

The origin of the Moon

    Excerpt from the Great Gospel of John 04:107 (The Lord:) "Many thousand times thousands of earth years ago, this earth was significantly heavier and the spirits on it were under severe pressure. The worst spirits became enraged, freed themselves taking with them a large quantity of the coarsest matter and for many millennia their swarms orbited the earth in a very random way.

    [02] Since all the elements, except a few clusters, were still very soft and partially liquid and as the whole mass was constantly rotating, it all ultimately formed a large sphere, but its speed of rotation around its own axis was far too slow to ensure that its small diameter could keep the liquid on its quite significant surface evenly spread. Because the speed of its orbit around the earth was however very rapid, the result was that the liquids always found their rest position on the side facing away from earth as a consequence of the influence of our old friend, the centrifugal force.

    [03] The true centre of gravity of this round ball was continuously displaced towards the side where all the liquids had accumulated and in time the excessively slow axial rotation of the ball itself came to a halt. This was after the ball itself had become more compact preventing the water from percolating through it and the waves created had begun to brake the rotation heavily by surging against the newly formed high mountain walls. In consequence, the entire ball consistently started to show the earth, from which it had separated, only one of its faces.

    [04] It was also good that its excessively stubborn spirits could enjoy being confined to a very dry environment, nearly devoid of any food. Since people have lived on this earth, this aspect of the moon (since the lump or ball under discussion is the moon) also serves the purpose that the human souls which most love the world are sent there, and from that vantage point, enclosed in a skin of ethereal materiality, they can spend a few thousand years watching their beautiful world to their complete satisfaction from a distance which is more than a hundred thousand hours walk away and feel regretful that they can no longer be its miserly inhabitants. Despite all their longing, the fact that they can never return to this earth, has been catered for in the best possible way. However, a few aeons of earth years will in due time bring even the most stubborn of them to their senses!

    [05] You have now seen how the creation of the entire material world came about, up to the planetary moons, which have had similar origins almost everywhere where they exist; also that they have the same character and now serve the same purpose.

    [06] The reasons why and how all creation in the material world up to the moons has its origin in spirits, which have themselves fallen from grace, applied equally as time passed to the mountains which took shape on each solid, heavy world as the first giant structures, to be followed later by all kinds of plants, animals and lastly, by man himself.

    [07] The better spirits continuously extricate themselves forcefully from the increasing pressures of materiality and offload their own burdens using their own will-power. They could immediately progress to the ranks of the pure spirits; but the old compulsion still exerts its former hold over them as well. Their self-love immediately revives, the plant takes in moisture, the animal eats, and the soul of man searches greedily for the food of materiality, hardly even attempting to adopt God's well-tried example and deriving the same indolent comfort from its condition as before. The soul must therefore immediately clothe itself in a material body which is, nevertheless, more pliable than the old, sinful materiality. Despite the softer shell, the soul within it nevertheless increases its love of self to cause it again to become rock-hard materiality, were I not to station a watchman in its heart - a spark from the spirit of My love."

A visit to a Star

    Excerpt from the Great Gospel of John 02:136, 07 on. The angel [Rafael:] Do you see yonder bright star towards the East? Behold, if a paved road led there from here, then verily, the Earth does not have the number of grains of sand for the number of years a bird would need to reach it, let alone a man running. Yet for me it is possible to get there in a moment! You shall not notice my absence, yet I shall nevertheless be there and back - Do you believe me?"

    [08] Says Jarah: "Why should I not believe you such? But there can of course be no talk of my being convinced, because I would not want to make a journey with you there like to the sea-bed!"

    [09] Says the angel: "But why not? Are not all things possible to God? If it pleases the Lord it doesn't matter to me! That no harm shall come to you I vouch for, together with all the countless angels you see shining brilliantly on all sides!"

    [10] Says Jarah to Me: "Lord, is this indeed possible?"

    [11] Say I: "In this angel's arms indeed! You can if you want to hand yourself over to him, and in a few moments you shall be back here with Me, well-preserved; but fetch yourself a souvenir from there as well!"

    [12] With these words Jarah assigns herself to the angel, saying: "Behold, I have the courage; carry me there if you can!"

    [13] Thereupon the angel picked Jarah off the ground, and pressing her fervently to his bosom, disappeared.- In ten seconds he was back here with Jarah, who had a stone in her apron which shone as brightly as the morning star in its most brilliant light.

    [14] On recovering somewhat from her amazement, Jarah asked Me: "Oh, Lord, are all these countless stars what yonder star is which I have now actually beheld with my physical eyes, or the eyes of my feelings? For that certainly is a vast world! This world compared to that one now seems like a snail-shell compared to this mountain! Also humans, completely perfect humans, living in unspeakably huge yet marvellously constructed temples there are also in yonder outsize and grand world, but these people are so colossal that they would exceed this mountain at least threefold if standing at the sea below. Thus everything in yonder world is thousand times a thousand bigger than here.

    [15] We stood upon an exceedingly high mountain and beheld a never-ending area in all directions. This was criss-crossed in all directions by the most marvellous streams, whose waves played in continuously changing, freshest colours of the rainbow; the ground was built up with the most magnificent gardens and temples. The next moment we found ourselves with the temples below, seeing the huge people and their much bigger dwelling-temples. These people are good to look at from a distance, but at close range they resemble moving mountains! I would have had to put a very high ladder up against the small toe of such a person there to climb it!

    [16] In short, I could be telling you all my life about what I saw there in just a few moments, but this would mean blubbering the time away which You, o Lord have allocated for something better! Only this I want to find out from You, whether these countless stars also are worlds like the one I saw!"

    [17] Say I: "Yes, My child, and much bigger and glorious ones! But tell Me, are you now firmly convinced that you were upon yonder star with body and soul, in these few moments!"

    [18] Says Jarah: "Lord, my love and my life, we flew there in four short stages; right up to the fourth stage the star had the appearance of stars, but with the fourth stage it became as big as our sun by day. From there it took only the shortest moment before we were in yonder magnificent world. From the mountain-peak where we found ourselves first I loosened a little stone from the ground as suggested by the angel - it is this shining lump - and took it as evidence that I really was there. More I cannot tell You about my actually being there."

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In order to facilitate an entry into the wealth of the new Revelation by Jesus to the prophet Jacob Lorber, I briefly describe here a selected number of topics, provided with text excerpts.
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  2. About the Secrets of Our Living Earth
  3. Where do the souls of animals go?
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The Universe and Alien Civilizations, Jakob Lorber.

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