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Where do the souls of animals go? Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Where do the souls of animals go?

    In a chapter covering the development of the souls of nature Jesus tells us what happens to animals after their death. The basis is that animals also have an energetic soul but no energetic spirit of a higher level. That is why they are restricted to their instinct based existence. They cannot transgress it and learn to speak or take exams. As opposed to humans, they do not have a free will. But when they die, only their body dies. Their energetic soul does not.

    This principle is valid for all animals, from the smallest to the highest. Starting with the most primitive animals like plankton, worms etc. their souls are assembled into higher life forms under the control of God. Nothing is lost. This process goes on all the way to the most intelligent forms. If higher mammals, birds and domesticated animals die, several animal souls are united and become a part of a human soul. This nascent human soul is then also complemented by elements from their parents and those from other parts of the universe.

    Here is the reason for all the different characteristics of humans, their natural behaviour whether wild or peaceful and docile, whether contesting, unbelieving or ready to learn as much as possible. Everyone is unique.

    If people would know the fate of animals and their soul they would surely treat animals better.

    Let us look at a few paragraphs of the New Revelation in this context.

Example of the Merging of Nature Souls

    [GGJ.10.180.15] On this occasion we saw a fleeing gazelle that was chased by a jackal. In a short time the jackal overtook the gazelle and provided itself with a morning meal, and at about 500 paces away from us, it did not take long before it completely finished the captured morning meal. Then it went very slowly further to the south to possibly capture also a midday meal.

    [16] But quickly, quite high in the sky, an Arabian giant eagle saw the crawling jackal. As fast as an arrow it immediately let itself fall down upon it from its height, and despite its resistance it carried it high into the sky. Then it let it drop on a place that was very stony everywhere. This clearly meant the death of the jackal. The eagle came down quickly, convinced itself that the jackal was dead, grabbed it with its claws again and flew with it southwards to a favourable spot where the jackal and the gazelle that was eaten by it served the giant eagle for breakfast.

    You saw how the giant eagle captured the jackal that had eaten the gazelle, how he flew high in the sky and then let it fall on a stony ground, on which occasion that predator met a certain death. But then it was grabbed by the eagle again and carried far to the south where the eagle had its nest and dwelling place between the rocks. When he arrived there with his prey, he let it fall down again from a great height because it became already too heavy for him.

    [2] But the prey hit a rock face and fell down in a rather deep canyon of the valley. Arab shepherds grazed their meagre flocks in that canyon, and they soon saw how the giant eagle - a known enemy of the shepherds' flocks - flew lower and lower to pick up his prey that fell too deep in the valley.

[3] When the shepherds noticed this, they immediately stretched their bows and aimed at the lower flying eagle, and when, according to their calculations, he was low enough, they shot sharp arrows with their bows. And see, the eagle was well hit by 3 shepherds, fell down dead in the canyon and was taken by the shepherds as a true trophy of victory. But the poor jackal with his gazelle still lies between the low rocks where he fell down and will only be eaten after some time by other predatory birds.

    [4] And now look there, before the door stands already a human form as of a child, and waits for a next procreation so that he can be taken up in the body of a mother. And behind this soul's appearance you can see a shining form. This is already the soul's spirit from the beyond that will take care that this soul who still belongs to the kingdom of nature will at a next opportunity be cared for in the body of a mother.

    [5] And now you also saw how from the 3 last already completed animal levels - of course after many thousands of previous processes - a human soul appears.

    [6] Out of this, a male child will be born into the world, who, if he will be well educated, can become a great man. The gentleness of the gazelle will rule his heart, the cleverness of the jackal his mind and the strength of the giant eagle his reason, his courage and his will. His character will be mostly warlike which he can however temper by his heart and his cleverness by which he can be a very useful person for no matter what kind of office. However, if he will be a soldier, he will be fortunate by his courage, but he also will be a prey for the weapons of war of others.

    [7] But to let you see the child directly from his birth, already next year your earthly neighbour will be his father.

    [8] Now you know everything. I have told and shown you something which I did not tell or show any other person in that manner till now. But let us now take some bread and wine again and strengthen us after this rather long explanation."

Destination of the creatures

    [GGJ.06.053.06] But the forms already begin right from the stone level through the whole mineral kingdom up to the plant kingdom, through the whole plant kingdom to the animal kingdom and through this to man and are containers to take in life from God.

    [07] Every form corresponds to a certain intelligence. The simpler the form, the simpler and lesser is its indwelling intelligence. But the more developed and complex a form, the more intelligence you will find in it.

    [08] Take for instance a naked earthworm and you will easily see from its activity that its very limited life intelligence is quite in conformity with its form; whereas, if you look at the already quite complicated form of a bee, and by that you will find the much higher intelligence in the life form of this little animal. And so it is potentiated right up to man.

    [09] Since these forms are only temporary receptacles and bearers of a more and more consolidating and constantly increasing intelligent life, and since this continually ascending life also according to measure and relation of greater unification of earlier simpler life-intelligences, leaves the earlier forms, it is certainly unimportant what happens in the future to the lifeless form, which has been nothing else but an organic-mechanical, properly furnished shell for the purpose of the indwelling life intelligence. It does not make any difference to the great plan of the Creator whether these fishes are eaten by us or by other animals, and the ultimate purpose of life will nevertheless be unavoidably attained.

    [10] It is well known that the lifeless shells still contain some nutriment, and by the mutual devouring of the lifeless forms also what is nobler passes into another life, and so you see here on this earth through the whole large chain of created beings a continual struggle and an interchange of life up to man.

    [11] Even man's outer form, meaning his body, is of value only as long as it is occupied by the soul which alone is alive. Once the soul has matured, it leaves this body forever and the body is consumed. It then does not matter by whom or by what. Whatever substantial the body still possesses which belongs to the soul, is given back to the soul. Everything else passes as nourishment into a thousand other created life forms. There you have in a nutshell a thorough description of everything that worried you so much in vain. - Do you now understand this?"

The language of the animals

Discussion between Mark's donkey and the Nubian who knows the language of the animals     [GGJ.04.260.01] Says the old Marcus to Me: "Lord, should I bring a donkey, but one of my natural ones, to here? Since the two newly created ones could give rise to prejudice!"

    [02] Says I: "Yes, yes, do this; since from this there will follow a quite important teaching!"

    [03] Marcus quickly went away and returned with a donkey and said with a smile to the black: "There is one of your world-wise; do with him as you please!"

    [04] The black called his servant. He immediately directed with a voice of a donkey all kind of questions to the animal, and see, the animal told him many things about the household of Marcus, as well as about its earlier very crude owner, his name and many astonishing facts, what the black servant could not normally have known, which astounded Marcus in the highest degree. Finally the servant ordered the donkey to walk three times around our table and at the end let hear everyone quite loudly seven times the 'j-a'. The donkey immediately obeyed and after that left by himself.

    [05] Upon this the black leader asked our society if this was an unbelievable fable.

    [06] And Cyrenius, overwhelmed by amazement, said: "No, no, friend, this is no fable; but I nearly want to believe that also our famous fable composer, Aesop, could speak to animals! Lord, this is again a new property of the blacks, of which we had no idea earlier on! Yes, if this continues, it will take quite a while until we are finished with these blacks. It is becoming better all the time, increasingly more unbelievable and incomprehensible! In the books of your script I once read about a donkey who spoke to the prophet Bileam who mistreated him too much; but what is this where this black is being classically told the whole biography of this quite harmless donkey! And that this was no poetry of the black, the old Marcus can vouch for!

    [07] This and that is quite alright and I have nothing against it, if I together with all the other wise teachings which I heard up to now, could only imagine a little this new miraculous occurrence, namely how is it possible to converse with animals by linguistic means! The well-being of humanity will not depend on this explanation; but since the highly extraordinary miraculous appearance, going forth from the human side, is there, I would like to know a little more about the how and whereby! How can animals converse with people linguistically, and how a person with animals? - Lord, give us just a few short hints in this regard!"

    [08] Says I: "People who are able to do this are therefore not more advanced than you are who cannot do this; since the closer any person's soul is to animal souls, the more it has the ability to converse with them, of course only in its life orderly, fully purified condition. If it merges too much with the flesh, it loses these properties and the dark laws of matter take its place, and the soul is then harmed by everything what also can harm the flesh."

Enhancing the human outer life sphere

    [GGJ.04_261,01] (The Lord:) "But the ability to talk to animals does not necessarily require being moors. Also the whites can achieve this, if they have completely purified themselves. Once a soul is completely pure and therefore also completely healthy and strong, it begins to push so to speak the excess of its outer-life-sphere over the borders of its body, and the more life-stronger it has become in itself the further the reach.

    [02] This should be taken like someone imagining a still weakly glowing coal in a completely dark room. The piece of coal will now spread just enough light that one hardly can see it where it lies. If one blows away the darkening ash as a so to speak soul-matter from its surface, the light will already become stronger and reach a little further, so that one begins to clearly recognise the immediate vicinity. If one increases the blowing more and more, from its light glowing surface there will be spreading sufficient light that one to some extent can begin to clearly discern the various items in the whole room. If the coal is then made white flame glowing, it will become quite bright in the whole room, and one will be able to distinguish all the items sufficiently illuminated also according to their colour.

    [03] It is the same with a pure soul. The glowing with ash covered coal resembles a soul completely submerged in the flesh. It uses all its matt glowing life-fire to form the dark matter surrounding it; leaving as good as nothing for the formation of an outer-life-sphere! And such a very material soul can impossibly ever feel something about a special and higher property. In this case there is nothing about any mastery over all creatures, similar there is nothing regarding the seeing in the spheres of the soul-like life dimensions, nothing with the hearing of an inner spiritual voice and even less so the understanding of any animal- or plant language, all things which were so familiar to the patriarchs like to you the most familiar outer form of things or any case. Since what should be lively illuminated by the spiritual outer-life-sphere of the soul, if it as supposing to be self shining cannot produce sufficient life-light-ether, to see itself and who it is?!

    [04] Such a soul in the end nearly does not know anything of its own existence, does not at all know its base, and if it hears anything spiritual about herself, it disgusts it; she frightens to a kind of fainting if it sees something which resembles anything of a departed soul, and despairs at the sight of great miracles. What should become of such a soul?

    [05] Ah, when however a soul, after it has received a warranted message from somewhere or has been breezed spiritually by self-conviction and becomes life-glowing like the coal indicated above, it begins firstly to feel itself as a soul and recognizes the ground on which it is based. If the breezing becomes stronger and stronger, it, as itself more light and light, will recognize her individuality more brightly, purer and more discernible from matter, and her light will begin to reach beyond herself and will begin to illuminate her outer-life-sphere.

    [06] The more intense and the more constant the spiritual life winds kindle the soul, the more life-white-glowing and the further away beyond herself the outer-life-light-sphere becomes illuminated and brighter, and whatever steps into the outer-life-light-sphere will also become soul-life illuminated and is soon easily recognized and well assessed by the illuminating soul.

    [07] Once the soul has reached for itself the highest possible light, thus similar to the flaming and white-glowing coal, its outer-life-light-sphere, outgoing from only the soul, will have reached the furthest possible and most intensified expansion, by which means it already becomes a ruler of all creatures, because by means of such its outer-life-light-sphere it can engage in a perfectly intelligent and most powerful effectuating correspondence with all creatures standing close-by."

The purpose of the battle of nature

    "Your question is actually why I allow those enmities on a celestial body like the Earth. On this I say to you that apart from the Earth there are countless much bigger celestial bodies, and there you will find no or very little of this kind of earthly enmities among the created.

    [GGJ.10_184,02] Yes, then why exactly on this Earth? I say to you: because the people of this Earth are, for what concerns their soul and spirit, in a position to become children of God by which they then also will be capable to do what I can do. That is why it was said to the elders by the mouth of the prophets: 'You are My children, and therefore gods, just as I, your Father, am God.'

    [3] But to bring a soul into that position he must, as they used to say, after a long series of years, in a way be joined from countless soul particles from the kingdom of all creatures on this Earth. And this joining of those often endless many souls of creatures is that which the old wise men who knew about it, called 'migration of the souls'.

    [4] The outer material forms of the creatures destroy each other from both sides, but by that, many souls who live in those creatures become free. Those who are similar unite themselves and are procreated again in a material form on a next, higher level, and so on till man.

    [5] And what applies to the soul, applies also to his spirit of the beyond, which is the actual procreator, further guider, developer and preserver of the souls up to the human soul, who only after that will enter into his sphere of freedom, and in moral respect he will be capable to further develop himself.

    [6] Only after the soul has raised itself to a certain degree of spiritual perfection, will his spirit of light and love of the beyond unite with him, and from that moment on man will be more and more like God. And when the body will then be taken away from the soul, he will already be a being who will be entirely like God, and out of himself he will be able to call everything into existence and also wisely maintain it.

    [7] What I told you now, happens only on this Earth and on no other celestial body to such great extent as precisely on this Earth, and he who is wise will understand this for the following reason: because this Earth corresponds to My heart. And since I Myself have also only one heart and not several hearts, there also can be only one celestial body that was set out of Me which corresponds exactly to My heart, namely with its most inner point of life."

Further text passages pertaining to this matter can be found in several volumes of the Great Gospel of John.


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Where do the souls of animals go? Jakob Lorber.

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