Jakob Lorber Offenbarung    Revelation Jakob Lorber

Prophesy and Return of Jesus, an environmental Catastrophe.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Prophesy and Return of Jesus

   Only God knows how the future of mankind will take shape. But, through his prophesies, He has conveyed much information to His prophet Jakob Lorber. God revealed to him that the material earth will continue to exist for incredibly long periods. But, in the near future - if it has not already started - we human beings will destroy our civilization. This is, as before, when men 4500 years ago destroyed their advanced civilization through the great flood. This will happen again, if we don't change.

   The principal material cause of the catastrophes before us is the chopping down of virgin forests, as well as the greenhouse effect, which has been caused by us. Both of these will lead to climatic catastrophes. (These cataclysmic events will be of apocalyptic proportions). As a result of heat and drought on the one hand and floods, storms, earthquakes and tsunamis on the other, there will be a global disaster involving hunger and thirst. It will lead to a breakdown of the world economy, together with the collapse of States and social systems. As a result, over half of the earth's population will lose its life.

   True to Matthew 24, 40: "Then there will be two on the field; the one will be accepted and the other will be abandoned." But all the deceased will pass over to the world beyond as spirit-filled souls, where they will be directed further.

   The spiritual cause of the catastrophes is the prevailing lack of kindness, the arrogance and imperiousness among men, through which the poor have increasingly become pawns of the rich. While the rich become richer and more powerful, the poor become poorer. Every day many of them starve. The prophesy of Jesus is summarized in the book "The Advent of Christ".

   Prophesy and Return of Jesus, here some examples from the original text:

An environmental Catastrophe

   During the span of four years, the souls of more than 50 percent of humanity will be 'transferred' into the beyond.

Jesus predicts a Judgment and the Paradise

    [2] But I say to them: 'My beloved daughters. It shall be as in the days of Noah. Love shall diminish and go completely cold, faith in a pure life and God recognizing teaching revealed to men from the Heavens shall be converted into darkest, dead superstition full of lies and deception, and rulers once again shall use men like animals and slaughter them cold-bloodedly and most callously if not submitting to the dazzling powers without protest. The mighty shall be tormenting the poor with all kinds of repression, and persecute and suppress any freer spirit by any means, and so a tribulation will come over mankind such as never was. But then the days shall be shortened on account of the elect, otherwise even the elect, who will be found among the poor, could perish.

   [3] But until then another thousand and not quite a second thousand years will elapse. Then I will send the same angels which you see here now unto mankind with rallying trumpets. These shall so to speak awaken the spiritually slain mankind of the Earth from the graves of their night, and like a pillar of fire rolling over the world, these many awoken millions will fall upon the world powers, and none shall be able to resist them.

   [4] From then on the Earth shall become a paradise again, and I shall lead My children along the right path for evermore.

Jesus shows why a Global Judgment will happen

    [GGJ.08.182.01] You know that someone who has become rich in earthly goods has most of the time also become in his heart as a stone of insensitiveness and without love. What does he care about the many thousands of other people who are tormented by hunger, thirst and still other disasters, for he is well provided for, has never felt hunger or thirst and has an abundance of treasures to please him with every other pleasure, so that he does not have to taste any boredom or any other displeasure.

   [2] But then, where does such a person stand in his inner spiritual sphere of life? I say to you: on the point of eternal judgment and its death, and his whole circle of acquaintances is not far away from it.

   [3] Besides that, remember what I will proclaim to you: when there will be a lot of Epicures on the Earth, a general judgment over all the people on this Earth will also soon be allowed by God. Then we will see if somewhere there will again be men who will stand up with the measuring stick in their hand and dare to say to their fellowmen: 'Look, I have measured this big piece of land, I have indicated its boundaries and declare this as my complete inviolable property, and he who has the brutality to dispute this or will only say: 'Friend, everyone of us has the right to snatch this imagined right out of your hands, as long as he has the power and the means to do it', I will punish with death.'

   [4] I say to you: at that time such people will never exist, for when next time I will come again on this Earth to keep judgment over such dead epicures, but also to give the reward of life to those who out of love for God and their fellow man have suffered much misery and distress, then the Earth will no more be measured with any measuring stick for the benefit of one person only, but wherever one will stand, he will also reap and provide for his need. And the people will well support one another, and no one will say: 'Look, this is my property and I am lord over it.' Because then men will perceive that I alone am the Lord, and that they all are brothers and sisters.

   [5] It is true that this should also be the case among the people now, but in this middle period of development of men who are still not purified by the big fire of life, it will stay allowed, but from now on, it will not be a full 2.000 years anymore. After that, the spirit will predominate strongly with men and on the Earth no more 'mine' and 'his' will be seen, nor will it be talked about.

The first 2 kinds of Fire of Purification

   [GGJ.08.185.01] Then the innkeeper, the father of Kado, stood up and said: "O Lord and Master, then how will it look like in the time of which You have said that the people will then be purified by fire before Your return, and what kind of fire will it then be?"

   [2] I said: "Yes, friend, that fire will be: great and general need, distress, misery and sadness, of a greater magnitude than the Earth has ever seen. Faith will extinguish and love will cool off, and all poor races will lament and languish, but still, the great and mighty and the kings of this world will not help the supplicants because of their great pride and by that also because of a too great hardness of their heart.

   [3] So, one people will rise up against another and will attack them with weapons of fire. Because of that, the rulers will come into great debts that cannot be paid off and will afflict their citizens with unaffordable high taxes. Because of that, there will be an excessive high cost of living, famine, many malicious diseases and epidemics and pestilence among the people, the animals, and even the plants.

   [4] There will also be heavy storms on the mainland and on sea, and earthquakes and the sea will flood its shores in many places, and then the people will come into great fear and anguish because of the expectation of the things which will then come over the Earth.

   [5] All this will be allowed in order to turn the people away from their pride and their selfishness and their great laziness. The great and those who think of themselves to be mighty will be chastised with boredom and will by that be forced to come into action to free themselves from this torment.

   [6] And look, this is the first kind of fire by which the people will be purified for My return.

   [7] And in that same time, also the natural fire will play an extremely important role. The fire will drive on the ships over all the seas with the speed greater than that of the wind. Also, men will make with their sharp intellect iron cars and roads, and instead of pack animals they will harness fire to the cars, and with its great power they will drive off far over the Earth, faster than an arrow that has been shot off.

   [8] In this manner they also will be able to control the lightning1 and make it the fastest transmitter of their wishes and will from one extreme of the Earth to the other. And if they - the proud and greedy kings - will war against each other, the fire will render a great and decisive service, for by its great power, iron masses in the form of a sphere with a heavy weight will be flung with the speed of lightning to the enemy, the cities and strongholds and cause great destructions.

   [9] With these weapons the inventive people will come to the point when soon no nation will be able to start a war against the other, for when two nations should attack each other with such weapons then they easily and quickly will exterminate each other up to the last person, which would certainly not give a true victory and gain for neither one of them. Those kings and their generals will soon realize that, and that is why they will rather tolerate each other in peace and good friendship. And if somewhere a very proud and ambitious disturber of the peace should rise and would attack his neighbour, then the peaceful ones will unite themselves and chastise him. And in this way the ancient peace will be set for the people on Earth and will be established durably.

   [10] If one will count, from this My actual presence, almost 1800 and almost 90 years, there will hardly be any more war on Earth and more or less in that time, also My personal coming on this Earth will take place, and the greatest enlightenment of men will begin.

   [11] Although there still will be wars among the more primitive peoples of the Earth, but these will also soon become impossible among them. I will drive them together with the help of My righteous and mighty kings and generals and let them pour out My light among them, and then they also will be changed into peaceful nations dedicated to the light.

   [12] Look, this is the 2 nd kind of fire by which the people will be purified."

The 3 rd and 4 th fire of purification

    [GGJ.08.186.01] A 3 rd kind of fire will consist in the fact that I will awake already a few 100 years earlier ever clearer enlightened seers, prophets and helpers who will in My name, just as clear and truthful, teach the peoples everywhere about everything and will thus free them from all kinds of lies and deceit. They will clear the way for the downfall of false prophets and priests, even in My name. The latter will start, in a not too distant future, their evil beginning, and here and there they have started it in this My time already.

   [2] They will, just like the pagan priests, perform false signs and wonders and will deceive many people by which they will provide themselves with great earthly treasures, riches, might and great prestige, but by the 3 rd fire and its most bright light they will lose everything and go completely to ruin. And the kings and princes who want to help them will by that lose all their might, their wealth and their thrones, for I will awaken My kings and generals against them and will give them the victory, and so the ancient night of Hell and its messengers among the people on Earth will come to an end.

   [3] As this night now consists in the pagan, blind and useless ceremony, which they call divine service, it will also exist in those times, but by the 3 rd kind of fire from the Heavens it will be entirely devastated and annihilated because the lie will not be able to stand victorious in the battle with the light of the truth from the Heavens, as less as the natural night can stand before the risen sun. It must flee in its most dark holes and depths, and those who stand in the light will search no more for the night.

   [4] I have shown you now the 3rd kind of fire that has an extremely destroying effect on the darkness of men, and so I also will show you a 4th kind of fire by which the Earth, the people and all creatures will have to be purified by My 2nd coming. This kind of fire will consist of all kinds of great natural upheavals of the Earth, more precisely on those places of the Earth where men have built too big and beautiful cities in which the greatest pride, lack of love, bad morals, false administration of justice, power, prestige, laziness and with that also the greatest poverty and all kinds of need and misery will prevail, caused by a too strongly grown-out Epicurism of the great and mighty.

   [5] In such cities, through excessive pursuit of profit, all kinds of factories will be built on a large scale, and instead of human hands the work will be done by fire and water, together with a thousands kinds of artful machines that are made of metal. The heating will be done by means of the ancient coals of the Earth that men will acquire in extremely great quantities from the depths of the Earth.

   [6] Once such activity will have attained its highest point by the force of the fire, the air of the Earth will become too strongly saturated on such places of the Earth with combustible kinds of ether, and these will soon ignite here and there and transform such cities and regions together with their many inhabitants into ruins and ashes, and that will then also be a great and effective purification. But whatever the produced fire will not have accomplished all kinds of great storms on Earth will accomplish where this will be necessary, for without necessity nothing will be burned or destroyed.

   [7] By that, the air on the Earth will be freed from its bad vapours and nature spirits as well. This will have a blissful influence on all other creatures on Earth and which will also benefit the physical health of the people, because the many malicious bodily diseases will cease to exist and the people will be able to reach a healthy, strong and old age.

   [8] Because the thus purified people will be standing in My light and will lively and truly keep forever the commandments of love from within, the earthly landed property will also be spread among the people in such a way that everyone will have so much that, with the right kind of zeal, he never will have to suffer need. The heads of the communities and also the kings, being entirely submitted to My will and standing in My light, will take care that there will never exist any need among the people. And I Myself will once here then again there visit the people and strengthen and establish them in those places where the people will have the strongest desire for Me and possess the greatest love for Me.

During the span of four years the souls of more than 50% of humanity will be transferred into the beyond. The reason: An environmental catastrophe.

   [GH.03-49.04.06, 09] (=Gifts of Heaven) Before I can return as the Lord and creator of all life, the earth's ground must be purified of all weeds. And this purification goes on at all points of the earth. Whoever is knowingly sick in his soul and does not strive for a healthy soul will not go on long before he perishes.

   [10] The time of purification will last four weeks at the least; for there will be hours in which more will happen than in a century. A longer appointed time is set at four months. For there will be days of which one will mean more than a whole century. Another appointed time is set at four quarter years. For more will happen in a week than in prehistoric time in a full century.- And a broader appointed time is set at four years with a little bit of time added to it; for there will be moons coming in which more will happen than in prehistoric times in seven centuries.

   [11] But this time is like a dawn for the day that will come to bring salvation to the just and all those who are of a gentle and good heart and love their brothers and sisters in My name. But this day will also come like a thief over all those who are not respectful of Me and have a hard, proud heart- the ones who hold themselves to be better and more highly regarded than their brothers in whatever way.

   [GH.03-49.04.06,99 page 491 (in the Lorber CD it is verse 104)] But I tell you also that, before My arrival on this earth, many weeds and dry grasses and unfit undergrowth that is not fertile will be killed off with a strict judgment; for where there are two, one will be accepted and the other will be dropped, so that the sifting out will involve over 50 percent.

In the New Testament Jesus made an identical prediction: Matthew 24, 37 - 42

    "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.
38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark;
39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.
40 Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left.
41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.
42 "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.
43 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.
44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him."

In order to facilitate an entry into the wealth of the new Revelation by Jesus to the prophet Jacob Lorber, I briefly describe here a selected number of topics, provided with text excerpts.
  1. The Universe and Alien Civilizations
  2. About the Secrets of Our Living Earth
  3. Where do the souls of animals go?
  4. The Prehistory of Mankind (the story of Adam & Eve)
  5. The Nature of the Human Being
  6. The art of staying healthy with age
  7. Improving the human brain
  8. Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war?
  9. Dreams, Visions and Faces
  10. About Prayer
  11. How Angels accompany us
  12. Getting to know Jesus
  13. Prophesy and Return of Jesus
  14. The Death phenomenon
  15. Burial or Cremation
  16. About life after Death and in the Beyond
  17. About suicide
  18. Premature death of Children
  19. The nature of God
  20. The Origin of the New Testament
  21. The detailed Explanation of God’s Order, His Commandments
  22. Finding the right marriage partner
  23. Where do religions come from?
  24. Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind
  25. Jesus and the Miracles
  26. Organ Donation

Prophesy and Return of Jesus, an environmental Catastrophe.

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