Jakob Lorber Offenbarung    Revelation Jakob Lorber

Where do religions come from? love for Humanity.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Where do religions come from?

   There are many religions among the peoples of our earth. But, in all of infinity, there is only one single God, the one who created everything. This one God alone is life. And there is nothing in infinity which has not received life from him. So this one God is the God of us all. And we human beings all have a part of His life.

   When we complete our life's trials in the body and, after many mistakes, have achieved perfection, He wants to give us an eternal and blissful life in the world beyond. Boredom has absolutely no place in the hereafter.

   Let us look at the time, when space was still without matter.

   God created a huge number of original spirits: human beings without a material body. This was in spiritual worlds of pure energy (free of matter). He created them for eternal life and they could live with complete freedom of will. At that time, there was no matter or material universe. The greatest part of these spirits observed the Commandments of God and remained true to him, living eternally and in joy. But one part of them - under the leadership of Lucifer (Satan), the great spirit-wanted to destroy God and take over his power. But he failed to succeed. For how should the temporal defeat the eternal, the finite the infinite, the incomplete the perfect, and a finite force the infinite force?

   But God did not destroy the evil original spirits. For their improvement and later release, they were imprisoned in matter. This was also so that they could cause no harm. So matter is the bond or the "prison" for the fallen original spirits, who had become rigid as a result of self-love. The material universe arose from the fall and capture of the evil original spirits. It did not come into being by a "big bang".

   Over endless time, through God's wisdom and power, an incredible number of bodies were formed in space from the original spirits caught in matter. They were organized and directed through several levels by central suns. Starting with the mineral kingdom and proceeding to the kingdom of plants and animals, the process of a gradual separation of these original spirits from matter was and is taking place on all suitable heavenly bodies. (In contrast to primeval time, these spirits have no spiritual body but just a material one).

   From the original spirits confined in matter, human beings can one day emerge. However, in their carnal bodies, the memory of their past spiritual life is blocked.

   Human life is not only possible on our earth, but also on other fully matured universe bodies. They exist in countless numbers. The original spirits had fallen away from God- this was a result of pride and their own choice. Thus, in this short, material-bodily "trial life", they can only find their way back to God and to the spiritual kingdom through humility, of their own free will. After all such spirits have found their way back to God voluntarily, all matter will disappear from infinity (also the material universe). Then there will only be spiritual worlds and their spiritual inhabitants.

Now let us observe the events of our earth

.    At different times and in different cultures, God taught the peoples on our material earth. They all descend from Adam and Eve and form a common human family. He did this according to their mental capacity and with different prophets. Because the ancestors of the Israelites loved him the most, God chose them among all people and educated them as His people. But the same spirit of God also rules in the religions of foreign nations (if somewhat more concealed) - such as the Parse, Hindus, Chinese, and Japanese, all of whom have diverse beliefs.

Now we want to view the events of 2000 years ago

   For all eternity, the whole of infinity has not been empty; rather, it is filled with the divine spirit fire invisible to us, the willpower of God. This infinite spirit fire has a centre in human form, the Father, whose being is infinite love and wisdom. So God, our Father in Heaven, lived as the eternal, uncreated archetypal man and as the father and original image of all men in an impenetrable light, which is called the sun of grace in the spirit world.
He spread out into all infinity the spirit of His will, filling it more and more with life. He was eternally invisible even to his dearest angels.

   But the love of His earthly children, who anticipated Him with great longing and wished to see Him with their own eyes, attracted Him in a powerful way. However, as His children could not see and touch the divine, nor bear His glory, He made Himself into a true earthly human being, and hid His spiritually-divine splendour. To this the heavenly Father sought a purest soul and found it in Israel. God, the eternal, perfect, All-Powerful One, Whose thoughts have brought forth suns, worlds and men, impregnated Mary in spirit and had Himself be born as the man Jesus.

   So this Jesus is the uncreated God and the true created man in one person.

   The Father is the uncreated divine in Jesus, the son is the created human element in Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is the will power of God, which emanates from Jesus and which creates everything in the whole of infinity (see the topic "The Nature of God").

   The heavenly Father came to earth incognito, to bring confidence to His children and not to frighten them. He, the highest one, with all power at His disposal, came in humility, to give us human beings an example of how we should live to reach perfection, as quickly as possible. Ultimately, He wants to draw us all into His loving heart.

   While God sent his prophets at various times to various peoples, he himself came as Jesus 2000 years ago, as the one sending and the one sent as well. And so we recall Christmas, the unique event when the Lord of Glory, God our Father in Heaven, became a visible man as Jesus.

Just a few words about how God leads man to eternal bliss.

   Human beings live with complete free will, either based on God's teachings or according to their own ideas of pleasure.

   During life on earth, their souls are imprisoned in their bodies and have no memory of their previous spiritual life. As soon as the bodies can no longer serve the souls (due to age or illness), the souls leave the bodies and immediately enter the world beyond. This is the judgment day or first day in the world beyond. After 25 to 100 years, the discarded material bodies are gradually transformed into energy free of matter and then added as an eternal covering of the energized soul. This is designated as the resurrection of the body. On Easter morning, the body of Jesus was also transformed into pure energy and added to his soul as a covering. The Roman soldiers saw this as a flash of light. Additionally, the resurrection of the body means that the good and bad works of man accompany the soul eternally (viewed spiritually). Each soul takes all of its thoughts and dreams and lives in them for the future. By its nature, the soul is our ego consciousness in an energized body, which lives in the world beyond as does the material body in this life. After passing over to the world beyond, the souls are as imperfect as before. They are shown the true teaching of God, free of false doctrine, by the angels. These consist of:

   We human beings should love God, our heavenly Father, above all, who, unknown to most, walked the earth in the person of Christ Jesus. And we should love our neighbours as ourselves. We should become humble, living and acting according to His commands.

   No single soul is forced to accept this teaching of love. Also in the world beyond, souls possess complete freedom of will. Only those souls can obtain eternal bliss, which willingly live according to the principles of Heaven (humility, love of neighbour and love of God).

   With their growing perfection, the souls become younger and more beautiful until, fully youthful, they can live in eternal joy. From Jesus they obtain increasing power and, on His behalf, they can do great things for the well-being of their neighbours. Also, as quick as a flash (speed of thought) they can travel the whole universe.

   There are stubborn, blind souls who did not come to believe in God on earth and lived only based on selfishness, hedonism, pride, and imperiousness, at the expense of their fellow men. For them, it can take thousands or millions of years until they are ready to stop living by the principles of Hell, but by those of Heaven: true humility, love of God and love of neighbour.

God did not create one single Person for Hell!

   There are people who prepare for Hell through evil deeds and their own guilt, but then show remorse, turn around, and start living by the principles of Heaven. Such people will be helped.

   The souls in the world beyond do not live all mixed together. Rather, they are situated in an orderly manner, according to their attitudes and maturity, in seven large areas. Nobody just goes to Heaven or to Hell. Each soul goes voluntarily to heaven or to hell in that he wishes to live by the principles of heaven or those of hell. In the world beyond, there are the following areas:

  1. The heaven of love (There the blessed live at the highest level of perfection in eternal, personal fellowship with Jesus-Jehovah).
  2. The heaven of love and wisdom (This is where the souls of the second degree of perfection live).
  3. The heaven of wisdom (The souls of the first degree of perfection live there).
  4. The middle kingdom (That is the area in which all souls arrive in the world beyond. They are prepared by the angels for the area appropriate to them. For no one goes immediately to Heaven or Hell. If the souls follow the teachings of the angels, they move upwards. If they do not follow the teachings of the angels, they go through paths which lead downwards).
  5. The first Hell (The souls which are caught in selfishness, hedonism, and self-love are trapped there).
  6. The second Hell (Here the souls live who despise God and have become devils. They view themselves to be higher beings).
  7. The third Hell (There the souls live who are filled with the wish to take God captive and claim his omnipotence - which of course is impossible. They even want to kill him, and they acquire more anger and hate for God. It is in this growing and powerless anger that their unspeakable torment exists).
How religions emerged. Some examples from the original texts.

1. The downfall of the spirits (angels): The consequences of the secession of Lucifer

    [GGJ.02_231,01] (The Lord:) "How short however is the period from Adam up to ourselves, compared to what for human comprehension is an endless duration, from the period of the first coming into being of the created spirits, up to the point when they were placed into full use of their free will; and after that, what immeasurable period from their fall up to Adam, and then to ourselves!

   [02] Behold, there are within infinite creation-spaces certain arch-primeval and therewith principal central suns which, on account of their immense distance from here and, notwithstanding their being unspeakably manifold times larger than this earth, can be seen as hardly more than glittering points, and that only by people of exceptionally sharp vision. These primeval suns are of an age from roughly the period of the fall of the primeval spirits up till to-day. And behold, were one to determine the age of such suns by terrestrial years, one would not have room upon the entire Earth to write a cipher representing the number of Earth years! And were you to take the entire volume of the Earth, not excluding the sea, filled with the smallest dust particles to represent a million Earth years each, then this would be far too short a time to represent the said sun.

   [03] Such period surely represents quite a long while, and yet it is hardly anything compared to the arch-primeval period from when God began to first develop His thoughts and ideas, to make them into spirits and give them independence. What endlessly many things did not take place during such over extended period, for the development of the fully free will of the primeval spirit!

   [04] And yet there were at the end of yonder endlessly long developmental periods of the primeval spirits those who, although comprehending God's correct educational paths, chose in the end to not want to know anything of these ways, but instead chose the much shorter one on account of temporary advantages, deviating from the path well-mapped-out by God, entering upon the path of their very own self-destruction.

   [05] Because the principal spirit of light, indwelt by countless other spirits of light, each one imbued most richly with countless intelligencers, said to himself: 'What more do I need? Within me lie all attributes as within God, and God has placed all power within me. Now I am strong and mighty over everything. He has given away everything He possessed, and I have taken over the lot. Now God has nothing left, whilst I have everything; and we are going to see whether the advantages of transgressing the given commandment are of all that short a duration after all. We should think: with our present all might and omnipotence, we shall be able to quite handsomely prolong the supposed brevity of that span to eternities. Who shall be able to prevent us from doing so? Besides ourselves, infinite space, now populated by only ourselves, carries no higher might and intelligence than our own; who should be able to contest our advantages?'

   [06] Behold, thus thought and spoke the spirit of light to himself and thereby to the host of subordinate individual spirit crowds. - No sooner said than done, and the result was his self-arrest within his inertia, within which he had gradually solidified himself; and the outcome of that again was the creation of matter, likewise along the lines of divine order, because the predictable consequence of potential non-heeding of God's commandment was foreseen with the same certainty as the freest state of yonder spirits who fulfilled God's commandment upon and within themselves.

   [07] And in this way through the fall, firstly the principal spirit and with him his related deputies made themselves captive in the most stubborn and gruelling manner. But for how long it shall please him to tarry within such captivity none but God knows, throughout all of infinity, and not even the angels.

   [08] However, this is certain, that from this lost son of light the individual spirits are awakened again by the power of God and are placed into the flesh as children of the world, and the opportunity will be given to them, just like the children from above, to rise to the highest perfection as children of God.

   [09] All matter therefore is individual spirit, who as soul in each individual person, can be reborn in the soul's spirit to attain eternal life. However, once all individual spirits are lifted from a world, then the full end of such a world has become a reality.

   [10] But with a world like this earth, this takes a pretty long time to accomplish, nonetheless, finally the end will come."

2. God could not be seen    [GGJ.04_122,06] I am only the everlasting focal point of My Self; but from that spot I shall still pervade infinite space for ever in an unchanging way.

   [07] Everywhere I am the ETERNAL ONE; but here among you I am in the everlasting core of My Being, the source from which the whole of infinity is eternally and unchangingly maintained just as it expands infinitely and for ever.

   [08] Since time began, I have dwelt in My inaccessible core and been illuminated by the inaccessible light coming from My Self. However, to benefit mankind on this earth it has pleased Me to come forth from that same inaccessible point and that same light - which was also entirely inaccessible for all time to the highest angels. I came down to this earth and I am now accessible to all you people coming from all quarters and you are able to endure the light which comes from My presence.

3. God was attracted to Earth by His love for Humanity

    [GGJ.09_052,02] [Jesus to a man seeking God without revealing that He is talking about Himself:] "Look, as far as I know and according to My best knowledge that Man [Jesus] is the same Jehovah who also talked to Adam, Noah, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to Moses and still many other prophets. The difference between then and now is only that at that time He, as the eternal Lord of all creatures, talked to the awakened spirit of man only as the purest Spirit full of love, life, full of the highest wisdom, might, power and authority, and has revealed Himself in this manner to them. However, in this time it has pleased Him - as He promised several times through the mouth of the prophets - to assume Himself a body, this out of very great love for the people of this Earth whom He created to become His children and to whom He, already since the time of Adam, has given Himself that name, and to educate them for Himself as a visible Father, so that they will be, live and inhabit eternally with Him, where He Himself eternally lives, creates and rules the infinity."

   In another scene Philopold, a disciple of Jesus, and at His request, tells the party present why the Eternal decided to reveal Himself to humans visibly in the person of Jesus:

    [GGJ.03_183,18] [The Lord:] "In order to achieve that, man had to be separated from You ever further and deeper; he had to fail and fall and then only begin to gather himself again in such highest division from You with great effort and under all sorts of temptations and grievances, and then search for You with a humbled and purified heart.

   [03_183,19] When the fallen man had risen again to You by such a painful way out of his profound depth, You met him again halfway, showed Yourself to him once again in a much more extended form and likewise in a greater educational revelation to the people, and made the great prophecy of what You have now performed before our very eyes, namely that You too would become a fellow man for man, so that he could stand before You in complete independence for all future times and You would have the greater, more magnificent and certainly more blessed pleasure to face Your children not immediately as a God, Lord and Father spread through all eternity and therefore never to be seen and never to be touched, but instead as a visibly loving Father, whom the children can love, and to lead all the good children personally into Your wonderful heavens.

   [03_183,20] What a blessing could that be for a never-ending God, if He could see His dear children, but they could never see Him as anything but an endless sea of light?! In this way You have prepared the greatest blessing for the people and thereby as the true, only and most loving Father of Your children also for Yourself.

   [03_183,21] For what joy could You have even in the best and most pure of heart of all Your children knowing that they will never see or hear You speak in all eternity?!

   [03_183,22] Thus You, oh Lord, have done all this for Your and the people's will, so that the pure can become happy in You and that You can enjoy the highest bliss and happiness in them!

4. God's Sprit operates in other religions as well, even if deeply hidden

    [GGJ.01_134,17] As an extreme case, take the religions of other nations, e.g. the Turks, Parses, Gevers , Hindus, Chinese and Japanese. How they differ from the religion I gave to only the children from the Heavens of all Heavens, yet the same spirit, although hidden much more deeply, reigns also in them.

5. Sender and Messenger

    [GGJ.08_085,20] However, My Kingdom will not be a kingdom of this world, but a Kingdom from another world, which you have never known, for if you ever had known that world, you also would have recognized Me when I came to you in the temple, and if you had known Me, you also would have known the One who sent Me, of who you say that He is your God. But the Father who sent Me, did not send Me as one sends a man into the world, but in such a way that here the Sender and the Messenger are one.

   [21] He who believes that the Father is in Me and I in the Father, can say that he has seen and spoken to the Father and the Son. However, to know Him can only be possible when I soon will be in My Kingdom and have poured out My Spirit over those who believe in Me, keep My words and act and live according to them."

6. Reminiscence. The Significance and Formation of the Earth

   [GGJ.04_106,01] [The Lord:] "However, some of these dispersed spirits still wish to follow the way of the flesh on any one of the planets. Some prefer to experience it on the sun or on one of its belts whichever is most suitable for them of course. However, only a very few come to this earth as the way of the flesh here appears to them to be too arduous. Here on this earth they even have to forget all recollection of any former existence and enter a completely new being right from the start, while this is not the case on other planets and world bodies.

   [02] In their early days, the incarnate spirits still retain a dream-like recollection of all their previous experience, and the result of this is, that the beings on other planets and world entities are fundamentally much wiser and more sober than on this earth. However, they are as a result unable to progress further to a higher level of free life. They resemble more, as we have already said, the animals of this earth, which are naturally endowed with a certain formative instinct as they develop, a trait which they always display with great skill and perfection and to the extent that man with all his reasoning power would not be able to emulate them in many respects.

   [03] There are however those animals who can accept the necessary training, so that they can if required be used for very simple and unsophisticated tasks - the ox can pull, the horse, the donkey and the camel can carry loads, a dog can sniff out, hunt and pull; but beyond that you will not be able to teach them anything more and with regard to speech absolutely nothing is to be achieved. The simple cause lies in the fact that the vague recollection of their former state imprisons their animal souls judgementally, continuously keeping them busy and to some extent sedated.

   [04] On the other hand all men of this earth, and this is unique in the universe, lose all recollection and therefore have to start again from the beginning with a completely new order of life and a new culture, which is structured in such a way that each person can aspire to the fullest resemblance of God.

   [05] A soul of this kind can therefore only be incarnate on this earth, either because it originates from the sun where all the primordial elements are still present, and it has already followed the way of the flesh there and therefore acquired all those specific elements of intelligence in its soul which are necessary to perfect the highest spiritual life, - alternatively, a soul may originate directly from this earth and have previously progressed through each of the three kingdoms of nature as they are called, beginning with the most crude stone substances, then through all the mineral classifications, and from there through the entire plant world and finally passing through the whole animal kingdom in water, on land and in the air.

   [06] Of course, one should not think of the physical body in this context, but rather of the element of the spiritual soul which is present in its shell, as further analysis also reveals the spirituality of the shell, while it is in itself still too lowly, too lazy and too ungainly as it remains an excessively prominent symbol of self-love, selfishness, arrogance and the most indolent, lazy hedonism caused by the highly acquisitive, miserly, death-dealing, vicious desire to dominate. Soul matter of this type must first pass through repeated stages of decay with only partial transmutation before being absorbed into a purer substance to protect and clothe the soul. It will never be usable in isolation as a true soul substance.

   [07] For this reason there are on this earth many more different species of mineral, plant and animal life than on all the other planets and suns, considering each of them individually of course. Taken together all the others would probably yield a greater number of species but every other world entity in the whole realm of creation individually shelters one hundred-thousandth of the number present here on this earth in each of the three kingdoms. Only this earth is therefore destined to provide a home for the children of God in the most valid sense.

   [08] But how and why is this so? There are extremely special circumstances which relate to this earth. As a planet it belongs to this sun; but it is, strictly speaking, unlike its other planets - with the exception of the one located between Mars and Jupiter which, for certain important reasons, was already destroyed six-thousand years ago, or more correctly, was actually destroyed by itself and its inhabitants. Although the earth is in our solar system, it originally came from the primordial central sun and it is in a certain way unimaginably older in your terms than this sun. Nevertheless, the earth really only physically emerged a long time after our sun had begun, as a fully developed world, its first orbit round its central sun. Nevertheless, its actual physical materiality was mainly drawn from this sun."

7. Free will

   [GGJ.06_205,01] Said the Roman: "Truly, You are a God! Since if You were a person like me, You never could speak so wisely. Your miracle signs from yesterday are only now getting the fullest confirmation for the truth through these Your words and also by Your words in the temple today. We already heard a lot about You in Rome; but all this talk is nothing compared to this reality. But let's now eat and drink again; since what we heard is endlessly great and deep, and we have to bring this properly under the roof of our mind, so that we can become able to absorb anything further from Your mercy and love. Because You are not just talking like a normal reasonable person talks about an artful and glorious building, but You are talking like a builder master, who has built the building from the ground upwards himself. And therefore it means to collect oneself properly to neatly understand Your words from point to point, if one wants to draw the true use for one's life from it. Therefore a short break; some bread and wine will make the deeper understanding somewhat easier!"

   [02] Thereupon the Romans ate and drank enthusiastically again and we ate and drank too. Also the seventy men and the saved women ate and drank to their heart's desire, discussed My words to the Romans and also the testimony which the Roman quite openly and overtly has given to Me.

   [03] Also My disciples were secretly surprised about the mind of the Roman and said: "Just look, how soon this arch heathen understood everything, and the Jews down there still can't see the forest because of all the trees! It is really in the highest degree strange, that such people to their even earthly greatest advantage cannot or does not want to see most joyfully the brightest light of life.

   [04] Said one of the thirty Jew-Greeks: "O, they could understand it, but they don't want to, because they are of the opinion that thereby they lose their reputation, their great riches and their good life. And even if the angels come down visibly from heaven and tell them that our Lord and Master is Christ, they still will not accept it for the very reason I just mentioned, what I know quite well, for I know how they behaved during the times of the devout high priest Zacharias. I and many others saw the angel of God speak with the devout man and were in ourselves fully convinced, that this was a real appearance; but the unlimited haughtiness of the other Pharisees and their selfishness placed themselves above this truth and immediately afterwards strangled him between the sacrificial altar and the sanctum. How they were at that stage, they are still the same up to this hour and even would engage in a battle with Jehovah during the times of Moses, if they had lived during those times. And they are still tolerated priests and so-called servants of God by You, o Lord, while they would even be too evil for Satan!"

   [05] Said I: "Leave it at that; since I just explained to the Romans, how all mankind is educated by Me to life and the priests are also people. But nevertheless their voluntary stubbornness to remain in all sins, still serves you as a clear proof, how much the free will of man as the only germ to attain an independent, free, everlasting life of the soul, is protected by God. And because it is so highly regarded and protected, therein lies the biggest proof, that God has not created man for only this earth and its short life, but for an everlasting, spiritual life, which however can only be attained through the fullest freedom of will of the soul in this short bodily life, which however can also be lost, if a person remains until the end in the free stubbornness. This means: the soul will never fully stop to be a soul; but what kind of soul, this is another question. Since in the beyond the same perfection cannot be attained anymore like in this life. I have often explained to you the 'Why' already. But after having strengthened ourselves now, only then we will continue with further considerations and speak about the great mercy of God.

8. Meeting Thoughts and Dreams again in the beyond

    [GH.01_40.07.24,04] "You see, everything you ever were thinking about or dreamt, are thinking or dreaming now and in your whole future will think and dream, will never be lost. As it happened within you, you will once again find it in all true form and sense and immediately recognize it as your own and be joyful or sad about. To mention this was necessary, so you will better understand the future, because he who does not know and see that the whole creation gyrates, lives and weaves within him is not able to understand his desires, ambitions and thoughts.

9. In the Beyond people are taught the true doctrine of God

   [GGJ.01_081,10] …because it is not so much the most widespread acceptance of My teaching on this Earth but rather the erection, at long last, through My present advent and My Word and teaching, of a bridge between this material and that spiritual world, whose everlasting realm lies beyond the grave.

   [11] Whoever in this world shall accept My teaching in all earnest shall cross this bridge in the flesh already, but whoever shall receive this teaching either lukewarmly, incompletely or not at all, shall arrive in that other world in great darkness and have much trouble finding this bridge.

   [12] But those men who may never be in a position to find out anything about My teaching shall in the beyond be given leaders who will lead them to this bridge. If these spirits, still ignorant of My teaching, shall follow these leaders, they shall also cross this bridge into true eternal life, but if stubbornly clinging to their doctrine they shall be judged as mere creatures and not attain to the childhood of God. See, that's how things stand. Think it over and tell Me how you like it, only soon, because verily, My time in this place is nearing its end.'

   [13] However, people who are strongly attached to the world, who do not believe in a God, who moreover are enjoying a healthy life at a high age and finally are also dying a quick and painless death, have already received the reward of their life in this world, and in the beyond they hardly can expect any reward. Among such people there will be outer darkness and among them there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth."

   [14] The magician said: "Lord and Master, when such people, who mostly are gentiles, cannot help it when they never have heard anything about a true God and therefore could also not believe in it, then a very terrifying survival of their soul in the beyond seems to be a too heavy punishment. Yes, people like us now who have come to know God and must believe in Him because He is visibly existing before them and teaches them the ways of life Himself - when despite that they would become unfaithful and would do what is evil, then they surely would deserve such a horrible fate in the beyond as You have described to us now. But people who cannot help it when they were more animal than human being in the world, I would like to consider as unaccountable, and a punishment in the beyond for their committed evil deeds does not seem to me in accordance with the godly order and the love that is rising from God's justice. Because when someone on this Earth does not know a God and consequently does also not know His will, and who has no other law except that which is prescribed by his nature and his passions, he can with respect to God's will commit no sin and be punished for it. Lord and Master, look, also this is still a dark corner in my soul, that You very mercifully would maybe like to enlighten a little."

   [GGJ.08_017,01] I said: "Also concerning this point, the things that are right and completely suitable have already been said, and you also have partially heard it from My disciples. However, you cannot so well remember it and in some corners of your life it has again become a little obscure. But if you will live according to My word you will receive the baptism with the Spirit which is the true, inner rebirth of the Spirit in your soul. This living Spirit of all light and all truth will then guide you into all the light and all truth, and then everything will become clear in you, which is now obscure and dark.

   [GGJ.08_017,02] God's love and wisdom can also see - and certainly even more clearly - that which your more enlightened reason can already tell you, namely that one cannot punish someone to whom no law has been given which he should obey. And it certainly would be unrighteous and unfair if God would ordain this.

   [3] But there exists now nowhere on the Earth a nation that is totally without any law. Because God has awakened wise men among all the nations according to their needs, and these have given them laws and have also told and showed to them that there is a God who has created everything and also sustains, guides and rules everything. These wise men have also taught the people that God will reward - here and in the beyond - those who obey the laws, but will chastise and relentlessly punish those who live contrary to the law, already here and certainly in the beyond, because the soul of men after the death of the body continues to live in another world of spirits and will be judged according to his acts.

   [4] Look, every nation has received such a teaching, and when they will forget it, they soon will be reminded of it, partially by newly awakened wise men and partially by the individual conscience. And so, nobody who has reason and common spiritual faculties can excuse himself totally when he acts in contradiction with the laws that are known to him. And when someone in the beyond comes into the condition of his love and his free will, he also will not be able to say to God that He has treated this one or that one unjustly, because to the one who wills it himself, no injustice can be done.

   [5] Over there, every soul will receive what he wants. If it is something bad, then beforehand it will be made clear to him what kind of consequences are attached to it. If he will listen to that, then he can easily be helped. However, if he does not mind it, then without hindrance it will be allowed that he will have everything as such and will enjoy that which he wants from his love.

10. In the Beyond Souls become young and beautiful through their Perfection

   [Robert Blum - RB.02-243, 01] I say: "Oh woman! Oh daughter! Your faith is great and your love lives in your heart. May things happen according to your faith and the power of your love. My dear daughter, you are standing before me- hungry, thirsty and naked. That with which you saturated your soul on earth was bad and meagre fare. Had your spirit not been pre-nourished during the first part of your earthly life, and had your soul passed over into a sewer with the repellent vermin, you would have been lost. There would have been almost no chance of saving you. As impossible as it is to keep a fish alive in free air, it is just as impossible to keep souls who have lived down to the level of lowest of vermin alive in the light ether of the heavens. Where the dragon lives a dead life, there lives the vermin of death.

   [RB.02-243, 02] Since you were pre-nourished in your spirit, the subsequent "sewer fare" was not sufficient to ruin your soul completely. The pre-nourishment of your soul seasoned the wretched world fare and took away the lethal poison. Hopefully you will see that, with such fare, your soul could recover. But now, because of your faith and your love, I want to give you nourishment from the heavens and better clothes. This will help with your reputation and appearance. Robert, bring some bread and wine, and a new clothes!"

   [RB.02-243, 03] As I speak, Robert sees a type of huckster's stall offering bread and wine and a bundle with the requested clothes. He brings bread and wine, and his wife Helena brings the garment she has chosen. I bless the bread and wine, let it be given to Mathilda and the officer. Full of thanks, she consumes the bread and wine with the officer. In an instant, she takes on a beautiful, youthful appearance. She can find no way to express her thanks. Now she accepts a beautiful, azure blue dress with crimson trimming, which suits her beautifully.

   [RB.02-243, 04] As Mathilda is standing there well cared for, she begins to cry for gratitude, love, and bliss. As beautiful as a flower from Heaven, she falls before Me on her knees and, sobbing, she says: "Oh, most Holy Father! My heart feels it, but my inadequate tongue can never express what I feel for you! Your love and your grace are infinitely great. As far as this new life awakened through Your grace extends, I experience you as the sacred, eternal, purest love. Oh you dear Father! May your name Jesus be sanctified eternally, eternally, eternally." With these words, her love for Me overpowers her in such a way that she touches the floor with her face.

11. Where in the Beyond will we land

   [GGJ.04_152,14] For the most part only souls from all the other worlds reach the first stage, the heaven of wisdom, but they are joined from this earth by the souls of those wise gentiles who have lived a decent, just life, but who do not wish to hear of My person in the afterlife. If in time they absorb some of this knowledge, they can certainly enter the second or middle heaven. They can never enter the third, the innermost and highest heaven, the true heaven of love and life. There the only ones accepted are those who have already attained the full status of a child of God."

   [GGJ.10_176,09] In the big world in the beyond there are already numberless of better Jewish and gentile spirits like your father. When I soon will return to My eternal initial being, the right way to the perfect, eternal life will also be shown to all those better gentiles and Jews in the beyond. And all the evil souls will always have the freedom to better their life and to go on the way of the light or to remain in their evilness and let themselves be tormented by it forever, because for what they themselves want, no injustice happens to them.

   [10] And so, in the beyond, the reward for the good ones will be good, but bad for the bad ones. Everyone will be in his youngest day after the laying off of his body, and I will awaken everyone and give him the reward out of himself as he was, good or bad.

   [SpS.01-059, 09] The Father takes our main speaker by the hand telling him: See, in the area below, commonplace people are living, the ones who, through their faith in Me, have led a completely just life. Among them are the so-called Protestants and other Christian sects. In the most distant background the pagans live. In line with their faith, they have led a just life on earth and only here did they accept the belief in Me. At the rear is the residence of those Catholic Christians, who call themselves Roman or Greek Orthodox Catholics. Without damage to their life and freedom, they could not completely purify themselves from their errors. They do enjoy great bliss and are not banished into their area; rather, after a deeper realization of the real basic truth, they can move farther forward.

   [SpS.01-059, 10] You would like to know of what such an error consists? Behold, such an error works in this way: if someone accepts faith out of fear of God and remains true to this faith, he can never understand God in a loving way-because he fears him too much. Thus the exaggerated fear of God is the small error, and it is not so easy to remove without damage to life and freedom. You think: How can the Almighty say such a thing? See, when it is a matter of a being's complete freedom - I must keep My omnipotence to Myself. If I were to use it, it would be immediately it's end. Instead of free living, thinking, working, and acting children, I would have nothing but judged robots. They would be moved by My will, but in a forced way and not voluntarily. I can only make use of My omnipotence when it is necessary- and it never limits the free spirit in its knowledge and free will.

   [SpS.01-059, 11] So I want to give you an example of a way I do make use of My omnipotence.

   [SpS.01-059, 12] In regard to the natural world and the formation of all creatures, these things result from My omnipotence. The free spirits have absorbed life from Me in themselves, as a result of My word, therefore My omnipotence is at work. It works so that the free living spirits recognize the true and good working in themselves; they see this for their voluntary use and can make free use of it.

   [SpS.01-059, 13] This lower area is mostly the work of My omnipotence. It corresponds to true faith and effective benefits, as this is found in the interior of these blessed souls. This is the case everywhere you may want to turn to look, whether over the endless afternoon or the whole evening, as over the whole of the north.

   [SpS.01-059, 14] You are thinking: Is this not the case with this eternal morning as well? No, this involves different circumstances and is set unchangeably in all its parts, as any natural world is fixed. And the unshakeable firmness of the morning stands as inward eternal foundations opposite the external natural stability. The reason is that first I Myself am eternally unchangeable in My will; and what I have once formed remains eternally unchangeable and set, as I Myself am unchangeable and set in My eternal will.

   [SpS.01-059, 15] Secondly, this area is unchangeable as it is set because My children who come to Me here, are completely at one with Me- as a result of their love, in their will-power and in their understanding. In other words, they have completely humbled themselves to the last drop and, because of love, completely set aside their own will; in its place they have embraced My eternally living will, which lives eternally.

   [SpS.01-059, 16] Thus, they want nothing else here than what I want. My will is a clear, eternally set representation of the good and true. So this region, in which I live with those who are mine, is unchangeable and set, and nowhere is there deception in it. What you see is perfect from within and from without. All of the plants, the trees, the fruit, the wheat fields, are not just seeming counterparts but are perfect set realities. If you go here from one place to the other, you can count your steps and you will find the same distance to and from.

   [SpS.01-059, 17] You ask Me whether this solidity has something in common with the solidity of the world. The stability of this heavenly world has nothing in common with that of the material world, since the solidity of the world is only imaginary. It only lasts as long for a spirit, as he is an inhabitant of matter. Once he has left matter, this solidity vanishes for him. Here it is not that way. For this solidity is a true one; it is unchangeable and indestructible for all eternity, because it is an expression of my eternal Fatherly love.

   [SpS.01-059, 18] So you ask how far does this area exist? My dear friend, brother and son! This area, as you see it toward the morning, never ends. It is so huge that, if men are born forever on all infinite space bodies and they would come to this area, after the course of a thousand eternities, they would, in relation to the size of this area, amount to no more than a grain of sand, in relation to the infinity of eternal space.

   [SpS.01-059, 19] You ask me whether I can survey all of this and whether those living infinitely far toward the deep morning ever get to see Me. My dear brother, friend, and son! I want to tell you this as well; for nothing shall be withheld from My children.

In order to facilitate an entry into the wealth of the new Revelation by Jesus to the prophet Jacob Lorber, I briefly describe here a selected number of topics, provided with text excerpts.
  1. The Universe and Alien Civilizations
  2. About the Secrets of Our Living Earth
  3. Where do the souls of animals go?
  4. The Prehistory of Mankind (the story of Adam & Eve)
  5. The Nature of the Human Being
  6. The art of staying healthy with age
  7. Improving the human brain
  8. Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war?
  9. Dreams, Visions and Faces
  10. About Prayer
  11. How Angels accompany us
  12. Getting to know Jesus
  13. Prophesy and Return of Jesus
  14. The Death phenomenon
  15. Burial or Cremation
  16. About life after Death and in the Beyond
  17. About suicide
  18. Premature death of Children
  19. The nature of God
  20. The Origin of the New Testament
  21. The detailed Explanation of God’s Order, His Commandments
  22. Finding the right marriage partner
  23. Where do religions come from?
  24. Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind
  25. Jesus and the Miracles
  26. Organ Donation

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