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Organ Donation. Facts to know regarding organ-donation.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Organ Donation

   What is "Brain-dead"? The divine revelation of the prophet Jakob Lorber explains what people should know before the donation of an organ.

   Isn't it a nice thought when, with our death, we can be of use to another person through the major deed of donating an organ? To support this view, articles repeatedly appear in newspapers and on television to increase the readiness of the population to donate organs. Governments and parliaments in some countries are discussing that people are asked if they are willing to donate organs. And so organ donation will increasingly become the rule.

   However, this glowing picture of the noble donor does not take into account that men do not just consist of a body of flesh, as people in the ever more materialistic and atheistic world think. Rather, they are complicated beings, where everybody, besides the material body, consists of an immortal soul, free of matter and filled with spirit. However, the materialists believe neither in this soul nor an eternal life beyond for this soul. So they want to extend the life of the body at any price through organ transplants. The questions about organ donation can first be cleared up if one delves into man's being somewhat more deeply. The most significant question for this is: When is a person actually dead?

   There are two completely different answers to this question.

   The materialists, who want organs available for other people, say: "The soul is only a part of the brain or a function of the brain. With brain-death, the person is completely dead, although the heart is still beating."

   The physicians used to say: "We can determine this based on several definite characteristics, like death spots, rigor mortis, and the odor of decay."

   Through the mystic and prophet Jakob Lorber, God in Jesus says: "Man is dead when his spirit-filled soul has left his body."

   The materialists, who believe in nothing spiritual or other worldly, have prevailed in our state. Now it is legal for organs to be removed from so-called brain-dead people, when this is covered by law in regard to their brain functions- and with the agreement of the "organ donor" or that of the relatives present.

   The question is why the materialists want to cut out the organs from the so-called brain-dead? The answer is: Only as long as the person is alive and his heart is beating can the organs be transplanted. For this reason, the so-called brain-dead are kept alive artificially.

   Just a few words on the removal of organs: After the determination of the so-called "brain-death", the organs are cut out of the donor's body. The donors are actually being exploited. However, since with the condition of brain-death, spirit-filled souls are still to be found in the body, the person is really not dead. His/her real death actually results because of the transplant of an organ.

   This means that, with this process, the "organ donor" experiences terrible pain and is often writhing from discomfort. To calm the donor who is being exploited, the medics use an anaesthetic. Since the soul guides the body, the soul and not the body, experiences the feelings and the pain. The spirit-filled souls of people who appear to be dead make an attempt to activate their bodies again. And this is always successful, as long as the bodies are not too damaged.

   The materialists see the only possibility for lengthening the life of their material body in organ transplants. This view is based on the erroneous belief that man consists only of a physical body and has no soul which lives on in the energized world beyond. But this is a wanton intervention in the divine order of creation! Besides, a person who believes in the continued life of his soul in the world beyond needs and wants no organ transplant to lengthen his earthly life. He actually looks forward to his passing to his eternal home with God.

   The dying man is not really dead until the spirit-filled soul has completely left the body and the heart has finally stopped beating. So the removal of an organ without the definite characteristics of death and before the heart stops is a premature killing of the earthly body. From the standpoint of the divine order, the time of death between the so-called brain-death and the final death of the heart is spiritually necessary for proper death.

   How does the transplanted organ affect the soul of the recipient? The soul of the recipient attempts to reject the foreign organ. Thus, the rejection of the transplanted organ must be prevented for as long as possible by medication. Often, further transplantation is necessary on account of this organ rejection. Thus, one should let people die in a completely natural way.

   Every organ donor must realize that, in spite of his brain-death, he will suffer terrible pain on the removal of the organ- he will likely not be sufficiently anaesthetized. Even with sufficient anaesthetization of the pain, which comes from removal of an organ, the transplant is a wanton intervention in the divine order of creation. And thus no one should agree to be an organ donor.

   To gain a more profound impression, here are parts of the original Lorber text:

Facts to know regarding organ donation

   [HHG.03-115, 09] (Adam is speaking to his children:)

   "I have thus asked my God and your God that He strengthen me or take me from the earth, as He took Zuriel, Sehel, and Pura at the time of his great revelations.

   [10] And, as I prayed, the Lord spoke to me:

   [11] Hear, Adam! I have measured your time and found it fully reasonable. Thus I will hear your prayer and take you from the earth, which has tired your feet.

   [12] But, as the three named by you, you cannot leave the earth, since you have sinned by the flesh.

   [13] Thus your body should be given back to the earth from which it was taken, so that a share of the snake of you becomes its part.

   [14] But I want to remove your soul with the spirit of mine from your body, and lead it to the just place, where you shall see my divine mercy in the peace of your heart.

   [15] I will send an angel to you, who will release you from the body on this day.

   [16] As you will leave this life, all will have to leave it who have sinned in their bodies.

   [17] As sin came into the world of children from you, the death of the flesh comes also. Amen.

   [18] So the Lord spoke. And today is the last day of my earthly being before you, for it is that of the Lord's will.

   [19] But Eve, your mother, will live on for some time; be respectful and take care of her, until the Lord calls for her.

   [20] To you, Henoch, I turn over my residence and all that is in it. And you will be in charge of care for your mother.

   [GGJ.04_128,05] [Mathael, who can perceive spirits says:] 05] My father was very confident that I would be joined by my spirits in the neighbour's house, who would suggest a cure for the critically ill wife and so I was nolens volens (if I wanted to or not) taken along. My father was not mistaken as I actually saw a number of spirits - certainly a mixture of good and bad. This time however there was no recommendation of a healing remedy and a great spirit wearing light grey pleated clothing, said to me, when I passed on the request from my father for a cure: 'Look at this woman who has passed away! Her soul is already hovering above her chest cavity, which is the usual way the soul exits the body!'

   [06] I now looked more closely at the dying person. From the pit of the chest a white vapour arose, continued to expand above the chest and also became increasingly more intense; but I could not detect any human form. When I looked at it quizzically, the large, light grey spirit said to me: 'Just observe how the soul is departing from its earthly dwelling forever!' I said, however: 'Why is it that this departing soul has no shape while all of you who are also souls have very proper human images?' The spirit said: 'Just wait a moment; when the soul has left the body completely it will gather itself together properly and will then become quite beautiful and agreeable to look upon!'

   [07] As I watched the vapour continue to spread and thicken above the patient's chest cavity, the body was still alive and groaned now and then, just like someone who is troubled by a bad dream. After about a quarter of a Roman hour, the vapour cloud, about the size of a twelve year old girl, hovered about two hand-spans above the body of the dying woman, only connected to the chest by a finger-thick column of vapour. The column was of a reddish colour and now and then it would suddenly become longer and then shorten itself again. However after each of these lengthening and shortening cycles, the vapour column became thinner and the body twisted by visibly painful convulsions.

   [08] After about two hours in Roman time, the column of vapour freed itself completely from the chest cavity and at the lower end it looked like a plant with a fibrous root. At the moment the vapour column became completely separate from the chest and I observed two phenomena. Firstly, the end of the body's death throes and secondly, the instant transmutation of the very white vapour cloud into the easily recognisable image of the neighbour's wife. She was immediately shrouded in a white, pleated shift, greeted all the friendly spirits who were present, but also clearly asked where she now was and what had happened to her. She was also quite astonished to see the pleasant surroundings which she was now enjoying.

   [GGJ.04_134,15] After this small talk we finally arrived in Bethany at Lazarus' very decent house where we found the sick man already making his last convulsive movements, to calm which it is said there is no known herbal cure.

   [16] Around the bed stood the two daughters of the dying man, both in tears but very attractive, and also quite a number of aunts and cousins who sobbed and wept as was customary at those times. Our guide, as the son of the house, also wept and in his sadness forgot to ask my father if Lazarus could still possibly be helped or not.

   [17] It was only the little rabbi who came to my father and asked if there was still anything which could be done so that the old man might regain consciousness even for a short while. My father did not answer the question immediately but asked me very quietly how it was with the old man and whether the soul had already begun to leave the body.

   [18] I innocently told my father what I saw: 'The entire soul is already half the size of a man and is hovering above the body in a horizontal position only connected to it by a thread of light the thickness of a hair which in our experience is unlikely to be there for more than a minute and will break at any moment. It is however strange to see that the immense column of light, which we saw on our way here with our own eyes, is once more present above the head of the soul, giving out the same powerful light and also a warmth which feels very welcoming. The soul does not avert its eyes from the column of light and it appears as if the soul is greatly comforted by its presence."

   [GGJ.06_053,11] [Jesus:] Even man's outer form, meaning his body, is of value only as long as it is occupied by the soul which alone is alive. Once the soul has matured, it leaves this body forever and the body is consumed. It then does not matter by whom or by what. Whatever substantial the body still possesses which belongs to the soul, is given back to the soul. Everything else passes as nourishment into a thousand other created life forms. There you have in a nutshell a thorough description of everything that worried you so much in vain. "

   [GGJ.08_082,02] [Jesus:] The patriarchs all died an easy and soft death, because when the angel called them, their souls left with great joy their body, which did not have to suffer any pain since their childhood years until old age, but mostly remained powerful and healthy. The final bodily death was also not a result of heavy suffering and pain, but always happened when there was a desire for the call of the angel, after which the soul was leaving the body freely and without any compulsion, and the body was as it were falling to sleep without the least of pain.


GGJ Great Gospel of John
SpS Spiritual Sun
HHG Household of God
RB/SSRRobert Blum/Sunsets in to Sunrises
GH Gifts of Heaven
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Organ Donation. Facts to know regarding organ-donation.

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