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The nature of God, the Name Jesus, Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

The nature of God

So, we can learn in the Old Testament that God is one in one person. In the New Testament, Jesus gave us a more profound look into the inner being of God. But how should we imagine this inner being of God? There will only be clarity about this from the gift of the New Revelation of Jesus Christ by Jakob Lorber.

   The true understanding of the Trinity means that Jesus is a perfect God and a perfect man in one person. The father is the divine in Jesus, the son is the human in Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is the will power of God, which goes out from Jesus into all eternity and which causes everything.

   Jesus shows us in the New Testament and in the New Revelation from Jakob Lorber that he himself is the one and only God and that he is the father made man. So he himself is the one and only eternal, uncreated archetypal man, who as Jesus and in Jesus became a true earthly human being. Jesus shows us that the being of God in itself is distinguishable into Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The father, the uncreated eternal man lives in the son (in Jesus), the most perfect created man- two persons in each other and not next to each other, just as a higher ego (the spirit, our conscience) lives in our lower everyday ego consciousness (in our soul). This is true of every man. This follows from the words of Jesus and those of the apostle Paul:

   "In Christ lives the whole abundance of the deity incarnate" (Colossians 2. 9). "I am the truth!" (John 14. 6). All the power in heaven and on earth has been given to me!" (Matthew 28. 18). "I and the father are one." (John 10. 30).

   "I am the life!" (John 11. 25 and 14. 6). "Whoever sees me, also sees the father" (John 14. 9). "The father lives in me." (John 14. 10) (John 10. 38). "Whoever sees me sees the one who has sent me!" (John 12. 45). But the Holy Spirit is no person, but rather the force originating from Jesus, which determines and fills all infinite space. The nature of God, some examples from the original text follow (Reading samples)

The Name Jesus

    [Spiritual Sun SpS.02_013,02] "I tell you: Jesus is an entity so immense that as His name is spoken, all of infinity trembles with reverence! If you say 'God', you indeed name the most supreme being of all: but you use the name in its infinity as it is there that it fills the endless universe with its endless power from eternity to eternity. But in the name 'Jesus' you describe the complete, almighty, quintessential centre of God: or, even more clearly expressed:

   [03] Jesus is the most plausible, most individual, most quintessential God as a human, from whom all Divinity which fills infinity, primarily flows like the rays of the sun, as the spirit of His unending power and strength. Jesus is therefore the embodiment of the full abundance of the Godhead. Alternatively: the Godhead lives in Jesus in its infinite abundance in a truly physical presence. Therefore, always the entire divine infinity is stimulated when this infinitely most holy and exalted name is uttered in true love."

The Father in Jesus, the Primary Man of all Men

    [GGJ.08_026,01] Listen, if it is sure that God as Creator of all beings - yet different from all other beings who were created by Him - was, is and will be eternal, is it then for Him an immovable necessity to remain in that particular original centre? If it is already given to man to move freely with his body in all directions and even more so with his spirit, how could God in His limitless freedom restrict Himself in that wherein He gave even His created beings full freedom? I say to you: the divine infinity has the power in everything to also move endlessly free. He therefore will also have the right to change His glory into the flesh in order to be visibly and understandably present before His created human beings as an eternal entirely perfect Man.

   [2] But the endless glory of God does not have the power - and can impossibly have it - to create Gods outside of Himself who are completely equal to Him. For if He would be able to do that, He would be able to create besides the one endless universe also other equally endless universes, of which any somewhat clearly thinking person can already see from a distance that this is the purest nonsense. For if the first universe is endless in all imaginable directions, then where must the second equally endless universe begin?

   [3] A second perfect God with the fullest endless glory is therefore quite as unimaginable as a second endless universe. And so you can clearly see that I who am now just like you walking as a Son of Man in the flesh, am not a second but only the one and the same God who I was since eternity before all created beings and also will remain in all eternity. Therefore, I cannot do anything that is contrary to My eternal glory, but everything for it.

   [4] If I created outside of Me two more Gods, like for instance the Son and the Holy Spirit, so that the two would be individually different from Me, then they inevitably could claim all My unlimited power, without which no God could be imagined, no more than one can imagine a second or even third endless universe that would be divided in a certain way, limiting each other. However, if this would be thinkable, then what about God's sovereignty of which there can only be one?

   [5] There can however exist only one such endless divine sovereign authority. For if there were three, then God's endless one Kingdom would be split, and the existence of it would be quite as unimaginable and impossible as the existence of three endless universes next to each other.

   [6] The one Kingdom of the one God can exist eternally because only He is the only King and Lord of it, as it is written in the books of the prophets, who have prophesized out of the mouth of God: 'God will give His glory to no one else' (Isaiah 42:8). For only I, Christ, am the only God. Human beings, angels, sovereignties and powers, yes, all things in Heaven and on all globes have always bowed before Me and will throughout eternity only bow before Me and never for anybody else, just like the cosmic spaces of creation that seem endless in your eyes are devoured by the one endless space of creation, and compared to that, they appear like a total nothing.

   [7] If by the names Father, Son and Holy Spirit, not one self-existing God - the one primordial Being - has to be understood, and instead of that a Son that is separated from the Father and likewise a different Holy Spirit would be accepted, then what kind of God would the Father be?

   [8] When it is stated in the books of the prophets - which are not understood by the people because of their rude simple-mindedness caused by themselves - that the Father clothes the Son with all power and glory in Heaven and on all globes and worlds, and has given Him the Holy Spirit as co-operator to sanctify and to watch over the new teaching from the Heavens, which is now given to you and over which only the Son, who I am, has the leadership, just like over all other things, then I ask you: what kind of God do you think the Father is? Can you still see a God in Him?

   [9] And if in your material-human blindness you still can imagine another one, then you unquestionably would imagine Him to be useless and inactive, since you clearly have to perceive that under these conditions He cannot accomplish anything anymore and can also not govern over anything anymore. You surely will have to realize in a dark human manner that God the Father has perhaps delegated His government to His Son forever because of His high age - just like the old king Pharaoh in Egypt who delegated the government to Joseph - and also because of His weakness and tiredness so that He can enjoy His rest being totally inactive.

   [10] Can you really imagine that the Father has become old, and that He wants to lay down His work because He now has besides Himself a Son who is in all aspects equally almighty as He is, and further still has an equally powerful almighty Holy Spirit who He created out of Himself and His Son, and that He will delegate now the whole government to both of them, while He Himself will abdicate.

   [11] Oh how extremely heathenish foolish, silly and blind would human reason be to fall into such a madness.

   [12] If there exists a Son and a Holy Spirit who are different from the Father and would exist besides Himself, as this is the case with angels and human beings, then they can be nothing else except His created beings, because they did not receive their being - no matter how perfect it may be - of themselves as a result of their very own and eternal perfect power, but only from the one Creator.

   [13] However, how can there be a complete, divine relationship or a real unity between a spirit without body and form and a spirit with body and form? Can it be said that the Son - who is a bodily Person and, as you can see, has a body - is in the Father if the Father has no body, no shape and no form? Or can the infinite Father, without having a body, shape and form be in the Son?

   [14] Moreover: if the Holy Spirit is a third person as such, coming from the Father and the Son, then how can that person have the same qualities as those two are having and who are equally eternal? Or can that which receives its existence from another person, be equal to that which has its existence out of himself? Can eternity ever be equal to the all-fleeing time, or the limited area to infinity?

   [15] Even if one can accept that all the times of times are contained in eternity and are moving and changing, then it is however impossible to think and assert that time, no matter how long it lasts, can comprise eternity. Just like one can also think, tell and assert that the endless primordial space surely can contain all spaces - which, no matter how big they may be, are finally still limited - but these last ones can impossibly contain the primordial space.

   [16] Thus, if the Holy Spirit would really just like any other created being go out of the Father and the Son as a being as such, then he obviously would be a god of time and not of eternity. However, such a god could then, just like all that which is timely, in course of time cease to exist. But if this is the case, then who would be able to give an eternal life to all human beings and angels and maintain it?

   [17] In order that this matter of the highest importance would still be more clear and plain to you, we will continue this subject, and so listen to Me."

The Lord as Son

    [GGJ.08_027,01] (The Lord:) "If furthermore, the Son was present since eternity, then how could He be procreated? And when the Holy Spirit was also there since eternity, how could He then come forth from the Father and the Son and have His beginning in Them. If according to your mind and reason the three divine persons - contested by you, of whom the future people could easily make three Gods - are all three eternal, that means without a beginning, then one of them could not have given the beginning of his existence to the others.

   [2] I am, as I am now with you as a Man in the flesh, the Son, and I was never procreated by anyone else except by Myself, and consequently I am My highest own Father since eternity. Where else could the Father be except in the Son, and where else could the Son be except in the Father? Thus only one God and Father in one person.

   [3] This body of Mine is therefore the glorified shape of the Father for the benefit of the people and angels, so that I could be an understandable and visible God for them. Now you can see Me, listen to Me and speak to Me, and by that still stay alive. Because before, it was so that no one could see God and live. I am now God in every respect. In Me is the Father. And the power that goes out of Me according to My love, wisdom and almighty will and that fills up the eternal endless space throughout and which is also active everywhere, is the Holy Spirit.

   [4] As you can see Me now as God-Man among you, I am with My whole original central Being certainly completely and undivided in your midst, here in this dining-hall on the Mount of Olives. And thus, as highest true God and Man at the same time I am nowhere else, not on this Earth and even less on another. But still, by the power, which is the Holy Spirit, that goes out of Me, I fill all the Heavens and the earthly material and endless space with My activity. I can see everything therein, from the greatest to the smallest, I understand everything, know everything, decide on everything, and create, guide and rule over everything.

   [5] Now, when you clearly know this out of My mouth, you also will understand for which reason you shall strengthen by laying your hands upon them, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, those people who believe in Me and who are also acting according to My teaching, after it has been made known to them.

   [6] If you understand the reason now, you also will perceive that the people who are truly and correctly taught by you, will not easily come to the idea of accepting three gods as such, because you have named the three qualities. But I also urge you to give the people a real and truthful light, because where this will be lacking, the people will easily and quickly wither and change to all kinds of false doctrines, and then it will be difficult to bring them on the way of the full truth.

In order to facilitate an entry into the wealth of the new Revelation by Jesus to the prophet Jacob Lorber, I briefly describe here a selected number of topics, provided with text excerpts.
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  3. Where do the souls of animals go?
  4. The Prehistory of Mankind (the story of Adam & Eve)
  5. The Nature of the Human Being
  6. The art of staying healthy with age
  7. Improving the human brain
  8. Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war?
  9. Dreams, Visions and Faces
  10. About Prayer
  11. How Angels accompany us
  12. Getting to know Jesus
  13. Prophesy and Return of Jesus
  14. The Death phenomenon
  15. Burial or Cremation
  16. About life after Death and in the Beyond
  17. About suicide
  18. Premature death of Children
  19. The nature of God
  20. The Origin of the New Testament
  21. The detailed Explanation of God’s Order, His Commandments
  22. Finding the right marriage partner
  23. Where do religions come from?
  24. Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind
  25. Jesus and the Miracles
  26. Organ Donation

The nature of God, the Name Jesus, Jakob Lorber.

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