Jakob Lorber Offenbarung    Revelation Jakob Lorber

Finding the right marriage partner, talk of Lord on sexuality.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Finding the right marriage partner

   What healthy person is not striving for a life with a happy marriage and family? This compulsion was put into the heart of our soul by God as found in the first book of Moses (2.18): "And God the Lord said: It is not good that man be alone! I want to make him a helper, to be with him." So far so good. But then there is the question of whether there is the one right person for us. And how should we find him/her from the large number of people in the world?

   The first question is easy to answer. God did not create several women for Adam but solely one. And, to be more precise, he formed Eve out of Adam. This means there really is the one marriage partner suited for us. Only then, when both marriage partners belong to each other originally, do they form a complete person.

   The second question is more difficult to answer. Whether we will find this marriage partner belonging to each of us on the material earth or not, is uncertain. It is certain that Jesus will supply this person, at the latest, after our perfection in heaven. His invitation to us in Matthew 5.48 "Thus you should be perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect" brings about a new point of view. Imagine we would actually encounter our second ego here today, as imperfect as we are, and he/she is perhaps as imperfect as we are or even worse - then we would possibly have no interest in each other. The key to our finding the right marriage partner lies in our development toward perfection.

   When we consider that, in primeval times, we all lived in spirit bodies and in spirit worlds and were full of pride, and fell from God's favour into the thrall of and together with Lucifer-Satan, then we see it is humility for which we should strive. For our humility determines our perfection. But we learn humility through service and because service is so important for perfection. Thus, there are so many types of service on the earth.

   It is not for nothing that Jesus says in the commandments of love: Love God more than anything else in the world and your neighbour like yourself. If one digs more deeply, then the question of love for neighbour emerges more clearly. Jesus says we should divide our love into 666 parts. If we give God 600 parts, 60 to our neighbour and 6 to ourselves, then we are perfect. But the one who gives God only 6 parts, only 60 to his neighbour, but 600 to himself is a perfect devil! Each of us is somewhere between these extremes. We see that this is a challenging requirement. It is all a matter of a life-long journey to perfection.

   Normally, however, we do not marry at the end of our life when we have gathered so many experiences and are calmer. Rather, marriage occurs during the impetuous period of youth. How will we find the right marriage partner under such circumstances? In Matthew 7.7, Jesus gives us the following hint: "Ask and you will receive; search and you will find; knock and the door will be opened."

   We can and should apply this advice if we want to find the right marriage partner. If we seriously love Jesus, keeping the Ten Commandments and living in a humble and kind way, then we go quietly and bring our wish before him. And Jesus, who knows our thoughts, will hear our wish. At a time when it is suitable for the well-being of our soul, he will supply the right marriage partner. We should compose ourselves with patience, because patience also is a part of perfection.

   The support of Jesus for marriage is shown in that, during his teaching, which is described day by day in the great gospel of John, he performed several weddings.

   Here are some examples from the original text:

The right marriage partner

   Jesus once gave an important and serious talk to his disciples about order in the life of sexuality and about the sacred purpose and spiritual meaning of marriage (see Great Gospel of John GGJ.03: 66-72). Jesus said the following about the spiritual meaning of earthly marriage, even when the partners do not suit each other so well.

The talk of Our Lord on sexuality

   [GGJ.03_070,01] Cyrenius says, "All my thanks to You for this; for now I am quite enlightened in an affair which constantly gives me much to deal with in order to hold a correct court in such cases, and I believe that there can now hardly be a case which could bring me into doubt whether I should judge this way or that way. Only one thing crops up as a very concerning question, and it is this: Is there then absolutely no case in which one could completely dissolve a once completed marriage so that the separated parties could marry another person without making themselves guilty of the fatal sin of open adultery?"

   [02] I say, "Oh, yes, of course there can be such cases, for example: A man had a wife who otherwise was very well equipped with all female attraction; but at the exposure it was shown that the wife was a hermaphrodite. In this case such dissolution of the completed marriage would be put into action if it was demanded; but naturally if there are no prosecutors then there is also no judge on Earth. A law should be made for this case in which such a marriage should not be made at all, and the party who knew well that he is not suitable for a marital conjunction would be considered a deceiver to responsibility and damages. But whatever is said here is applicable for the female party as well if the male party was no complete man. If the wife leaves him and marries another, she does not commit adultery.

   [03] But there can also be among the men such people who either have castrated themselves because of the Kingdom of God or such who already in their youth were castrated for some worldly reason, as there are also such castrated people in the mother's womb; all the named are fully unsuitable for marriage, and their full unsuitability decides the full dissolution of the marriage from the beginning.

   [04] Or one or the other married party could have such a body handicap with which the other party cannot possibly live, then the marriage would have to be completely dissolved - but only in the case that one party had not been able to find out anything about the affliction before the marriage; but if he knew about the handicap and nonetheless entered into marriage, the marriage is valid and cannot be dissolved! Such afflictions however, which allow a full dissolution of an already consecrated marriage, are: hidden possession of one or both parties, likewise a periodical madness, a covert leprosy of an evil kind, cancer boils, lice, an incurable consumption, epilepsy, full bluntness of at least two senses, gout and a pestilence-like bodily or breath smell.

   [05] If the healthy party had no information before the marriage that his other party was burdened with one of the just named afflictions, after a consecrated marriage he can immediately achieve full valid dissolution again and he must be allowed to do this! For in these cases the healthy part has been deceived and the deception dissolves every contract and therefore also that of marriage.

   [06] But if such spouses do not want to be divorced according to the will of the healthy party, the marriage is to be considered valid and can later not be divorced except for separation, for there your saying applies: VOLENTI NON FIT INIURIA! ( to one who is willing, no harm is done.)

   [07] Except for these cases, however, there are almost truly no others which could be accepted as the reason for a valid divorce.

   [08] In all other unsuccessful cases of marriage the marriage partners must have patience with each other until death; for if the young marriage partners had been happy with the honey of marriage, they must then be satisfied with the gall of the marriage.

   [09] The honey of marriage however is the worst part of it; only with the gallic parts does the marriage begin the golden seriousness of life. But this must occur everywhere; for if this did not come, things would be bad for the seed for heaven.

   [10] In often bitter seriousness of life the spiritual seed begins to activate and to develop, which would be stuck in the constant honey life like a fly which falls into the honey pot with all greed and loses its life from the too great sweetness of the honey. Are you now fully in the clear?"

   [11] Only I and the doctor and the woman remain awake. And with the disciples soon soundly asleep, both fall down on their knees before Me and thank Me fervently for the unspeakable graces I had bestowed upon them and their entire house. They also asked Me whether I would let them join up and follow Me.

   [12] But I say to them: 'This is not essential for your bliss. If you do however want to follow Me then it is enough if you follow Me in your hearts. But you should remain in this country as My witnesses, as many sceptics shall arise around here shortly. To these you shall bear good witness of Me.'

   [13] And you, My dear Joram, from now on shall be a perfect doctor. On whoever you shall lay your hands in My name shall get better immediately regardless of how sick they may be. At the same time however you should enter upon a perfect and indissoluble matrimony, since with your present togetherness you would be an offence to the blind who regard only externals and have no idea about the within.

   [14] You Joram need not fear Irhael any more, as she is now fully whole of body and soul. And you, Irhael, now have a man from the Heavens and shall be completely happy with him, since he is not a spirit out of the Earth but from above.'

   [15] Says the woman: 'Oh Jehovah, how good you are. When is it Your will that we should officially join hands before the eyes of the world?'

   [16] I say: 'I have already joined you, and this union alone is valid in Heaven and on Earth, and I say unto you, not since Adam's time has there been a more perfect union than yours, since I Myself have blessed your union.

   [17] But tomorrow morning a lot of priests and other people and officials of this city shall come here, to these make it known, that they may be aware of your being a proper married couple now before God and the whole world. If you beget children however then bring them up in My teaching and then baptize them in My name, the way you shall see many of My disciples baptize tomorrow, and the way John, of whom you will have heard, baptizes in the Jordan. Thus, My dear Joram, I shall empower you tomorrow to afterwards baptize everyone who believes in My name.

Marital hints

   The chief and the assistance judges, together with Kisjonah, Baram, Jonael, Jairuth and Archiel, now come with Me to the dining room, and at a half hour past sunset, partake with Me, and all Mine, of a well prepared and abundant meal while the chief justice, a single man, finds great pleasure in Kisjonah's eldest daughter, saying to me: 'My most esteemed friend, you know how much I always loved You, notwithstanding our religious or theosophical differences, because I found in You no sly or one-sided Jew, but rather a most frank and liberal one, yet also a man of many sides, and well informed in every science.

   [2] I therefore confide to You that Kisjonah's daughter pleases me immensely. Notwithstanding, I am as You know a Roman and she would undoubtedly be a Jewess, who is not allowed to give her hand to a pagan, as the Jews call us. Tell me, friend, what is there to be done here? Could she not become my wife under any circumstances? Let me have Your solution.'

   [3] I said: 'You are a Roman and she is a Greek and no Jewess, and therefore, from the point of view of nature, nothing stops you from seeking her as a wife from Kisjonah, who shall also certainly give her to you. But the fact that, spiritually, she and the entire household is now Jewish, in accordance with My teaching, of which you are not ignorant, shall it be no bone of contention for you?'

   [4] Says the Chief Justice, named Faustus, Caji Filius: 'Why should it. Am I not in my heart one of the most fervent adherents to Your most purely godly doctrine? For in my view, a God who knew how to build a world and then call a whole range of beings into life thereon, including man himself in the end, must be exceedingly wise. If such God were to give man a doctrine, then he could surely give no other doctrine - I say - to His humans, than a most wise one, as should be in the most precise harmony with nature and with the sustaining principle among men.

   [5] Now then, Your doctrine is imbued with such spirit and character and is therefore perfectly divine, wherefore I have accepted it for my very life as completely true, and therefore also accordingly act the preacher to my entire household, and to all my many subordinate officials. If indeed so, then that leaves only the father's consent.'

   [6] I said: 'Well, this you have already, together with beautiful Lydia's love. See, behind you, the thoroughly happy Kisjonah, who can hardly help himself for joy at the honour his house is encountering.'

   [7] Faustus takes a look behind him and Kisjonah says: 'Lord and commander over all our Galilee and Samaria, can it be that You desire my Lydia as wife?'

   [8] Says Faustus: 'Indeed so, as the only one among thousands, if you will give her to me.'

   [9] Kisjonah calls Lydia, same coming over visibly embarrassed with love and great joy, Kisjonah saying to her: 'Well, dear daughter of mine, would you be blessed with this glorious man?'

   [10] And Lydia, eyes to the ground, says after a while: 'How could you still ask? When this glorious Faustus arrived today and I saw him for the first time, I heard the words in my heart: "How blessed must be this glorious man's woman", and now that he desires me, should I encounter him with a no?'

   [11] Says Kisjonah: 'But what shall your beloved Jesus say to that?' Says Lydia: 'His we all are. He is the creator and we His creatures, whom He is now making into real children. Despite that, He remains in my heart's depth of all depths.'

   [12] At this Faustus' eyes bulge, fully astonished at this unexpected testimony of Me by Lydia: 'What, what? What do I hear? Should a recent dream I had, turn out to have true meaning? I saw all of Heaven open. All was light, all countless beings light, and at the depth I saw You, You my friend Jesus, and all beings tarried impatiently for a sign from You, in order to instantly proclaim Your commands throughout infinity.

   [13] At that time I thought to detect Zeus in Your countenance, which far outshone the sun in brightness, and it took me by surprise that You should resemble Zeus to such extraordinary degree. And since that time I secretly took You to be an earthly son of the prime deity, which however identified with the Jews' Jehovah and the Indians' Brahma, taking all other gods to be just His earthly children resembling You, which He procreated with the Earth's daughters intermittently for the purpose of providing men with earthly leaders, teachers and enliveners from such sons.

   [14] But now this dream takes on an entirely different meaning. You Yourself are the living Zeus, Brahma or Jehovah, carnally among us, teaching us personally Your divine wisdom, probably because your former children on this Earth taught it wrongly, not properly applying same in action.

   [15] Since unquestionably so, I am receiving this most beautiful woman by the hand of my very God, my creator, and therefore do not need to ask whether I shall be happy with her.

   [16] But my desire has now taken on a much different aspect. Most beautiful Lydia, see the Lord. Now it is not up to our mutual desire, but up to the most holy will of this One and only, this Lord of all glory, this God of all gods, out of whom went forth all Heavens, sun, moon and this Earth with us all.

   [17] You, my godly Jesus, in the fullness of truth. If it is agreeable to You that Lydia becomes my wife, then she is my wife. Should it however be displeasing to You in the least, then say so, and my life shall be no more than the active expression of Your will.'

   [18] I said: 'My most noble brother, I have already blessed you, and with that you are fully one body. Remember this however:

   [19] What God has joined, no man should separate, and thus a true marriage remains indissoluble for all eternity. A false worldly bond is no bond before God in any case and therefore can be dissolved like worldly men and all their bonds, which are nothing but plain whoring in advance, through which Satan's children are brought into miserable being. You two therefore are now fully husband and wife, and one flesh before God, Amen.'

   [20] With these My words the two embrace, and greet each other with a kiss. Having raised her from the dead, Jesus conducts Sarah to Borus.

   [GGJ.02_044,01] Coming home from the fishing about an hour past midday, a good lunch yet again awaited us which Borus, who had not come along fishing with us on that account, had prepared; for his biggest joy was to prepare meals for large numbers of people, and he was especially fond of cooking in the open with his cooks of both sexes. For he was like Kisjonah, sufficiently wealthy to feed and sup with the best wine. For he firstly was the son of an immensely wealthy Greek from Athens who also possessed properties in Asia as well as several small islands. Secondly he was the sole heir of such huge and extensive properties, and thirdly he was by far the most skilled physician of the entire Jewish nation, earning large sums of gold and silver especially from the high-standing and rich persons, which he then on the other hand used to give the sick and poor all kinds of free treatment, wherefore he was also hailed as the greatest philanthropist of the land.

   [02] In addition he was single, had neither wife nor children, but it nevertheless gave him great pleasure to arrange marriages between poor young men and young and healthy maidens, give them his blessing and provide them with a sufficient dowry. And so he was also now in his happiest frame of mind because he secretly believed that I would really marry the very beautiful and tender Sarah.

   [03] As we were all sitting at the table, full of good cheer, eating and drinking, he came to Me and secretly asked Me whether something might come of it?

   [04] And I replied: "Dearest friend and brother. I know your very good and noble heart only too well. I am also quite aware that in your soul you are happiest when you have made others happy. You have hardly ever thought of yourself and since you have noticed between me and the loveliest Sarah a truly notable great love and also heard how this morning we were talking about bride and wife, you are secretly of the happy opinion that a union between Me and the loveliest Sarah is close at hand. But I tell you: There you are slightly wrong. For behold, all the women who live, have lived and are still going to live on earth, provided they lead a pure life, are more or less My brides and My wives as well, but such a very close union with Me does not ever prevent them from becoming the wife of a good man. And it is exactly such a relationship that at present exists between Me and the most lovable Sarah. Therefore, she can quite well become your wife and in spirit be now and forever My true wife.

   [05] I am now of the opinion: Since you have helped so many very poor, but upright men to good and loving wives, which the young in their youth burning men regarded as a very great blessing, I will now help you to such a blessing too. Behold, it is this truly heavenly beautiful Sarah who shall become your wife. You stood up for Me after her first raising from the dead when she was again dying, and for you I restored her to life a second time and already then destined her as your proper reward. As she looks now, she will also look in her seventieth year; this child will not age on this earth. Look at the two angels with whom Cyrenius is now talking, whether they are as beautiful as this girl. Tell Me honestly whether you have not several times looked meaningfully at this most lovely Sarah and whether your heart has not felt anything."

   [06] Says Borus somewhat embarrassed: "Lord, to hide that from You would be absolutely impossible. Therefore, I rather say it quite openly: Sarah is the only being on earth whom I would rather possess myself than help someone else to possess. I am already considerably over thirty years and she cannot be more than sixteen, but my heart seems to have hardly reached her beautiful age. If she possibly did become my wife I would love her a thousand times more than my own life."

   [07] Sarah had attentively listened to this conversation, and when I looked at her and asked her how she liked the discussion between Me and the distinguished looking Borus, she looked down, blushing and said after a while: "But You do really notice everything. I have only once fleetingly looked at the dear Borus because he is such a dear and very obliging man."

   [08] Say I, in a more joking tone: "But in your heart you have looked at him already several times if I am not wrong?"

   [09] Says Sarah, hiding her face even more: "But Lord, You are really beginning to get a little bit naughty. Oh, that You have to know everything!"

   [10] Say I: "Sarah, if this happened and he asked you from all his heart for your most beautiful hand, would you refuse it to him?"

   [11] Says Sarah, quite pleasantly perplexed at this question: "If I did not do that, how could I then become Your wife? After all, I can love only You, although I must openly admit to You that I very much respect and like the good Borus, for after You he seems to me to be the best man in all the Jewish land, although he was born a Greek and has only recently become a Jew by his conviction, not by circumcision."

   [12] Say I: "Well, things will work out. Do think it over and look at Lydia over there who is also My wife spiritually, but physically nevertheless the wife of the good Faustus. This does not, however, interfere with our relationship at all, for you still remain My bride, My heavenly wife."

   [13] Says Sarah after a while: "Even if I may agree to marry the good Borus, I do not know what my earthly parents will say. I would have to ask them too. I would like to marry the good Borus because You would like that, but father and mother should really be asked."

   [14] Say I: "Well, look at them, they have already been asked and are in full agreement with Me: but by no means do I urge you. You have your completely free will."

   [15] Says Sarah increasingly embarrassed: "Lord, - yes, I do know, - but - well, I would - rather not."

   [16] Say I: "What is it that you do not want?"

   [17] Says Sarah: "Ah, ah, You do embarrass me very much. Oh, if I only had not looked at the so very dear Borus."

   [18] Ask I: "But you have not told Me yet what it actually is that you do not want. Do now be brave, dearest Sarah, and tell me what you do not really want."

   [19] Says Sarah: "But Lord, how can you ask? You know anyway what I do not want. Let me guess and by a slight nod I shall reveal what it is that I do not want."

   [20] Say I: "Well, since it is your wish I will let you guess what I think that you do not want. And now listen: you no doubt do not want the good Borus to suffer from grief if you refused him your beautiful hand in marriage?"

   [21] Sarah rises to her feet, taps Me on the shoulder and says, pro forma gently vexed: "The - is that letting a person guess when one immediately comes out with - almost made a slip of the tongue."

   [22] Say I: "Now, out with the truth!"

   [23] Says Sarah: "Well, You already said 'With the truth', but it is also true that this is not 'guessing' if one immediately comes out with the truth."

   [24] Say I: "Now look, I was quite aware that you were more interested in My dearest friend Borus than you wished us to see. But all this is quite in order. The maiden should not reveal until the last moment the special feeling she carries in her heart for a man. Only when the matter is considered in all earnest she should open her heart to the man who wants to make her his wife. Otherwise she entices him before the time, and if possibly obstacles should arise she only saddens his heart and troubles his mind. And all this is then very bad."

   [25] Says Sarah: "But Lord, I did not do all that."

   [26] Say I: "No, My dearest Sarah, that is why I praised you as an example. - Now, however, you can tell the dear Borus gradually how you really feel."

   [27] Says Sarah: "Ah, - I will not tell him yet; it will be time enough when he is my husband."

   [28] Say I: "But if he were already your husband as far as I am concerned, what then?"

   [29] Says Sarah, secretly happily surprised: "Well, what then? - Well, yes,. Then - then - well yes - then - I would have to completely reveal my heart to him."

   [30] Say I to Borus: "Look, how indescribably sweet she is. Take her, love her dearly and tend her like a most tender plant, for I give her to you from the heavens as a well-deserved reward. Go to the parents that they may bless you and then come to Me that I too bless you once more."

   [31] Borus thanks Me, hardly able to speak for joy, and Sarah modestly rises from her seat and says in a happily exited voice: "Lord, only because it is Your will do I do it with pleasure. If You had not willed it, I would have resisted my heart, - but as it is, I thank you for the best man in all the Jewish land."

   [32] After these words they both go to the parents asking them for their blessing, and when that is joyfully given, they immediately return to Me. And I also bless them for a marriage valid for all the heavens, and they both thank Me from their deeply touched hearts.

   [33] Thus here a marriage was quite unexpectedly contracted which could be considered as one of the happiest on earth. Hence it follows that a person never loses what he fully sacrifices to Me, but receives it back full of supreme blessing, and that always at a time when he least expects it. Borus was very much in love with Sarah and would have given all the treasures of the world for her if that had been demanded of him, for her wondrous beauty, particularly after her second raising from the dead, was for Borus something he could not describe, but he nevertheless sacrificed her completely to Me and intended to celebrate My imagined wedding with everything at his disposal. Thus also Sarah had a deep love for Borus, but sacrificed him fully to Me and definitely wanted to belong only to Me. But then the tide suddenly turned and I gave to both what they had given Me with all their heart. Who acts like these two, for him I shall also do what I did for them.

   [34] This as a lesson for everyone who will hear or read it, for in this way one can obtain everything from Me. Whoever sacrifices to Me everything, but nevertheless retains much for himself, will receive back only what he has sacrificed. - And now back to our subject.

Some perfected souls in heaven receive their marriage partners by Jesus

    [SpS.01-100, 05] Now the Lord speaks: Good; I have heard on the basis of your life and see that your love is directed to Me. You, as well as, your brothers have brought Me this great heavenly glory as an offering; I say that, through this sacrifice, you have made yourself worthy of this glorious heaven. The designation by me is for you and your brothers, and thus you can select according to your heart's content. Each of you can take over a splendid palace and take a dutiful wife. As lord of such an estate, you will have no obligation other than to recognize me and love me eternally, as the Lord and Father. And you will be obliged to accept the frequent arrival of poor newcomers, to host them, to clothe them and, through affectionate instructions, bring them closer to me, the Father.

   [06] Do not ask whether I am constantly visible as I am now, or will remain here not visible; whether I am visible or not, I will always be completely present. And, when you see this sun here, realize that your Father lives on it. And this sun, which so gently warms this region and splendidly illuminates all things, never goes down here. And you will never turn the countenance of your love from it.

   [07] Whenever you embrace Me with the highest love for Me at work, I will visibly be with you and with your brothers, immediately as now.

   [08] In your new home in this heaven, you will find a white board. Look at it from time to time based on the activity of your love, and you will see displayed on it My will.

   [09] Love the wife I will give you like yourself. Be one with her such that you represent a complete human being with her, which is tied to perfect heavenly truth and the goodness of love. In this woman you will feel the power of your love for Me, and the woman will sense the power of My wisdom in you. And so you will be like one in My eternal love and wisdom. There will be the highest degree of bliss, when you become completely one in your love for Me.

   [10] You should not be concerned about food or any other need. These things are taken care of by Me for all eternity. It is a kingdom which I have prepared from the beginning for those who love Me; it is the great and sacred legacy for all My children, which I prepared for them on the cross. Take it from Me as the giver of splendour and treasures eternally.

   [11] You shall not age in this kingdom but you should become more blissful- as well as stronger, more youthful and more beautiful. Such is your proper and blessed lot. Therefore go and choose your eternal life partner, so that I can bless you with eternal and infinite bliss.

   [12] See, our Prior almost gets dizzy from this bliss. From shyness, he hardly dares to move his foot toward the heavenly virgins waiting. But the Lord gives the virgins an encouraging hint and they hurry over, each offering a shining palm branch to the one designated for her. With the acceptance of the palm branches, the ordinary clothing of the monks is transformed into heavenly garments, which the Lord blesses. And they all fall onto their faces, praising him for such immeasurable grace.

   Here are references to further marriage contracts:

[BM.01:202, 01] (Bishop Martin) Martin, Borem and Chorel are married
[RB.01:124, 07] (Robert Blum) Robert is married to Helena
[HHG.02:003, 01] (Household of God) Lamech and Ghemela are joined by the Lord
[HHG.02:088, 01] Jorias with Besela, the daughter of Pariholis, married by the Lord
[GGJ.03:066-072] Sexual and marital order of life
[SpS.2:079-081] The Sixth Commandment
[GGJ.08:041] Polygamy

In order to facilitate an entry into the wealth of the new Revelation by Jesus to the prophet Jacob Lorber, I briefly describe here a selected number of topics, provided with text excerpts.
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  6. The art of staying healthy with age
  7. Improving the human brain
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Finding the right marriage partner, talk of Lord on sexuality.

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