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About life after Death and in the Beyond. Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

About life after Death and in the Beyond

   Sooner or later we all have to die, that is our bodies have to die. In fact dying is necessary to come home from where we came before we rebelled with Lucifer against God.

   So our bodies disintegrate with our brains until nothing remains. Those who negate God say that with the death of the body everything is finished, while the believers hope to resurrect on "judgment day".

   But there are big doubts about what judgment day is and what resurrects and lives on in the beyond. The New Revelation of Jesus Christ finally tells us precisely that there is an immediate continuation of the life of our soul and its indwelling spirit. The resurrection of the flesh (and not of the dead!) means the gradual transfiguration and transformation of our shed body into an energetic garment of our soul. First of all Jesus teaches us that there is no general judgment day but a specific one for every human being, the day of our death.

   All important questions concerning eternal life in the beyond are treated in all clarity in the following works: The two volumes "Spiritual Sun" which gives us an extended view of the spiritual world, the two volumes "From Hell to Heaven" cover the experiences in the beyond of the revolutionary Robert Blum and many of his friends and comrades. Robert Blum was fraction leader and speaker of the left in the first German parliament in St. Paul Church, Frankfurt/Main in 1848. "Bishop Martin" describes the stony way of this bishop to bliss. And in "Beyond the Threshold" we meet ten people on their deathbed and the immediately subsequent days.

   As everybody on earth experiences an "oldest day", his last day, the day of his death, everyone experiences - whether his days were good or evil - a youngest day (Judgment day) in the beyond as well. So when the soul of a human being leaves the body it finds itself immediately in the beyond. Most of the time the soul (he/she) will be welcomed by late family members, who will lead it on the way to bliss - if it agrees to be led - because every soul has its full freedom of action, whether with or without a physical body. Nobody forces anything on it or pushes it into heaven. The fact of individual freedom also answers the question of reincarnation on earth. Should the soul in the beyond have the earnest wish to live a life on earth again, it may. However, this wish is very, very rare and is not a rule at all. The reason is that the soul feels such a great freedom in the beyond that it does not want to be locked into a body. Imagine having to live in a diving suit all of your life and being able to finally get rid of it.

   There was a good reason Jesus told us in the New Testament to become perfect. What we can achieve in this life with the grace of Jesus in a short time can only be achieved with much difficulty and over a very, very long time in the beyond. And there are targets which can not be achieved.

   Let's look at some quotes from the New Revelation.

How difficult it is for souls who went astray to repent in the beyond

    [GGJ.10_113,01] And look, the soul of this man, whom I have shown you, became more sober, more patient, more humble, and more pure because of the suffering and pain that he caused to himself by living his life that is contrary to the order. And he became stronger to work on his inner life and examined himself more seriously and deeper. Also the souls in the big world of the beyond are in time purified by all kinds of sufferings, experiences and also pain that they only caused to themselves. Purified because they begin to feel a real aversion to their wrong way of acting, and abhor them more and more deeply in themselves. So they completely change their love, their will, and with that also their thinking and striving. They turn into themselves as into their true spirit of life, and in this manner they gradually pass over, as if step by step, to a clearer and happier existence.

[2] However, in the big world of the beyond it is more difficult and more troublesome than in this world, and with a lot of souls who sank too deep in their life against My order, the time needed before they will find in themselves the way to My eternal and unchanging order will be unimaginably long.

    [3] On this Earth, every person stands on firm ground, and he has a great number of good and bad ways before him and all kinds of advisors, leaders and teachers around him. With only a little examination he can easily choose for all that is good. So he also can change his love and his will, and in this way he can - acting according to My order that becomes more and more clear to him - become more and more perfected. But in the other life, the soul of a person has only himself and is the creator of his own world, just like in a dream.

   [4] So in such world there can also be no other way than the one which a soul, out of its love, will and fantasy, has made for itself.

   [5] If its love and will are, according to My order, good and just - even if it is only for the greater part - such a soul will soon, after a few bitter experiences that it probably made on some way that is contrary to My order, of course sooner or later choose to follow the correct way. Then it will observe it, and so will pass over from its existence of fantasy and dream into a true and real existence, where, in the increasing bright light, everything will become more and more understandable to it - things that before could never come into its mind.

    [6] And such soul, which already became purer because it improved its life, will then of course make quick and easy progress. But on the other hand, a soul who lives in a world of dreams and evil fantasies - which originated from its own love and its own will, both contrary to the order, and where often hardly half way within the order exists or can exist - will have much difficulty on its way, a way which is hardly noticeably and which passes only half within the order. After a long time it will have trouble to choose an orderly way and that leads to the true light of life, and to raise itself entirely within My order on that way on which it still will have to fight against many obstacles.

    [7] Then how will a soul fare in the beyond who has not even half or a quarter of a way within My order, and who will thus also not be able to find one? Look, this is already the actual Hell.

   [8] Such soul will pass on all his numberless evil ways of his dark world of dreams and fantasies and will even want to exalt himself to rule over Me.

   [9] But since he not only will accomplish nothing by that, but will only lose more and more, he also becomes more and more angry, furious, and in an ever greater rage, more revengeful, and by that also more and more dark and powerless.

   [10] Now just imagine the countless, disorderly and most evil ways in the foolish fantasy world of such a soul. When will it have experienced all of them until it comes to a point where it will realize a little that all its attempts, strivings and efforts are useless and foolish, and awaken a certain desire and activity in it to henceforth rather obey instead of wanting to rule over everything itself?

The Appearance of a spirit

    [GGJ.10_173,01] The supreme city judge said: "Then let me see and speak to my father who died already 12 years ago and whom I greatly mourned because he was a very dear and righteous father to me."

   [2] I said to the supreme city judge: "It will happen according to your wish." [3] And look, at that same moment, the father of the supreme city judge stood in the guestroom, visible for all those who were present.

   [4] His son recognized him immediately and said to him: "So you really continue to live after the death of your body?"

   [5] The father said: "Now you believe it because I was forced to appear to you in this way by the power of Him who is with you, and you can see me now because He opened your inner sight. Why did you not believe your mother who is still living, and your 3 sisters who saw me and spoke to me shortly after my departure? At that occasion I revealed to them briefly that the life of the soul after the death of the body is quite different no matter what people think in this short earthly life.

   [6] The worst in this short time of life is for those who do not believe at all that the soul survives after the falling away of the body, because in the beyond, for a very long time, they still keep the belief which they took along from here and they still expect the eternal extinction which however will and can never come.

   [7] The result of their misbelief is also that they are lazy and slow to undertake something for their progress in the beyond. And so they live in the beyond - as I have heard - often a couple of thousand years, and they do not let themselves be dissuaded from their senseless belief by even the lightest spirits. So beware my son that you will not separate from the world with such misbelief."

    [8] Then the supreme city judge said: "Truly, father, it is you. For you spoke the same words to me as to mother and my sisters. I wrote them down and I am still keeping them as something holy, although I did not really believe in them up till now. I also wanted to see and speak to you myself, but I was not that lucky."

   [9] On this, the father said to him: "How would this have been possible? Because no matter how often I came to you, you were never at home and you were always busy in the outer world and its light, and there it is impossible for us to appear to someone and teach him. Now in our being we are not anymore the appearance accomplished by another power. We are the power itself which acts in all elements. Sensorial man can see it, but the active power, which is the actual true being in himself, can as little be seen by an outer person like you as no matter what other power that is active in the material world unless he would return into himself in his true being and would by that open up his inner sight. And then he will also perceive the true being of the active powers, see them in their true being and also be able to contact them."

Experiences in the beyond

    [GGJ.10_174,01] On this, the supreme city judge asked his father: "Then where is the place you are staying and what does it look like?"

   [2] The father said: "In our realm there is certainly no place of which one could say: 'Look it is here, or there, and this is what it looks like, and this is the way it is arranged', for with us everyone has his unique place where he lives, and the scene and characteristics of that place correspond in every respect to the inner characteristics of the person.

   [3] According to an earthly calculation I am already quite some time on the other side and should have seen and experienced something special, but until now I did not see anything that would somehow correspond with what one did believe, think or invent about the world of the beyond. I searched for the river Styx and Charon the skipper, and found neither of them. For some time I also had a fear of Tartarus of a fury and of the three relentless judges Minos, Aeacus and Rhadamanthus, but I saw nothing of all that. I searched for the Elysium, travelled around far and wide as if through a big sandy plain, and look, no Elysium could be found. In short, I did not see or find anything nor anyone except myself and the very loose ground on which I stood.

    [4] After searching for - according to an earthly calculation - about 2 years, during which I searched in all directions through that endless sandy plain, I finally saw someone at a great distance who seemed to be in exactly the same condition as I was. I quickly walked to that person and was soon close to Him.

   [5] When I came to Him, I immediately asked Him: 'You seem to be in the same condition as I am. Nothing but a sandy plain under our feet, and it seems that there is no end to it. A haze above our heads which is more dark than light gray, and besides that, we only can see ourselves and our footsteps in the sand. Also, there is no wind, and certainly no water or another object. According to an earthly calculation I am wandering around for about 2 years in this sandy desert and cannot find anything with which to satiate myself or to quench a possible thirst. I know that I left what was temporal and wander around as a real poor soul in this desert, which is truly very unpleasant to me. I really tried in this apparently spirit or soul world to seek and discover everything in which I partly believed in the world, but nothing of all that.

   [6] After 2 years You are now the first appearance who are like me. Maybe You can tell me what can be done here and what can be undertaken to finally find a place that is more or less bearable, for I am tired of searching in this vast sandy plain and I do not like to make any more step forward or backward?'

   [7] Then the person, who seemed to be like me and in the same condition as I was, said: 'Yes, my fiend, there are countless people like you in this realm who searched for many centuries for what you are searching. If you want to find something here, you should not do it in the same way as in the material world where one searches everything only outside. The one who will do that here will forever not find anything, for there is no other place or region here except himself, even if he would search it in all places of endless space.

    [8] So you should return into yourself with your thoughts, with your striving and willing and begin to search, to think and to form yourself. Only then will you find a place that corresponds to your thinking, forming, willing and your love. So behave as if you do not see this sandy plain and this gray haze above you, but go into the fantasy of your inner mind, then soon everything will come into another form for you. I let myself be found by you to tell you this.'

   [9] After these words, that person suddenly left me again and left me on my sandy plain. I took his words to heart and went into myself and began to think very lively, and as well as I could I drew in my fantasy a region and a place, and see, it did not take long to see my fantasy actually stretched out before me.

    [10] It was a valley through which a brook was flowing. Left and right were pastures and also trees and bushes, and at a certain distance I also discovered a village made from simple huts of farmers, and I had the feeling that I should go to that village.

   [11] But I thought by myself: 'If I will walk again, I finally will lose everything again that I created for myself with difficulty. Instead of that, I just will try to form such hut near this place. Then I very gladly will forever live in it and keep it.

   [12] I imagined something like that, and soon there was the hut, surrounded by a garden full of fruit trees with which I was completely satisfied.

   [13] I entered the hut to see in a certain way into myself what else there would be. Coming into the hut I saw that it was completely empty, and went even deeper into myself and thought about things upon which soon all kinds of objects appeared into that hut: chairs, benches, tables and also a resting bed, completely as I had thought.

   [14] And I further thought: 'The table is there now but there is no bread, wine or other food on it.'

   [15] While I was intensively thinking about it, there was already the bread and the wine on the table in sufficient quantity. When I looked at it I did not hesitate very long, grabbed quickly the bread and also the wine, for I was already very hungry and thirsty. And look, soon after that, I felt greatly strengthened, and my thinking and fantasy was much more lively and stronger.

Guidance in the beyond

   [GGJ.10_175,01] Then I walked out of my hut and saw that everything was like before. Then I thought by myself: 'All this is very good but I nevertheless am and stay alone. If I only could wish that former friend to come to me to express my thanks to Him for the good advice he gave me', and at that wish I looked into the direction of that faraway village that I mentioned before and saw that soon several men from that village came into my direction.

   [2] They soon were close by, and among them I at once recognized also that friend who had given me that good advice in the sandy desert before, and He said to me: 'Awaken now in you a sincere feeling of love, compassion, mercy and charity. Then soon several men will come to you who are in the same condition as you were before. Then share your bread of life and your wine of life with them, and they soon will become happier and will be your neighbours. But the one, who does not want to accept anything from you, let him go his way to find a place and housing according to his wish. Then will happen to him as happened to you when you were searching. But you, continue to grow in love, mercy and in the living desire to do good to the poor blind ones as you are able. By that, you yourself will become richer and by that also happier.'

    [3] Then those who visited me in my loneliness returned, and again I followed the further advice of my still unknown friend. And look, soon a big group of poor souls came to me, and I asked them if they saw or noticed anything.

   [4] They answered: 'Up till now only an endless sandy plain under our feet and a gray haze above us.'

   [5] I went into my hut and brought them bread and wine.

   [6] A few of them saw the bread and the wine immediately when I said to them: 'Here you have bread and wine. Strengthen yourselves.'

   [7] But many others did not see it, because they thought that I intentionally wanted to play a joke on them, and they continued their way.

   [8] However, those who took the bread and the wine saw also immediately my hut and the very beautiful landscape, and they stayed with me. I taught them in the manner as I had been taught myself, and soon my former lonely hut was surrounded by a big number of other huts that were well arranged. And so I found and acquired my first village and my first company, and I stayed there till I extended my inner being more and more by the love for my neighbour.

   [9] Soon after this extension, also the environment extended itself, became more lively and more beautiful, and I became happier and more enlightened in it, and the more the inner light in me extended itself and imagined something, it was also right there.

   [10] In that condition I also began to think about my relatives whom I left behind in the world to tell them about my ideas, especially that an indestructible life of the soul exists after the falling away of the body.

   [11] And look, soon after that, your mother and a few sisters came to me, and I could talk to them, just like to you now. They believed my words and they also told you, but there was no belief in you until now because you went too much into the hard and dead outer world with your whole thinking, loving and willing.

   [12] I finally want to make the remark that this good friend, who was the first in the desert to give me that good advice, looks, for what His facial features are concerned, very much like this Lord next to whom you are sitting, and at His first glance I felt within myself the light idea that He is Lord of this and also of our world. As I am speaking to you now, it is not as if I am speaking from another place, but only from the place where I live. From this you can conclude that it is not necessary for me to leave the place where I am living in order to associate with someone in this world, but where I am and speak, the place is also with me.

   [13] Apart from that, I also want to draw your attention that you, for what your soul is concerned, are now also travelling around in the outer world on merely sand. And above you, that means in your mind, you have nothing else but a dark gray haze.

   [14] But this Earth, and what you see on it and above it, is only a place that is created by the highest Spirit, just as my village was created out of me on a small scale.

   [15] The love of the great Spirit, His extremely clear thoughts of light, His almighty will and His great mercy are the initial elements from which He forms and also maintains such wonderful places as long as He wants. So in this world you can see nothing else except that kind of place that came in a certain order into existence from the great Spirit. But it only remains visible to your soul as something that exists as long as your soul is covered with matter.

   [16] When that covering will be taken away from you, you will be without a place, without any solid ground and without a certain light above you, except if you found the way to your inner being already in this world. Then of course it will be different in the beyond, because then everything, the place and what you need, will go with you to the beyond and you will not have to be informed by a friend as to how to obtain a habitation and company here with us. Remember that, my son."

   [17] Now the son still wanted to talk further with his father.

   [18] However, he said before leaving (the father): "For all the other things that you still want to know you should turn into your heart to the One who sits next to you, for He knows all things, in this world and in ours."

   [19] After these words, the spirit disappeared.

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  16. About life after Death and in the Beyond
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About life after Death and in the Beyond. Jakob Lorber.

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