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Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war. Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war

    There is no lack of sad and dire incidents in our day and the media are reporting the full measure. Many are asking where is God - if there is one - and why does He tolerate all this? Often the quick answer is, well there is no God or else He is not a good but a sadistic being, or He does not care about us humans or He is powerless. Therefore it is most important to learn firsthand why God tolerates all this horrible injustice on earth even if it is caused by us humans and not by God himself.

    Puppets on a string are cute and do everything their play masters want them to do. The question has to be asked: Do we humans want to be puppets on God's string? I doubt it. For heaven's sake, we want to decide for ourselves, we want freedom in action and thought. Yes, we know God is almighty and good. He loves us immensely and wants love in return. This is why He does not want to touch our complete freedom of will and thought in the least and is holding back His infinite power. He wants to be loved by humans out of free choice not through coercion. He would not have puppets on a string, or robots. His will is free and He insists the Children of His heart should enjoy the same.

   However, in order for us to know the short path to perfection He gave us His 12 rules of life (the 10 commandments and the 2 commandments of the love for God and the fellow man). If we observe these we walk on the difficult, but right route directly towards perfection and arrive matured in life beyond eternally and in bliss. But Jesus insists: "Only those who can keep My commandments love Me. But he who loves Me has no other commandment than to love Me and My living Word which is the true eternal life." This totally free love and humility of our heart is the only thing which we can give Jesus! That's our true freedom and that is why we are not puppets or robots.

   Jesus says (in the New Revelation) if nations generally would live just 50 years following God's commandments, the world would become a paradise and there would be no more injustice and catastrophes! If we do not follow this advice and act egoistically, arrogantly and without pity, we will create hard times not only here on earth, but surely even more so in the afterlife.

   Our chaotic, unjust world shows that we generally do not live according to God's laws but according to our own desires. Love of the fellow man is replaced by egotism and haughtiness. Yes, God is all mighty and could make men good in an instance. But that would turn us into robots.

   God's method of education leaves us a free choice, tolerates our faults and errors and lets us learn from our mistakes. That leads us to become better and wiser over time, even if this is often the hard way. God looks with sadness on our man-made misfortunes that cause us to drift away from His love. In order to prevent us from becoming robots He insists on our free will even if this entails injustice and temporary misery.

   Let's look at some excerpts pertaining to this subject.

Man's independence and freedom of will

    [Great Gospel of John GGJ.06_225,06] (The Lord): "If I with My almightiness wanted it to be, that no person ever commits any sin, no person would ever sin again; for he would not be able to dare transgress one hairbreadth beyond My will, just as nobody can shape his body differently, as he is created by the will of God, and can also not extend his bodily life at his own discretion, since all this depends on the almighty will of God. If God would allow it that no person would ever commit a sin, who would have the gain completely for himself regarding the totally sin-free life of a person, who was guided by the almightiness of God, just as it guides the growth of the trees and all other fruit and guides the worlds through endless space? Surely nobody but God Himself, since man would be nothing else than a play-doll in the hands of God! It also would be a lot more comfortable for God, as it is also more comfortable for Him to create the different animals with their diverse and most unusual properties and then to guide them and let each in its own way become active.

   [07] However, the people of this earth are destined to become free and totally independent children of God, and as such they must be guided in such a way that their necessary most free will does not experience the slightest coercion from any more powerful side of a spirit, but be guided only through revelations and teachings and by external laws, to seize with their free will the truth and good which they have been taught, and become active accordingly out of their own self-determination.

   [08] See, the deference of the free will of the people of this earth goes by God even so far that He not even considers what one or also several people think, want and do. Only if deviated too far from God, only then does God look at them and awakens seers, teachers and prophets, who can announce to the people anew the will of God and His intentions. If the people take note of it, things will improve again; however if they do not take note of it, and mock and pursue the awakened seers, teachers and prophets of God, then God must allow a necessary external punishment to come over the people and often over a whole nation. But even such a judgment is never directly activated by the almighty will of God, but such a judgment comes always from blind and wilful wrongdoings of the people.

   [09] The mighty Hanochites have been warned for more than a hundred years, that they should not for the sake of gold and precious stones destroy whole mountain ranges and should also not level them to the base to more easily conduct their wars, because thereby they would open up large underground water sluices and drown everybody. But all this was to no avail; they did what they wanted, dug even deeper into the mountains and opened up the water sluices. See, this was not carried out by the almightiness of God directly, but took place only through His admission, which was the necessary result of people who would not listen to His timely admonitions!

   [10] Through His almightiness God could have captivated the people, so that they would not continue to destroy the mountains any further! Yes, this would be very easy for God to do; but the people would then have ceased to be people, and it would also afterwards in the kingdom of the spirits not be possible to put them back on free human feet. God rather allowed it to happen that whole mankind through its wilful actions perished according to the flesh, than allowing their souls to be harmed only in the slightest manner with regard to their free will and fullest independence.

   [11] Equally so has a tribe been warned several times by the king of Salem, not to live near the vicinity of Sodom and Gomorrah, because there were many underground sulphur deposits and partly contained bitumen. It was also clearly and comprehensively indicated to the people how continuously impure nature- spirits wrench themselves from such deposits and provoke flesh-people to commit sodomy; since just as there are spirits of bawdiness in the wine and provoke the flesh to it if enjoyed excessively, equally so they are also at home in sulphur and bitumen. The people were also told that in such areas quite often earthquakes, mountain fires and many evil storms occur and quite often cause great destruction, whereupon easily famine and pestilence originate; however all such good advice out of the mouth of Jehovah was to no avail. Because the country was otherwise quite lush and fertile, the people nevertheless settled there, and before two-hundred years passed, next to Sodom and Gomorrah ten other cities were built. The people became completely sensuous and committed all kinds of indescribable acts of sodomy and the most hideous fornication even with animals.

   [12] They again were warned during the times of Nabors and Thrash and they were advised to leave the evil country; however nobody took any note of it. The sons of Thrash were Abraham, Anchor - who had the same name of his grandfather - and Haran, who fathered Lot. Haran himself went there and preached on instructions of God but did not achieve anything. Lot, his son, did the same for several years and alternately stayed in the various cities and nearly became himself a victim of the spirit of sodomy.

   [13] Then came visible angels who first visited Abraham, and Jehovah was among them and loyally informed Abraham what would happen to Sodom and the other cities. And the two angels were sent in the form of two strong youth to the city to still save Lot. The people did not at all listen to the youth but wanted to commit the most unnatural sodomy with them. Then Lot got away upon the warning of the two youth. Only his wife became a victim of her tardy curiosity; she turned into a salt column according to her body as predicted by the two youth. Since they said: 'We must flee quickly and not even take the time to look back; for the underground fires spread very quickly and its everywhere erupting vapours quickly suffocate all physical life and turn everything very quickly into stony salt!' Lot's wife nevertheless stood still for a few moments and was caught by the vapours and became a victim.

   [14] See, again the almighty will of God did not directly cause the full destruction of the evil countryside; because this would happen to this unripe place anyway, which in fact took place later under Abraham. But that at the same time so many people perished, nobody else carries the guilt than the disobedience of their free will.

   [15] God could have of course pulled the people out of there with His almighty will and placed them in another, healthy country; but this would be obviously against their will. Since this is considered the highest priority by God and must be considered, and He rather let it happen that all these people perished bodily, than let it happen that only one atom of the freedom of the will of their souls is damaged. Since even for God it is the greatest masterpiece of His love, wisdom and power, to create people who can fully resemble Him in everything.

   [16] In order to effectuate this, man must be born into this world nearly without power and in greatest desolation and obtains his lessons in time from the outer world. If he in such a way has gathered a little knowledge and abilities, only then does the surrounding good and also bad spirits influence him unnoticed, - the good his soul and the bad his physical nature, so that the soul always remains in the most perfect free floating state.

   [17] If man voluntarily adheres to the good outer teachings and admonitions against some challenges of his senses and has adapted his life accordingly, the quiet influence of the good spirits become continuously stronger, which however no person can and also must feel differently, other than as if it is his own free work. Once the influence of the good from heaven through man's own will is strengthened to such an extent, that the soul has completely submitted to it, the true, divine spirit of love will awaken in her, penetrates the whole soul and only then has the soul stepped on to the first level of her completion, is then already indestructibly free and can, even in the flesh, receive visions and revelations from spirits and even from the highest angels.

The value of the free will of man

    [GEJ.07_062,04] Believe Me: If I wanted to convert you people to machines, it would only take a thought of Mine enforced by My will and the whole temple and the whole large country wherein the Jewish people live, would impossibly recognize Me as anything else than the Messiah - Jehovah Zebaoth! But would it help all Jews and all gentiles? I say to you: Truly, no more than this wooden food bowl, which - as you will see in a moment - will start to move in all directions according to My will!

   [05] See, the bowl already lives and floats in the air like a bird! Would you like to exchange your being with it? See, it is very much alive and can move in all directions; but it does not have a self-awareness, but My very own consciousness penetrates it and makes it alive. You can even ask the bowl questions, and it will without mouth and tongue answer you. But will you ever believe that the bowl on its own lives thinks wisely and can speak without mouth and tongue?!

   [06] But I tell you even more: With My omnipotence I can maintain this apparent life of the bowl forever. But will it therefore have an own, independent and free life as I do? Forever not; since as long as I keep it alive with My pure might, it is on its own as good as completely dead. Since its apparent life is only My willpower in it and therefore My very own life. If I withdraw this, the old death and the old, necessary judgment of all matter is there, and you will see no life in it, - no matter how gaily it now moves in all directions back and forth.

   [07] And see, man would have a similar life, if I were to force him with My omnipotence or with such signs, which leaves man no room for free thought. And thus a free unbelief is for man endless times better than a forced belief; because the fullest and most independent freedom of will in man is the great plan of God with man. Man can be taught completely harmlessly by God what he has to do to attain the completion of life in him; but he may never ever be forced with God's or by another spirit's might. If this occurs, man is judged, thus completely dead in himself and does not exist as a free and independent being anymore.

An example how God respects man's freedom

    (Lamech, grand-grand-grandson of Cain, had his two brothers Johred and Hail assassinated in order to become king of Hanoch.)

   [Household of God HHG.01.029.18] The Lord: "And behold, this happened to the two because they had become proud of their wisdom and as princes had forgotten that true wisdom consists only in the greatest humility and that once this is neglected, also wisdom can debase. Since this was the case with them, they could not be advised or helped without interfering with their freedom. This I cannot do in the least, for the least part of freedom is worth endlessly more than the natural life of all living beings on earth. This explains the might allowed in wars, be it even for the sake of only one man's freedom of will and action.

   [Great Gospel of John GGJ.07.052.01] The Lord: "However, do not think that this is something which certain wise of the world call 'destiny', as if God had decided for every person what should happen in his shorter or longer lifespan! To think and believe this, can bring death to a soul, because this is a teaching, which is a secret product of hell, since it represents the direct opposite to the true principles of life out of God for men. People determine their own destiny by improper use of their free will and by the fact that they do not want to awaken the seven spirits in themselves, which is why they do not reach the contemplation of their inner, true and imperishable treasure of life. Thereby they go astray, wanting to seek for the true inner light of life in the light of the world and with joyous courage walk and act along that road.

   [02] Once, however, a human soul has properly established itself in the darkest night of its created worldly arrogance, by allowing it to keep its inner freedom of will, no angel of heaven will be capable to give it another direction, and nobody can say: 'See, this was the destiny for this person!' Yes, it was very much a destiny, but not originating from God, but from the person itself.

   [03] God only allowed it according to the perfectly free will of man. And what I say now about a single person, is also applicable to a whole nation. It is and stays the creator of its own temporal and eternal destiny.

   [04] And thus it would be very wrong to assume that God has from eternity determined that all this which I have shown to you by the phenomenon and predicted with the words out of My mouth, must take place. O no, absolutely not! Nevertheless everything will happen as shown, because the people want it like that, since by far the greatest and most powerful part of them live comfortably and most stubbornly willingly in the very night of hell, and even now upon My mighty call, do not want to leave this night of death.

   [05] Because I can do no more than what I have done now, have done in the past and still will do, if they are to keep their complete freedom of will, and he does not comprehend it, and who does not take note of it, his blindness and the great stubbornness of his heart cannot be healed by any means that one could say is true, good and gentle. As a last effective measure, a judgment must come. But for the judgment to break loose, the cup must be full, which will, as I have said, soon be the case with this nation. And as such do not think about it too much in fear; because not I, but the people who do refuse to change want it like this!"

   [06] Said Nicodemus: "But Lord and Master, then it looks extremely bad for mankind! If even God cannot help such people against their own stupid will and stubbornness, then who else could help them?"

   [07] Said I: "Yes, friend, there are many earthly things which you can see and touch but do not understand, so how do you want to understand and comprehend purely spiritual things which you do not see and in anyway sense?! I have explained that God, because of His eternal order, may not influence man in his inner spiritual development by guiding and directing him with His omnipotence. Since, if God would do this, man in himself would become a dead machine and could never reach the freest independence of life.

   [08] Bring Me the worst cut-throat, and I will instantly change him into an angel of light; but at the same time his individuality would be as good as dead! But as I withdraw the spirit of My omnipotent will, his individuality becomes active again, and the old cut-throat will stand before you. His love is to rob and to murder and it is therefore his life; if you take this away from him, he is completely dead and has totally ceased to exist.

   [09] But such a man can still be bettered, and this through the extremely bad state into which he has placed himself through his evil love. Because the soul of a person only then starts to think about the reason of its evil and miserable state, if it finds itself in hard, self-inflicted judgment; and once the soul has started to recognize the reason, then it will soon perceive the inner desire to rid itself from its miserable state, and will start to think about the ways and means of how it can free itself from the hard judgment.

   [10] And once the soul has such a wish and will, then it is also able to absorb a light which was given it from above by any suitable means.

   [11] If the soul seizes the means offered, its previously evil love starts to change into a good and better love within and out of itself. It will become increasingly lighter in it, and it will step by step go to a higher perfection of life, and this is only possible by allowing the severest judgment. And therefore, a most severe judgment will be permitted to come also over the Jews, when their cup of atrocities is full, and this here and in the beyond, and this will humiliate them for all times of times, since they will never gain domination over a people."

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  8. Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war?
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Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war. Jakob Lorber.

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