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Improving the human brain. Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Improving the human brain

    In the framework of the New Revelation Jesus tells us how parents can contribute to the development of a healthy brain in an embryo and a child. This of course applies for adults as well.

    During its lifetime on earth the human brain is of capital importance for the soul within. The soul has no direct view of the outer world but "sees" only indirectly through the body's brain. It observes what the brain records via the eyes and the ears.

    In case of an accident damaging the brain or through a problem before birth a fully functioning soul is not in the position to manage and control the body correctly as the signals from the eyes and ears arrive in the brain damaged or distorted. Thus people with a brain impairment (damage) cannot be made fully responsible for their actions. Needless to say that for the actions and behaviour of a person the quality of the brain is of enormous importance.

    In His teaching about the brain which can be found in volume 4, chapters 227-229 of the 'Great Gospel of John', Jesus explains the causes for a strong or weak brain. We learn that it is up to the parents before conception, during pregnancy and also during the upbringing of the child whether the brain will be formed in a positive or negative way.

    These chapters are presented below (GGJ.04,227- 229).

The brain and the soul

    [GGJ.04_227,01] (= Great Gospel of John) I say: "I have already shown you how a soul and finally the whole human being, if wrongly brought up, loses all its wonderful human capabilities which are similar to My own! If you begin by firstly educating a child's mind while its brain is still less than two-thirds mature and is nevertheless obliged to absorb an immense number of words, images, and figures too quickly on the little receptors in its brain which are still very soft and fluid and are still concerned to achieve their own best development, these little receptors become hardened on the one hand and conversely they are chaotically confused by exhaustive memory exercises. As a result these little children in their later youth and even as adults are plagued by constant headaches from which their minds will never be completely freed for the rest of their lives.

    [02] The whole brain will have long ago already have been cluttered with all kinds of symbolism and has been made totally unreceptive to the very subtle signals, which are first created in the heart and should be imprinted on the very sensitive receptors in the brain. Even if the soul later receives some higher spiritual truth form the heart, it has no hold on it, the soul can not grasp it as this truth is not visible to the soul for longer than a moment.

    [03] In addition the soul always has many physical, roughly formed worldly images which appear to it like a dense forest and in which it can not possibly pick out the small, quite tender, very faintly imprinted pointers of which there are a large number. If the soul catches a glimpse of these very faint and misty images, which have been generated by the heart, they are presented as a blurred picture which the soul can not possibly retain or see sufficiently clearly as the rough physical images stand in front of the spiritual images in such a way that they partly conceal them and even partly destroy them.

    [04] Now your opinion would be and say: 'Yes, why should the soul specifically look at the receptors in the brain? The soul should directly deal with the heart and be surrounded by its spiritual light!' That would be fine if it were possible to transform the established order of life completely without harming life itself!

    [05] Would it not also be appropriate to give someone, who, for whatever reason was born blind or lost his sight later in life, a new pair of eyes on the chin, on the forehead or on the nose? - That would be quite good if the new eyes in a different place did not also require a completely different physical organism!

    [06] For the mechanism that is the human body is governed by such a strict set of mathematical rules, which prevent anything from being moved and relocated by even a hair's breadth, without a complete transformation of the whole organism of the body. It is therefore completely impossible to relocate the tools which are the senses somewhere else in the body by giving it another form and a complete different internal design - without a complete re-appraisal of the whole body.

    [07] Just as you can not give the body senses which are relocated to substitute those which are already there in the right place, for the reasons I have given, the same limitation applies to an even greater extent to the soul which is an even more sensitive, spiritual organism! That soul can only see and hear using the brain within the body; other impressions, which are however dull and indistinct, can also be perceived with the other nerves which must nevertheless be constantly connected to the brain cells, otherwise the palate has no sense of taste and the nose has no sense of smell."

The correct development of the brain

    [GGJ.04_228,01] (The Lord:) "As long as the soul dwells within the body, the brain remains the soul's main source of visual images. If the brain is correctly developed, the soul will clearly and accurately view the living images coming from the mind and impressed on the brain and will also think, reach decisions and act accordingly. Even if the soul in certain ecstatic moments is able to have its own visions during the laying-on of hands on the pit of the stomach by a person with a strong faith and will-power - as Zorel was an example for you - that is of little or no value to the soul in real life, because in the dark domain of the flesh it can not retain even the slightest memory of these visions.

    [02] If the brain in the head (the physical head) is not actively involved when the soul is having visions or insights, the soul will have no subsequent recollection of it or perhaps only a vague notion. This is because the images that the soul absorbs into its brain (the soul's material brain) remain invisible just as the body does have the necessary insight to view all the images imprinted on the many little receptors in the brain which originate from the eyes and the ears. These can only be seen by the soul, which is within everything that is of the flesh.

    [03] Correspondingly whatever remains in the brain within the soul can not be seen with its eyes nor heard by its ears since these eyes and ears only look outwards like those of the body. These images from the brain within the soul can only be viewed by the spirit within the soul and this is also the reason why a man can only recognize something purely spiritual, if his spirit is fully aroused within his soul and has made the transition to it.

    [04] However, whatever there is inside the spirit is recognized by Me just as the spirit of a man who is at one with My spirit, has complete knowledge of Me. For he is the reflection of My image in the soul just as the sun's image is fully reflected in a mirror.

    [05] As long a soul dwells within a body, a well developed brain is essential to ensure truthful, clear vision but an imperfect brain is of no value for spiritual visions just as visions from the pit of the stomach are of no value to the soul because it has no remembrance of them as has been shown earlier. Even if it remains embedded in its spiritual brain for ever, the soul still has no eye and no ear for it - as only the awakened spirit within has.

    [06] If therefore the brain is properly developed from the heart in accordance with My ordinances and the spiritual images of life, which are a light to retain in the small brain receptors rather than the materiality images, subsequent images of the outside world are bathed in light, become easily understandable in detail and are judged wisely. This penetrating light not only fills the entire human organism, but its bright spiritual radiation goes far further to form the sphere of influence which, after it has in time developed intensity and strength, a man can employ in the world at large to perform miracles even without his spirit being reborn, as you have seen with our friends, the Moors.

    [07] If, however, a person's brain has received a poor upbringing and the little receptors in his brain only retain dull silhouettes and his soul must concentrate all the light in his life on them to be able to see them and only recognizes them very superficially by their outlines, the soul itself can never be bathed in light and can therefore never aspire to form an external sphere of influence in life, using its abundant surplus of light.

    [08] It is only by the practice of true humility and through the most powerful love of God and one's neighbour, as well as by a valiant effort to acquire spiritual qualities, that the light penetrates to the images of materiality in the brain for them to become enlightened. They are transformed into spiritual objects and the brain is thus brought into line. However, they will never in the flesh reach the heights that you have observed with these Moors.

    [09] No matter! One of you reborn is for Me more pleasing than 99 of these naturally perfect souls who need no penance. My true children must grow strong from their weaknesses!

    [10] My Cyrenius, have you grasped all this sufficiently? Are your questions answered?"

Cyrenius requests clarification of the Lord's lesson regarding the brain

    [GGJ.04_229,01] Says Cyrenius: "Lord, in all sincerity, to grasp Your explanation completely, we have to have more knowledge of the human brain as it is otherwise impossible to imagine the little receptors on which correct upbringing leaves soulful spiritual images or on which poor education causes material, rough, worldly images to be preferred. We understand even less how the different images of life are retained on these receptors.

    [02] If You agree, My Lord, as all things are possible to You, give us a description of a little receptor from the front and the back of the head, so that we can also obtain a good idea of something You Yourself have said it is very important to recognize?! If we can not properly understand a concept on which such an immensely important teaching is based, our grasp of the whole subject will inevitably suffer as a result!

    [03] There is certainly too little light in our souls for them to be able to judge what the shape or the capability of these receptors in the brain might be or for us to view them clairvoyantly so that we have a better concept. It is therefore necessary that our weak white souls at least have a basic knowledge of this organism in our body as our good fortune or otherwise in life seems to depend almost entirely on the brain's correct development. If, as I have already said, it pleases You, My Lord, I would like to see one or two of these little receptors and, if it is also feasible, some with the good imprints and some with the bad!"

    [04] I say: "I knew that I would bring you to the point of recognizing the shortcomings within yourselves and of feeling compelled to plug the gaps. Look here, this request pleases Me more than your other one when you nearly became angry hearing Me say that the soul of someone who has even been totally reborn person will never be able to perform miracles unaided in the material world, as a primordially unspoiled soul can for and out of itself!

    [05] I told you in fact, that a reborn person is able to do what I Myself can do, of course only by means of and in compliance with My eternal ordinances but it seemed to Me that you were not completely satisfied with that! You did not however take into account the fact that these primordially perfect souls have no power to do anything except the tasks that are permitted and beneficial in compliance with My ordinances.

    [06] Since everything that they achieve with the power of the sphere of influence of their lives appears to you as miraculous is in fact something which is just as natural as the fact that this earth here is covered with moss and grass and that the water in this inland sea remains in its large pit because of the force of gravity. If you regard both of these natural phenomena as acceptable to Me and to Mother Nature you must also consider it to be correct and quite natural for these primordially perfected souls to be able to perform tasks imposed necessarily by their sphere of influence in life and by the land in which they live.

    [07] These Moors do have a very black skin but, as compensation, an even more enlightened soul. For the most part they also know the main living organs in their constitutions, even the tiny brain receptors. As their primordial souls have insight into their bodies, if some part is unwell, they can see the location of the illness and even work out what it is.

    [08] Using the influence of their sphere of life which becomes very active at these times, they soon find the right herb to cure the illness in one way or another. Only when their tendons and veins become tired and weak and their blood thickens, do they then believe that there are no herbs to counteract the general deterioration of the body which, for quite natural reasons, is becoming weak, very tired and sluggish. It is then best that the soul provides for itself, gathers itself together and leaves a body which has become ugly and useless. It then goes, untrammelled by any earthly bonds, to the joyful land which is located between the sun, the moon and the earth for ever and ever.

    [09] These people therefore do not have the slightest fear of death, but they do fear illnesses of the body as they cause the soul to be unnecessarily stressed and the soul itself afterwards is weak and imperfect for some time."

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Improving the human brain. Jakob Lorber.

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