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Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind. Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind

   The ego consciousness of man does not live in his mortal body, but in his spirit-filled immortal soul, which is free of matter. This is the real human being. It looks like a healthy body full of life. During the process of procreation God inserts the soul in the new human being. The soul controls, "steers", the body. It is what passes over to the world beyond, after the death of the material body. There it will live on eternally.

   The soul of man is composed of an infinite number of spiritual elements; that is, individual soul atoms. And the spirit from God is a type of "glue", which forever holds this composition together. To make it perfectly clear: The individual spiritual elements relate to the entire soul like the building blocks of a castle to all the castle buildings.

   Since the soul is so significant for the being of man, these questions arise: From where does the soul come? How did it originate and what does it consist of?

   The surprising answer is: from several, often very different, souls of higher animals (see also the subject: "Where do the animals go?"). These animal souls contain numerous souls of lower animals. God first puts the soul together as a natural human soul. Once it is created in this way and composed into an unmistakable individual with definite properties, it is still rough and immature. So it is not time for it to be begotten in a woman's body. Normally, the soul needs post-maturing for a period of several hundred years. Only then is it suited to be procreated during the sexual act. For its completion, it obtains individual soul atoms from the stars and from parents. It is from here that the similarity in appearance comes.

   We see: There are freshly created, immature natural souls. These will find it harder to steer their way through the thorny path to perfection, since they were prematurely begotten. Then there are experienced, intelligent and gentle souls who were able to "post-mature". They can find their way and reach perfection more easily. We humans on this earth have the advantage that, through the free will given us by God, we can freely choose which type of soul we wish to procreate. So it is important to know what is involved in procreation to engender a mature soul. As with all relationships, there is a way with God and one without Him.

   1. Godless procreation. If, in the sexual act, we let passion and hedonism take their course, then the procreation will result in an immature, raw natural soul. Unfortunately, this form of procreation is widespread and the negative conditions among men on earth are the consequence of this.

   Blessed procreation

   2. With this, we human beings consciously ask for God's help. Before intercourse, the couple (or at least the devout one) should call upon Jesus and fervently ask Him to bless the sexual act. Jesus will then give His blessing and ensure that a mature and complete soul is procreated.

   We see that the blessed procreation demands a totally different attitude to sex. From God's point of view, the sexual act is intended only for procreation and not for pleasure, as is usual today. Jesus says: "A good marriage guided by reason, wisdom, and self-denial does not prevent spiritual rebirth. But lust and lechery make it impossible. Thus avoid these more than the plague."

   A known example of procreation involving an immature soul is the first born man and murderer Cain (death maker), who brought much misery to mankind at that time. We can read about the prehistory of mankind in the work "Household of God". Cain was conceived by our forefathers Adam and Eve, without God's blessing during the first sexual act. Abel (= son of the blessing) and the children of Adam and Eve following him, were conceived with God's blessing.

   Mature and immature souls, excerpts from the original texts.

The Soul Doctrine

   [GGJ.06_133,03] [Jesus speaking] 03] Behold, all matter of this earth - from the hardest rock up to the ether high above you - is soul substance, however in a necessary and thus consolidated state. Its destination however is to return to an unbound, pure spiritual being, if it has reached, by this isolation, the necessary life independence. But to reach this continuously increasing self-activity, the soul freed from bound matter must go through all possible levels of life and must in each new level of life wrap itself anew in a material body, from which the soul again attracts new life- and activity substances and makes it her own.

   04] Once a soul in a body - which her spirit out of God can clearly see - being it the soul of a plant or that of an animal, by the necessary ripening has achieved the ability to rise to the next higher level of life, the soul's spirit in the beyond continuously developing the soul, arranges that her further unusable body is taken away from her, so that she then, already equipped with higher intelligence, can build for herself another body, wherein she again for a shorter or also longer period of time can work herself up to an even greater life- and activity intelligence, and this process continues up to a human, where she, as already totally free, reaches in her last body full self-consciousness, the recognition of God and love, which unification we call the new- or rebirth in the spirit.

Young nature spirits often are gloomy and sinister

   [GGJ.02_064,06] Behold, there are certain nature spirits in the mountains as well as in the air, in the earth, the water and fire which have not yet taken the road through the old flesh because an opportunity has not yet offered itself where they could on the occasion of a human act of procreation enter the flesh in order to be born into the world through the body of a woman. There are great numbers of such still unborn souls in all the elements.

   [07] Well, the nature spirits active in the mountains have assumed from the air somehow more consistency. These are not particularly keen on being procreated into the flesh and then born in the flesh out of a woman. With their sometimes quite acute intelligence they prefer to remain as long as possible in their free and unbound state. They even possess a sense of justice and fear the Spirit of God about whom they sometimes know a good deal, this means always only a few who have aged already considerably; the young spirits accepted in this society are normally still quite gloomy and sometimes also evil and could cause a lot of harm if not kept on a short leash by the elders. Their main activity is to form, produce and order all kinds of metals in the fissures and crevices of mountains.

   [08] At times such spirits also take food from nature, namely out of the plant kingdom. Such they do during hard work in the kingdom of the mountains when transforming the rocks, when eroding large sections of a mountain, when emptying water from overfilled grottos and similar tasks where these spirits often are full out required to participate, so that they, often too intensely irritated, should lose their love for the mountains and try to be conceived into the flesh, for especially from now on no spirit can reach a fully living free bliss, who did not walked the path of the flesh.

Nature Spirits shun the way of the flesh

   [GGJ.04_115,01] Jarah now says as she rests next to Me: "But Lord! What are these little men? They came out of the woods and surrounded us in large crowds and in all colours! Some seem to wear some wisps of clothing but most of them are completely naked and all of them are only as tall as children who have not yet reached the age of two".

   02] I say: "These are natural, already developed human souls, which have not yet gone the way of the flesh. Until now they do not even have any great desire to do so, because they are too much afraid of being imprisoned again in materiality. The ones wearing clothes even have some sort of language, which is of course quite limited; but they all possess a certain ape-like intelligence!"

   03] Jarah asks: "Would the ones wearing clothes understand me if I talked to them?"

   04] I reply: "Just try it. Good luck!"

   05] Jarah then takes courage and asks a pale blue one who is wearing wisps of clothing: "Who are you then, and what do you want from us?"

   06] The pale blue manikin comes quite close to Jarah, stares at her with goggle eyes and says: "Who gave you permission, you stinking flesh, to question us pure people?! One and all you smell disgustingly of materiality and this is particularly offensive to our noses! In the future therefore only ask questions, you stinking corpse, if you are ordered by the almighty spirit of all spirits to do so - otherwise just concentrate on ridding yourself in a good way of the flesh of your moth-eaten sackcloth!"

   07] I ask Jarah: "Now, My little daughter, how does this answer please you?"

   08] Jarah says: "Lord, Lord, these beings are terribly crude and rough! Am I really such a stinking corpse? I am helpless with sadness. Yes, I could quite easily despair!"

   09] I say: "Look at it this way, My little daughter, the little spirit has even done you a favour! Why are you offended by that?! The little spirit could have spoken to you choosing more agreeable words, that in your being there still secretly lurks a very small vestige of the arrogance of beauty, but this little spirit is no expert with language, only has a limited vocabulary and talks more as his feelings dictate rather than by using his intelligence.

   10] Is your peace of mind destroyed, because you have spoken to the pale blue manikin? If you had put a question to one of those bright red ones something similar to the one you asked the pale blue one, he would assuredly have given you an answer that would have caused you to faint with revulsion. Now just thank the pale blue one for the favour he has done to you and it will certainly be easier to converse with him!"

Nature spirits are scared of losing reminiscence

   [GGJ.04_116,01] Jarah says: "Who would have expected to find so much wisdom in these ethereal manikins?! Nevertheless, I am basically very glad that they have moved on as they would in time have made us quite heated, although they themselves seemed to be quite cold creatures. It seems to me that there is not much love in them; but they certainly know how to distinguish right from wrong. What will become of these beings if they do not wish to follow the way of the flesh?"

   02] I reply: "At some stage they will follow; but it will be a long time before they decide to do so. The light blue ones will be first with the others not far behind!

   03] Because the souls whose origin was and still is in nature on this earth, have much difficulty in deciding on that path. Their motivation is only wide experience and knowledge, together with the high hopes which they generate. However this comes to them only after they have arrived at the certain realisation, that by following the way of the flesh they can never be worse off, that they can only profit from it and that in the worst case they can again revert to their present state.

   04] These souls from nature prefer to live mostly in the mountains, but they also join the households of simple, poor and unsophisticated people and bring them benefits. However they must not be insulted as if this happens it is not advisable to break bread with them.

   05] Secretly they also visit schools and learn a great deal from mankind. To miners they quite frequently show the best and richest metal deposits. In the Alps they serve the shepherds and the grazing animals; but they must not be offended.

   06] There are still quite a few of these spirits living on this earth, who have almost have reached five times the age of Methuselah and still have not followed the way of the flesh. Everything else would be acceptable to them except that they are mainly discouraged by the prospect of losing their memories, since they consider that this means that their present being has experienced a kind of death.

Air, mountain and roaming spirits

   [EM.01_034,01] The particular mist that develops in high rocky mountains and above rock clusters, even without previous rainfall or snowfall, consists mostly of nature spirits that may become human souls, but only after long periods of time.

   [02] These spirits, which like to rise in the air and overcast the entire sky, are known as air spirits. They enjoy more freedom than earth spirits, which are more solid. They have to be very carefully guarded in this free state by the pure peace spirits, as otherwise they could very easily cause great harm.

   [03] These spirits are seldom seen by human beings; they prevent this from happening because they have a great fear of all those in whom they notice a strong perceptive faculty. This fear instils in them a kind of hatred towards matter, in which they were held captive for a long time. That is why a careful surveillance of these spirits is absolutely necessary. Every spirit, once he has managed to rid himself of matter, may not for any reason be brought close to it again. Even the spirits of departed human beings have, in spite of their great intelligence, abhorrence towards it. Those spirits who have just recently gained their much-desired freedom by special permission, and who have been released from this bondage of the hardest imprisonment, have an even greater fear of matter.

   [04] These spirits become malicious and revengeful because of their abhorrence and hatred of matter, or they band together by the millions, wanting to escape into vast infinity. The malicious and revengeful spirits are taken captive again and, in the above-mentioned phenomena, are led to the Earth, where they are ordered to labour in the plant regions. If they do not show any enthusiasm for that, they are driven in the form of water into brooks, rivers, lakes, or oceans, where they frequently practice their evil pranks. Should they become extremely malicious and join the evil spirits of the oceans, then it frequently happens that these malicious spirits are driven back into the innermost part of the Earth, which is a most pitiful fate. If, however, these spirits work diligently in the administration of plant growth, they may then start upon the path of higher development in the flesh. They may also be allowed to return to their former free state after they have completed a certain period of service, which may last up to two hundred years and sometimes somewhat longer. They may then inhabit the air, mountains, the earth, forests, or sometimes even lakes and rivers.

   [05] These spirits possess complete intelligence. They are extremely proficient in matters of Nature; they can see and hear everything that happens and is said on Earth.

   [06] They also have the ability to deal with human beings and sometimes they render them good services. But you have to be on guard lest you draw too nigh unto them; for they in turn may easily become exasperated and can inflict tremendous harm upon a person who embittered them, because they are deadly enemies of matter despite that they live in it.

   [07] These spirits prefer to inhabit regions that are remote and peaceful. It is not advisable to scream, whistle, swear, or scold in these regions, because the spirits that are still held captive in matter may thereby become rebellious. And this would cause harm to the spirits which are already more liberated.

   [08] In order to prevent this, they attempt to frighten the traveller in these regions with many ghostly apparitions with the aim that they leave these areas as quickly as possible.They are especially active in the mountains, in galleries and shafts, where they have frequently caused the greatest of accidents to those working in the mountains. Sudden cave-ins of shafts, firedamp, sudden flooding, disappearance of ore veins and the like are all works of such spirits, as are landslides and snow avalanches on the high mountains.

   [09] When these spirits are well-disposed towards human beings, or at least have little intent to cause harm, they usually appear in the form of dwarves, particularly in a dark gray, blue, or green colour. Their small size indicates that they have lowered themselves to the level of a human being in order to do good, because they pity the spirit that is held captive in such a human being. When, however, a human being behaves improperly towards these spirits, they frequently grow to the size of giants. At such a time it is not advisable to remain near them, especially without calling upon My name.

   [10] That such spirits exist has been told you last time. Remains the question as to whether such spirits will travel the path of the flesh or not.

   [11] If they show themselves to be useful and active, then they may be spared an incarnation on Earth. They will go either to the moon or to another planet where they still have to accept an incarnation. They accept that much more willingly because it is usually faster and easier to incarnate on other celestial bodies.

   [12] These spirits are usually called roaming spirits, because they roam from planet to planet without the purpose of incarnation. On these travels they frequently accompany the spirits of departed human beings, especially nature philosophers and astronomers for whom these roaming spirits who are not incarnated on earth usually render requested services. In fact the spirits of the departed cannot see anything on other celestial bodies without the help of nature spirits. The nature spirits help these departed spirits to enter the human beings which live there. Then they may see through the eyes of those human beings the things that are on these alien celestial bodies.

   [13] When these nature spirits finally become tired of groping about, they return again to Earth and submit to the difficulties of incarnation there. Becoming a child of God is not possible without such an incarnation, because everyone who wishes to become a child of God must travel God's path In all detail. This is the reason why the spirits from countless other celestial bodies rush to Earth in order to endure here the incarnation of the Son of Man. As there is only one God, one Truth, and one Life; that is why there is only one Path. But it is not a necessary consequence that all the inhabitants of other celestial bodies must travel this path, so as to be blissful in their manner, just as there are in the human body a number of other healthy nerves and fibres which are not necessarily the nerves and fibres of the heart.

The Lord's Speech about the primal sexual Order

   [03_066,01] (The Lord) "You see, the conception of a person is a peculiar thing! In order to produce a correct and healthy fruit, two mature people, namely a man and a woman, must have a correct kinship of souls between one another, without which they will achieve with difficulty or often even not at all a fruit through the familiar act of reproduction.

   [02] Now if a man and a woman are of a similar nature in their hearts and in their souls, they should then take part in this act of reproduction, wedded and according to the order that is easy to find in nature, in order to achieve a living fruit in their image; more than is necessary for this goes against the order of God and of nature and therefore is an evil and a sin, which is not much better than those of Sodom and Gomorrah!

   [03_072,14] Thus it would be good to place a matrimonial court in every larger community which would constantly watch over all the affairs of marriage. Of course such a court would have to be of the highest unimpeachable character and at the head there should be a man such as Mathael.

   [03_072,15] This man should also observe the marriage conjunctions, so that a young man under twenty four and a maiden of less than twenty should never join in marriage. For this time is at least necessary for the full maturity for a good and in the spirit held marriage. For spouses who are too young spoil themselves through mutual sensual enjoyment, soon become disgusting to one another and the crisis is at hand.

Consequences of the lust of the flesh

    [GGJ.04_230, 02] This is however something that is of the greatest importance in life because if white people could forsake their immorality and only have intercourse in order to awaken a fruit in the body of a virtuous woman, I tell you: There would not be a single one among you who would not at least be clairvoyant! However, as is your custom, both the man and the woman waste their best strength in their often daily secretion of life's juices which are most refined and most closely related to the soul. There are thus no reserves which could be stored to ensure that an ever more intense light would finally build up in the soul!

   [03] This behaviour causes them to become more and more lethargic and polyp-like hedonistic beings. They are seldom capable of clear thinking and are fearful, cowardly, very materialistic, moody, capricious, selfish, envious and jealous. They only understand any spiritual matter with difficulty or not at all as their minds always drift away to the attractions of stinking flesh and they are incapable of lifting themselves to any higher spiritual level. If here and there are a few among them, who, at least during moments when the lustful thoughts of the flesh are not occupying their minds, might glance briefly upwards, then there immediately appear, like a black cloud in the sky, new sensuous thoughts to blanket the higher ground to such an extent that the soul simply forgets about it and immediately plunges back into the stinking pool of carnal desire!

Blocking of reminiscence

    [GGJ.04_120,16] As long as the nervous system in the flesh of the child is not fully developed and remains inactive, the soul consciously and energetically works to control the body as necessary. Once the nervous system is fully formed and its spirit, as it continuously develops, becomes very active in an orderly way, the soul increasingly rests and finally falls asleep in an area near the kidneys. The soul is now no longer conscious of itself and merely vegetates, without any remembrance of its earlier exposed state in nature. It only begins slowly to awake a few months after birth as can be seen quite easily from its diminishing addiction to sleep, but requires a longer period of time to recover greater consciousness. When a child has a mastery of speech, then true consciousness enters the soul, but without any recollection of the past as that would certainly have any value during the further development of the soul.

   [17] However the soul, completely locked in the flesh, now sees and perceives at this time no other input than signals received from the senses of the body. It has no cognition of anything else within itself, as it is and must remain shrouded in darkness by the mass of flesh. The result is that it does not know, most of the time, that it would have an existence even without the flesh. For a long time the soul identifies itself completely with the flesh, and a great deal is required to bring a soul locked in the flesh to the point at which it begins to consider and regard itself as an ego-centric being - which is again absolutely necessary. Without this conviction, a soul could not shelter a spirit within itself and certainly never arouse that spirit.

   [GGJ.04_106,04] On the other hand all men of this earth, and this is unique in the universe, lose all recollection and therefore have to start again from the beginning with a completely new order of life and a new culture, which is structured in such a way that each person can aspire to the fullest resemblance of God.

The insertion of the spirit

   [EM.01_051,05] When this foetus has spent three months alive in the mother's womb, the soul, whose heart has grown quiet and reached a certain firmness, will receive an eternal spirit, placed into her heart with a sevenfold shell by an angel.

   Once the spirit has been placed into the heart of the soul - this happens to some children sooner, others later, and, among many, not until three days before birth - then the body matures quickly, and birth will soon occur.

About motivation

   [SpS.02-080, 14] But we know that man is capable of a twofold love- the divine, which is contrary to self-love and self-love, which is contrary to all divine love.

   [SpS.02-080, 15] Now the question is: If someone commits the act of procreation, what love was the motivation: self-love under whose dominion hedonism is to be found or divine love, which only wishes to convey what it has, completely forgetting itself? You see that we are on the track of the real core of the matter.

   [SpS.01_059,09] We know, however, that man is able of a double love: that for God which is against self love and love of self which is against all love of God.

   [16] Let us take two people. The one commits the act out of selfish hedonism. The other acts out of grateful devotion for the ability to convey semen to produce a foetus in a woman. Which of the two has sinned? It will not be hard to be the judge and issue a fair verdict.

   [17] So that the matter becomes very clear, we must become familiar with the concept of being unchaste. What is chastity and what is licentiousness? Chastity is the condition of a person, in which he is free of all selfishness or in which he is pure and free of the blemishes of self-love. Licentiousness is a state of mind in which the person considers only himself, acting for himself. He completely forgets his fellow man, especially the woman.

   [18] Selfishness is never more shameful than as with the act involving the reproduction of a human being. Why is this? The reason is in the open. As the soil or as the sperm, so the fruit will be. If there is divine love or chastity in the semen, a divine progeny will appear. But, if there is self love, selfishness and hedonism, together with an unchaste state of mind, what sort of progeny will emerge?

   [19] See, this is what the Sixth Commandment has forbidden. Had it been observed, the earth would still be a heaven, since there would be no selfish and domineering people. But this Commandment was violated at the beginning of man's time on earth, and the result of this violation was the self-serving and selfish Cain.

   [20] It follows that not only the falsely labeled "fornication", which could rather be called "hedonism", belongs in the category of sins to be treated. There is also that hedonism, in whatever form, when a man uses a weaker woman selfishly, and this is to be viewed as a sin of licentiousness.

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Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind. Jakob Lorber.

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