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The art of staying healthy with age. Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

The art of staying healthy with age

    Exploding hospital and health care costs, fierce fights in connection with Obama Care (the new health care laws introduced by the US president) and national health insurance problems in many countries are the indications of a wide spread population health problem. At least in the "developed nations". We live under the threat of pandemics like HIV or Avian Flu but also cancer or coronary diseases to name just a few. More and more children get ill or are born with disabilities and need assistance often throughout their whole life. True, it is nice to get to live longer but what's the use of it if one is forced to stay for years in a nursing home?

    Of course, God does not want us to suffer. He wants us to live a full healthy life and change into His Kingdom matured by life's challenges! This is why He shows us in His New Revelation the true causes for these problems and how we can become healthy again. However, just knowing about His recommendations is not enough. We have to apply and integrate them into our daily lives. Whether we'll do it or not is up to us because God, our heavenly father who came personally to our planet in Jesus Christ, gave us complete freedom of will. We can follow His advice to our advantage or not.

    The rules for healing and securing a healthy body and soul constitute a teaching which is definitely unique. It is spiritually anchored, simple and close to nature. It does not know extremes or formalities. These recommendations are scattered all over the many works of the New Revelation received by Jakob Lorber, Gottfried Mayerhofer and Leopold Engel, and are regrouped in the book "Healing and Health Care".

    Here are examples of the art of staying healthy while advancing in age

EM   Earth and Moon
GGJ  Great Gospel of John
GH   Gifts of Heaven
HHG  Household of God
HS   The Healing force of Sunlight

The causes of physical sickness

    [The Lord] I said: "For what concerns your question of yesterday, namely about the often long lasting and severe state of illness that precedes the death of the body, and also about the often very early death of children, this is only allowed by Me to improve the people, but this does not mean that it was a decision that came from the almightiness of My will.

    [2] Look, the first men, who always stayed in the order and simplicity that was shown to them by My Spirit, did really not know about any sickness which precedes physical death. They mostly reached a very high age, became never sick, and they finally fell quietly asleep, and by that their soul did not feel any pain or fear of death.

    [3] Their food was always the same, and not today this and tomorrow something different. They mostly lived from milk, bread and good, ripe tree fruit. This kind of dish was their food for their body during their whole life, and to quench their thirst, fresh spring water was used.

    [4] For this reason the nerves of their body were always fed by the same good, harmless substances of the soul, and no bad, impure and therefore harmful soul substance could creep into the body. That is why those men always stayed strong and healthy, spiritually as well as physically.

    [5] But in this time and also in the much earlier times, look at the many thousands of different delicacies with which people fill their stomach and belly, then it will immediately become clear to you how in this situation all kinds of unfermented and therefore impure, bad and harmful substances often take possession of the whole human body and gradually torture and torment it more and more. Because such various substances in a human body are then constantly coming into a fight which can be calmed down for a period of time after seeking protection by taking all kinds of herbs and roots that are known through experience and with which they appease the internal soul substance revolution.

    [6] But such good health does not last long, especially for an old person, unless he for a long time sought protection by taking very simple food for his body. But this does usually not happen because when the people, for what concerns their body, become bearably healthier through a fortunately chosen medicine, most of them will soon like their old delicacies again, become then sicker than they were before, will begin to have trouble and will usually end in a painful way.

    [7] Look, this is why Moses prescribed the menu for the Israelites who were delivered from the hard slavery of Egypt. Those who strictly lived according to it, remained healthy up to a high age, but very soon many wanted their Egyptian meat pots, and the result was that soon after that they became sick, weak and tired and had to end their earthly life with all kinds of physical sicknesses.

    [8] Still more sadly in this respect is what happens to children.

    [9] Firstly their parents have sinned here and there and have by that filled their body with a great number of bad and harmful soul substances, and thus the child is procreated by a sinful father in the body of an even more sinful mother. Question: how can out of such body come forth a healthy child?

    [10] And secondly, it is especially during pregnancy that the mother is mostly craving for all kinds of delicacies, and her family members cannot think of a better service than to give in as much as possible to the desire of the pregnant woman.

    [11] On this occasion, the child receives a second blow against his health. It is not sufficient for the child to come out completely sick from the mother's body, but immediately after that he must be nourished with an even worse mother's milk. This is the second, even harder blow against the basic principles of the health of a child.

    [12] If a child withstood as fortunate as possible and so-called 'safe and sound' those two blows against health with all kinds of medicine, there is still a third blow against health. The child grows up of course, becomes cute and adorable for the people around him. Then he all too soon will be greatly spoiled and provided with all kinds of sweets, because such foolish parents cannot forbid anything to their darling. But what is the result of this? That the child will prematurely spoil and weaken his stomach and the necessary digestive organs, so much so that he will already soon catch all kinds of physical sicknesses and also die early.

    [13] Many children die already in the body of their mother. A greater number die soon after birth within 2 to 3 years, but most of them from 4 to 12 years. The children who then still reach a riper age must firstly have clever and reasonable parents, must have followed a chaste and healthy life and did not get angry or vexed. In this way they still can come to a very good and bearable health and reach 60, 70, 80 years or older. But then their old age is in itself as good as a sickness which is still a result of the mother's body and comes mostly also from the sins of their youth.

    [14] From this short explanation you can see that I absolutely was never the cause of the human physical sicknesses, but the people themselves, and this from the moment that they thoughtlessly and wilfully left more and more My commandments and rules which I always gave to them, and they followed their reason and their will which became more and more darkened and confused by the evil spirits that are in the air, the earth and the water.

The benefits of simple nourishment

    [Earth and Moon EM.01.035.03] In earlier times, when people lived much more simply than now, there were frequently those who had so-called second sight and were completely at home in both worlds. It would be possible to reach this state easily even at the present time if our nourishment were only simpler. Our present-day complicated, refined, and wrong nourishment causes people great harm. With their food, they corrupt and stupefy their nature to such a degree that the soul, like a bird in lime, becomes entangled and stuck, and it becomes impossible for her to reach the agility and activity that would enable the soul to have the possibility of free ascent and free flight.

    [04] What kind of food did ancient and simple people eat?

    [05] It consisted mostly of legumes, which were simply boiled until soft with a little salt, and never eaten while hot. Also, simple bread made from whole grains, milk, and honey was also ancient simple nourishment on which human beings reached a ripe old age and were continuously in possession of their second sight until the last breath of their lives.

    [06] Anyone may occasionally moderately consume some wine, but not so much as to feel inebriated.

    [07] Meat dishes should only be eaten at certain times, and never for more than seven days successively, very moderately and always from freshly slaughtered animals. The flesh of fish is healthier than the flesh of pigeons; the flesh of pigeons is healthier than chicken meat; chicken meat is healthier than the meat of lambs; the meat of lambs is healthier than the meat of goats, and this is healthier than veal and beef. Among the different kinds of bread, wheat bread is the best. [The wheat referred to herein does not include present-day 21st century wheat. - Editor.] From the above-mentioned meats, only one kind should be eaten with a little bread during a meal; and fruit should be eaten only moderately and when it is ripe. This also applies to some root fruits, and always only one kind at a time.

    [08] With this nourishment, the body would never become so overweight as to become sluggish, sleepy, and clumsy to the extent that the soul finds it difficult to maintain such a clumsy machine in motion, not to mention the fact that she might better occupy herself with something else besides such labour.

    [09] Behold, in ancient times there were many people who lived in such a simple manner, and those who had their residence in the mountains had a particularly simple mode of life. That is why they were in possession of their second sight at all times; they had, by day and by night, a fully natural association with the spirits, and allowed themselves to be taught by them in many different subjects. The spirits showed them the effects of herbs, and also where one or another precious or base metal was hidden in the mountains. These spirits also taught them how to obtain these metals and make use of them through melting and forging for all kinds of beneficial purposes.

Eating meat

    [GGJ.07_085,14] … Especially with the eating of meat you should be careful if physically you want to stay for a long time and continuously healthy. The meat of suffocated animals is not healthy for any human being, for it stimulates bad spirits in the nerves of the body. The meat of the animals that are defined as unclean should only be eaten when they are prepared in the way that I have already shown to you.

To season with Salt

    [12] You also know that the salt is the most important and best way to enhance the taste of the food…

Why whole meal products

    [01] Says Cyrenius: "Lord, forgive me for interjecting with a question! What happens to the wheat-germ when ground to flour, and finally basked and eaten as bread? Does the life-germ continue to live even through these stages?"

    [02] Say I: "Very much so; for if you eat the bread, the material bread is soon discarded from the body by the natural process, however, the germ-life is as something spiritual immediately assimilated by the soul-life and unites to its corresponding composition with it. The more material part of the life-germ which always served it as a solid base, like the water of Moses the spirit of God, becomes nourishment of the body and finally, as properly purified, goes over to the soul and serves for the development and nourishment of the soul's organs like its limbs, its hairs, etc. and in general for the development and nourishment of all this what you from alpha to omega would find in the human body.


    [GGJ.10.210.10] I said: "The eatable fruits must in the first place be completely ripe. In that condition they can be eaten with measure. But nevertheless, it is healthier when they are in a cooked, fried or dried form than raw, because by the boiling, frying and drying the bad and still unfermented nature spirits of life are removed from them. It is the same with roots.

    [11] You know the fruits and the roots that are good for men's consumption. However, the hungry and gluttonous people will not be satisfied with that, but they constantly still discover a great number of things to eat, from the plant kingdom as well as from the animal kingdom, and the results of this are the ever increasing, most various physical sicknesses.

When to eat

    [HHG.01.017.21= Household of God] "You shall eat together in the morning, at noon and in the evening, but always very sparingly and in the fear of the Lord, after having given thanks to Him always before and after the meal so that the food may be blessed for you and not give you death.

Consequence of immoderacy (de-mesure)

    [GGJ.05_239,03] … "Eat what you are served and it will harm neither your body nor your soul, but let everyone guard against excesses, including all of you.

    [04] What is more than moderation is evil for man. Excessive eating causes diseases of the stomach, - but excessive drinking not only creates stomach and chest ailments but also lewdness and unchastity of every imaginable kind.

    [05] Therefore be moderate and sober in everything and you will have a healthy and cheerful soul in an always healthy body."

Preparing food

    [GGJ.05_239,05] "Whoever prepares food for himself and others let him prepare it fresh and wholesome so that it will not harm him. Bear this well in mind, along with all the many other things."

Healthy sleep

[GGJ.05_196,06] I (Jesus) say, "Oh, leave that all be! We are now resting very well at this table and on these benches now even equipped with good backs. I will even tell you as in a physical and medical respect that people could prolong their earthly life span by a good third if they used good couches and easy-chairs like the ones you see here, instead of lying flat in their beds, for the blood circulation varies too much between day and night when a person lies flat. This variation invites already at an early age all kinds of obstructions and changes in the alimentary canal. However, if people slept on chairs, they would remain well for many years.

    [07] Abraham, Isaac and Jacob slept only in certain arm- and resting-chairs and never used any beds; they were very moderate in everything and lived to a ripe old age, retaining the full vigour of the soul. Yet in later times, when people no longer observed these rules, their life span was reduced by more than half.

    [08] Those who suffer most from the harmful effect of lying flat are the pregnant women. Firstly, the infants become stunted and weakened already in the womb; secondly, the difficult and often very malformed births are due to the flat position at night. - Let Me tell you this for your physical health! Whoever will turn towards it will feel the physical good consequences of it.

    [09] Besides, in summertime you shall sleep outdoors whenever possible rather than in the rooms and stuffy huts, - and you will soon feel the good consequences. Only in wintertime can you use the moderately warm, yet always clean and dry rooms. Therefore, he who lives according to the original order and is moderate in food and drink will have little to bother with physicians and pharmacies."

Siesta - Sleep after a meal

    [GGJ.06_052,01] When we all had eaten and drunk sufficiently, the innkeeper asked Me whether we wanted to take some rest, since it was already quite late in the night.

    [02] But I said: "Whoever is compelled to rest should go and rest; but I am not compelled to do it, and thus I will not take any rest now. In addition it is not at all good for the body to go to sleep immediately after a meal; therefore we will remain awake for another couple of hours. But whoever is compelled to rest may also do so!"

A word about coffee

    [HS.01_004,02] Coffee is by far the worst man has chosen from the vegetable kingdom for his enjoyment. This fruit was created for horses, donkeys, camels and similar animals on earth. It animates them and strengthens their nerves. With humans, however, this bean has the opposite effect. It spoils the blood, excites the genitals and, if gratification cannot soon follow, the result is a total stupefaction of the sensitive parts of the body. Since it causes the soul a great deal of effort to remove, from the body, soul potencies destined for coarse animals, it becomes weary, indolent, careless, often mournful, gloomy and sad. I tell you: a cup full of sweetened liquid manure would be far more wholesome for the human body than the roasted brown soup of the coarse animal food.

    [03] I have drawn your attention to the harmfulness of coffee only because I know only too well how much of humanity, especially the female kind, depends on this donkey fodder, when nothing could be more harmful to their nature than this drink. And hardly anything else would make the body, especially for the female one, more unreceptive for a good medicine than this coffee. Therefore, it must be carefully avoided in any state of sickness and during any cure, especially during this sun-homeopathic treatment, otherwise the medicine would not work at all.

Avoid Tobacco

    [Gifts of Heaven GH.03-] But there is something else, my dear Martha. You must get rid of your gusto for tobacco. For one thing, it is ugly and, for another, it is very harmful for your health. For my sake, you must restrain yourself or you will not be fully healthy. You see, this repugnant tobacco is a poison and comes from the devil's muck, as the old sages called the poisonous plant. Thus you must control yourself; I cannot stand being next to you, because of the stench. You see, this weed smells especially bad to me.

    [Earth and Moon EM.01_011,07] … It is therefore very harmful for a person to remain in a place where he inhales only stifling air without enough oxygen, instead of vital, pure atmospheric air. This especially in those accursed beer taverns where people are preparing themselves forcefully for the stench of hell through the disgusting tobacco smoke.

    [EM.01_059,16] Do you know the significance of this fashion off smoking? These evil inhabitants (from hell) make every effort to familiarize the soul, while living a physical life, with the hellish vapours and stink of tobacco. Therefore, after the soul leaves the body, she does not become aware of her stinking company immediately, nor does she sense early enough that this fine company, completely unnoticed, is leading her into the third Hell.

    [EM.01_059,17] It has already been said that each soul, after the death of the physical body, gets first into the company of angels, whereat their evil company must yield in the twinkling of an eye. It happens in this instance as well. But such a soul does not remain permanently in the company of the angels, but instead is placed in a position whereby she may restore herself completely. In other words, she is brought to a place where, through free activity, she may regain the necessary specifics for her restoration that she squandered on this world.

    [EM.01_059,18] Here the aforementioned evil carnal company can approach such a soul unnoticed, although these hellish beings stink pestilential to a soul that is pure to a certain degree, and such a soul easily notices their presence. But a soul whose sense of smell has been so dulled no longer notices the approach of evil company. And we certainly cannot mention the sense of sight, since the soul does not have sufficient light yet, as the viewing of the soul comes only from the inside. Therefore she can only see that which is within her, but not that which is outside of her.

    [EM.01_059,19] Such spirits are detached from such a soul, and that is why she does not notice them. However, through the sense of smell she can perceive their presence and determine exactly where they are. Once she has accomplished this she can withdraw into her spirit, and soon she will be able to see where her enemies are located and what their intentions are. Once these hellish spirits notice that they have been detected, they flee immediately. A hellish spirit can endure everything, but not the brilliant eye of a pure soul, and much less that of an angel. And in order to protect themselves from My eyes, they erect mountains as cover.

    [EM.01_059,20] You may easily conclude from this why I often rallied against this highly detestable smoking of tobacco.

Raising Children

    [GGJ.05_246,09] If you want to educate human beings after My heart, you must already begin with the children, for truly I tell you: The instruction in the cradle is worth more than all the learned institutes of the world. Whoever wants to form children into human beings must love them and be patient with them. Such a child is by nature poorer than a hundred beggars; for it is poor in spirit, poor in physical strength and poor in possessions.

    [10] Therefore, I tell you and through you all the people to whom this gospel will be preached once again: Whoever receives such a child in My name receives Me. Once he has thus, full of love, received Me, he has also received the Father in Heaven and his household will be richly blessed. For such children are themselves a genuine and true blessing of God in the house where they live and where they are cared for, nurtured and formed into true human beings. And it does not matter of what sex they are, male or female, in their youth they are like the angels of heaven.

The old saying in full length

    [GGJ.10_126,08] "... For if the food, prepared in the old known manner and in the cleanest way for human beings gets into the stomach by means of the mouth - as needed and in the right quantity - it will not make man unclean. But that which comes from the heart through the mouth, like gossip, dishonour, slander and all kinds of lies, dirty language and all kinds of cursing, will make the whole man unclean. (See Mt. 15.11)

Big suffering

Relieving a person from suffering by taking their life is not permitted by God.     [GGJ.06_039,02] For example: There was a very painfully ill man, and the best doctors knew no further means to heal the person from his great pain. But then it occurred to someone, and he said to the other doctors: 'Since this person is no longer to be helped by any means, let us give him a quick fatal poison, and at once he will be free from all his suffering!' As fast as it is said, it is done, and the suffering man was gone in an instant. Yes, these doctors have indeed freed the ill man from all his pain; but they have killed him, without thinking why God allowed such suffering to come to him, and what might become of his soul in the beyond. And as such the means was bad, which therefore can never bring about an absolutely good and pure purpose.

The healthiest food

    [GGJ.10_210.04] (The Lord:) [4] I tell you: if people would have stayed with the food that was indicated by the prophet Moses, the doctors with their medicines would never have had any work to do for them. But they began to stuff their body - just like the pagans in the manner of the epicures - with hundreds of different so-called delicacies and by that, after a short time, they fell into all kinds of sicknesses.

    [5] A good kind of fish that stays in clean water and that is prepared in the manner as we have eaten is the healthiest food for the human body.

    [6] Where such fishes cannot be found, wheat and barley bread are in itself the healthiest food for humans, as well as the milk from healthy cows, goats and sheep. Among the pulses, lentils are in first place, and, like with the preparation of pulp, the big Persian maize grain. Only the flesh of a few chickens and doves, then of a healthy and clean bovine animal, and also of goats and sheep, in a completely bloodless condition, can be eaten as food - fried or cooked, but fried is to be preferred to cooked.

    [7] However, the blood of animals should not be eaten by anyone.

    [8] What I told you now is and remains for men the simplest, purest and healthiest food. All the rest - especially when it is eaten in excess - is harmful for man, especially when it is not prepared in such a way that the evil of the nature spirits is completely removed from it."

    [9] Now the supreme city judge asked Me: "O Lord and Master, then how about the many kinds of very good tasting fruits and roots?"

    [10] I said: "The eatable fruits must in the first place be completely ripe. In that condition they can be eaten with measure. But nevertheless, it is healthier when they are in a cooked, fried or dried form than raw, because by the boiling, frying and drying the bad and still unfermented nature spirits of life are removed from them. It is the same with roots.

    [11] You know the fruits and the roots that are good for men's consumption. However, the hungry and gluttonous people will not be satisfied with that, but they constantly still discover a great number of things to eat, from the plant kingdom as well as from the animal kingdom, and the results of this are the ever increasing, most various physical sicknesses.

In order to facilitate an entry into the wealth of the new Revelation by Jesus to the prophet Jacob Lorber, I briefly describe here a selected number of topics, provided with text excerpts.
  1. The Universe and Alien Civilizations
  2. About the Secrets of Our Living Earth
  3. Where do the souls of animals go?
  4. The Prehistory of Mankind (the story of Adam & Eve)
  5. The Nature of the Human Being
  6. The art of staying healthy with age
  7. Improving the human brain
  8. Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war?
  9. Dreams, Visions and Faces
  10. About Prayer
  11. How Angels accompany us
  12. Getting to know Jesus
  13. Prophesy and Return of Jesus
  14. The Death phenomenon
  15. Burial or Cremation
  16. About life after Death and in the Beyond
  17. About suicide
  18. Premature death of Children
  19. The nature of God
  20. The Origin of the New Testament
  21. The detailed Explanation of God’s Order, His Commandments
  22. Finding the right marriage partner
  23. Where do religions come from?
  24. Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind
  25. Jesus and the Miracles
  26. Organ Donation

The art of staying healthy with age. Jakob Lorber.

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