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Getting to know Jesus, the eleven year old Jesus at work. Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Getting to know Jesus

   In the New Testament, we get to know Jesus and his deeds in a summarized form. But the longing of many people is great to experience more about Jesus, this extraordinary God made man. In the wonderful New Revelation by Jakob Lorber, Jesus granted this wish in a rich way. In the work titled "The Childhood of Jesus", we learn about his life into the twelfth year.

   As if we were there, we experience how Mary, educated in the temple at Jerusalem, goes to Joseph the carpenter as a foster child by lot. He was a widower with five grown sons. We share how the angel predicts that Mary, pregnant by the spirit of God, will give birth to Jesus, our God and father, in a cave which served as a stable or sheep shelter.

   The reason for the birth taking place in a stable or cave was not because Mary had been turned away at an inn, but because labour pains began before they reached Bethlehem. We experience the visit of the Three Wise Men, the flight into Egypt, and other events there, as well as the return to Israel. Until the beginning of his mission, Jesus lived and worked with Mary, Joseph and his sons in Nazareth, serving as a carpenter.

   Our joy will increase, all the more, when we read the great Gospel of John, in which Jesus himself tells, by way of the "writing servant" Jakob Lorber, what happened during the three years of his apprenticeship.

   At that time, Jesus gathered the most developed souls on the earth to educate them and make them capable of bringing to mankind His teachings. So, in this wonderful work, we experience the revelation of many secrets, of which humanity had no idea up until the time of this revelation. If we read this splendid work, it is as if we were travelling with Jesus and his Disciples through the Holy Land and were witnesses to their conversations and deeds.

   Getting to know Jesus, here some examples:

The eleven year old Jesus at work

    [CHJ.01_297,01] (=Childhood of Jesus) From then onwards, the Child Jesus stayed quietly and obediently at home and helped out with small jobs.

   [02] He worked no further miracles during one whole year until He turned eleven.

   [03] In His eleventh year, He again performed three remarkable miracles, and these are narrated below.

   [04] In the spring, Joseph's stockpile of firewood was only enough to last a few days.

   [05] As James and Jesus had the most time at their disposal, he sent the two to a nearby forest to collect brushwood.

   [06] Both of them went and diligently did as Joseph had asked.

   [07] James romped around very actively, so little remained for Jesus to collect; for James anticipated Jesus in every location.

   [08] But when James, in his eagerness, reached for some thick brushwood, he encountered a poisonous viper underneath.

   [09] The viper bit James in the hand, and James fell down in pain and horror. His hand suddenly swelled up, and James arched backwards and showed signs of death.

   [10] Then Jesus sprang to him and blew on the wound, and James instantly recovered.

   [11] The viper, instead, started to bloat horribly and burst into a thousand pieces!

   [12] Afterwards Jesus said to James: "More haste, less speed! - All worldly labour ends in death if done too hastily!

   [13] So, on every occasion, it is better to be lazy for the world, but all the more diligent for the spirit!

   [14] Thus those who are too industrious in the world will always find the death of their souls in their eagerness for earthly things!

   [15] For I will search for the idlers of the world and will take them into My service forever; and I will give those who have worked only one hour of the day the same wages as those who diligently worked the whole day through!

   [16] Blessed are those who are lazy for the world; but woe betide any man who is zealous for the affairs of the world! The former will be My friend - and the latter My foe!" - -

   [17] James made a mental note of these words and lived according to them thereafter, and did not mind even when he was often given the title "the lazy and indolent one";

   [18] but from then on, his heart was all the more diligently engaged with Jesus and gained infinitely thereby. -

   [19] Two days after this incident, a neighbour's only son died; and this neighbour, who was a widow, wept bitterly for her loss.

   [20] Then Jesus, with His brother James, also went there to see the dead boy.

   [21] When He saw the violently weeping widow, He seized the dead boy by the hand and spoke: "Kephas! - I say to you, stand up, and never again grieve your mother's heart!"

   [22] At this the boy suddenly got up and smilingly greeted all those present.

   [23] The widow was beside herself, and she said: "O who then is this Son of Joseph that He can wake up the dead with a single word?! - Is he a God, or an angel?!"

   [24] But Jesus spoke to the widow: "Do not question further, but give some milk to Kephas, so that he recovers fully!"

   [25] And the widow immediately went and brought warm milk for the boy, - and he thereupon recovered completely.

   [26] Then all wanted to pray to Jesus; but He left quickly, met other children and played with them in a very wise manner. -

   [27] When he was playing, a man in another house that was being repaired by a few carpenters from the city, fell down, broke his neck and was dead on the spot.

   [28] Immediately, a crowd of people gathered and mourned the unfortunate man, and there was a great commotion.

   [29] When Jesus heard this clamour, He, together with James, forced His way through the crowd until He reached the dead man, and said to him:

   [30] "Mallas! - I say to you, get up again and go to work! But secure your batten better, otherwise you will fall again!

   [31] For the important thing is not how much you have worked, but how you have worked! - For envy always ends in death!"

   [32] Then Jesus departed quickly, and the dead man stood up in good health and continued to work vigorously, as if nothing had happened to him. But he kept Jesus' words in his heart. - -

   [33] Due to these three miracles, which took place in quick succession, all wanted to worship Jesus.

   [34] But Jesus forbade them to do so and did not appear in the village for several weeks.

   [35] And those in Joseph's house certainly took note of these three wonders, and talked about them a great deal. - -

Jesus saves the Adulteress

    [GGJ.06.197.01] While they were contemplating, their sent out henchmen brought an adulteress to them, who was caught red-handedly and according to Moses should be stoned to death, - which however was always converted by the present Pharisees into a large money fine, if the adulteress was rich. If she was poor, but young and beautiful, she normally was whipped and had to serve the temple; an old and ugly woman however, was in anyway protected by nature from adultery. The present adulteress however, was still very young but poor and wanted to earn herself during this feast time from a very rich foreigner a large emergency pfennig, in order to provide for herself more easily. She obviously would also fall into the hands of the temple if it wasn't for Me, and if the clerics were not coerced to use her as a main means, to, according to their opinion, most certainly catch Me. (Jn.08,03)

   02] Thus this poor adulteress was brought by the most wise Pharisees before Me and hence in the centre of the people who surrounded Me on all sides. (Jn.08,03)

   03a] And when the woman, plagued by the fear for death, was standing in front of Me, one of the highly wise Pharisees asked Me: "This woman has been caught red-handedly during adultery. (Jn.08,04)

   03b] Moses instructed us by law, to stone such a person, and Moses' law is as good as God's law. What are you say to this?" (Joh.08,05; Lev..20,10)

   04] Needless to say, that they only did this to tempt Me, because on the one hand through the hard law of Moses and on the other hand by My speeches about the great mercy of God the Father and also through My well-known goodness towards sinners, I would, according to their reckoning, inevitably become embarrassed and, as said before, they then find a case against Me to tell the people with great ceremonial pomp: 'There, look at the great swindler and demagogue whom we are going to seize now and hand him over to the courts!' (Jn.08,06)

   05] But I did not give them an answer as quickly as they wanted, but instead bend down and wrote the guilt of the sinner into the sand on the floor, since after great feasts there was always a lot of sand on the floor, and the temple was only swept again after the feast was completely over, in order to afterwards sell the dirt to all kinds of superstitious Jews. (Jn.08,06b)

   06] But when the Pharisees and temple Jews continued with their questions, I stood up and said to them: "It is fully true that Moses has given such a law; but those who had the right to stone such a sinner had to be without sin, - this is also written! At least the one who picks up the first stone, had to be totally pure and without sin! Who thus among you is without sin can throw the first stone to this sinner! God's mercy thereby suffers no harm; since Moses gave wise laws to the people. Who knows them and does not follow them, has judged himself and sealed his own death sentence.' (Jn.08,07; Rom.02,01)

   07] Thereafter I again bend down to the floor and wrote as previously. (Jn.08,08)

   08] However, when hearing these words from Me, which they did not expect and their own conscience told them: 'You are yourself multiple sinners and adulterers and all the people know you as such!', from the largest to the smallest no one said a word anymore, and everyone left the temple as fast as he could and went outside. (Jn.08,09)

   09] After a few moments no Pharisee or temple Jew or Levite or servant or henchman was present in the centre of the temple anymore, except Me, the sinner and of course in a wide circle the people and My disciples. But the people were pleasantly surprised how I, with only a very few words, chased the Pharisees away to flee. (Jn.08,09)

   10] And some said quite loudly: "O, they just should have tried to pick up one stone; we would have torn those old scapegoats apart! For a sinner is never allowed to judge another sinner, especially not a much smaller sinner."

   11] At this opportunity I got up again and saw none of the judges in the circle anymore, but only the woman which was supposed to be stoned. (Jn.08,10)

   12] And I asked her: "Now, where are those who charged you? Did nobody condemn you then?" (Jn.08,10)

   13] Said the adulteress: "No, Lord, nobody has condemned me, but they all left hastily!" (Jn.08,11)

   14] Thereupon I said to her: "Then I also will not condemn you! But go now back to your home and henceforth do not sin anymore! For if you sin, evil will befall you!" (Jn.08,11; Jn.05,14)

   15] The sinner then thanked Me for the mercy shown to her, but asked Me that I should give her advice, how she could get home safely; since she still feared that the henchmen of the Pharisees would wait for her on her way and harm her.

   16] And I said: "Do not fear them; since they will be glad not to be seen by you that easily! Go now among the people, they will protect you and bring you home safely! Just look towards the curtain of the temple, and you will see them all who earlier on were standing here! Since they were asked on the outside by the people what had happened, since they were fleeing so hastily out of the temple. They however were ashamed to speak the truth, made a clumsy excuse and returned through the gate pointing to the morning, very quietly back to the temple. But just walk among the people who believe in Me and you will be safe! I will now continue to teach the people and then they will immediately show up again and press forward towards Me; since they are now even more enraged about Me, because I have shamed them and saved you from their claws. But go now safely to where I have sent you, be devout and henceforth do not sin anymore!"

   17] She then went shy among the people and they accepted her well and through loud threats towards the Pharisees, gave her new courage.

Jesus tells how He constantly endeavours for the well being of the soul of men

    [GGJ.10.012.02] Behold, the One in Me who is now speaking to you, spoke also like this to the first human pair of this Earth and gave them the same commandments which I now again give to you people who have completely forgotten the one true God and Lord. However, the people who were gifted with a completely free will let themselves all too easily be blinded by the world and its tempting spirit. They fled away from God and did whatever they pleased. By that, their souls became darkened and their heart became hardened.

   [3] I always sent messengers from the Heavens to teach the blinded people, but only a few paid attention to them. The great mass of people did not want to hear them or know about them.

   [4] From time to time, by My Spirit, I awakened men and younglings who taught the people and who made every effort to bring them back to the old truth. Only a few listened to them, and still less people reacted on it. The great mass of people however, persecuted them, tortured them and even killed them.

   [5] I also did not refrain from visiting a too degenerated people with great and small chastisements and judgments. However, also these brought only a few to a short time of improvement, but all too soon, again the evil worldly spirit came instead of Me.

   [6] When at the time of Moses, the Israeli people received again laws from Me on the Sinai in the desert, under lightning, thunder and fire, they first listened with fear and trembling to My good words that could be heard from afar, but when the preaching lasted a longer time, the people became partly used to it and did not care much about it anymore. Another part had enough of My continuous teaching and asked Me to reveal My will only to Moses instead of to the whole people. They would hear and obey that will from him. However, in the mean time the people wanted to leave Mount Sinai because it was too turbulent there and they wanted to build their dwelling huts in a valley that was far away from there.

   [7] After much begging, it was permitted to the people. But it did not take long before the people forgot Me and the great events on the Mount Sinai entirely, moulded a calf from the great quantity of gold that they brought from Egypt, danced around it and gave it godly honour.

   [8] I showed this to Moses, sent him to the people who really did not think of Me anymore, and let them be greatly chastised in the manner as Moses described it later on.

   [9] Then the people did indeed return to Me, but there were always many who let themselves be tempted by evil worldly lusts to transgress some of My commandments and so to sin against My regulations.

   [10] Temporary punishments had to be set up by Moses for the transgression of My commandments and regulations to put order among the people.

   [11] When the people were later led out of the desert into the Promised Land and took it into possession as if from My hand, they were almost completely ruled by Me through wise judges who were continuously in contact with Me. And under My personal governance they became great and mighty, and their prosperity was greater than that of no matter what other people in the world.

   [12] Then they became proud and they looked at the lustre of other people who were dominated by a worldly king in a tyrannical way. The vain worldly lustre blinded the people. They wanted the lustre also, became unsatisfied with My government and wanted a worldly king by the judge Samuel who was filled with My Spirit, and so they committed the greatest and most insolent of all sins.

   [13] So the people fell ever deeper, although I never failed to admonish them by awakened prophets who were filled with My Spirit, to better their lives and do penance, clearly showing them the consequences which they could expect because of their hardness. And this is how I have dealt with this people until now. And now I have come Myself, clothed with flesh.

   [14] But now look at the very great number of Jews who are hating and persecuting Me and are trying to grab and kill this body of Mine instead of accepting Me and believing in Me, since I make Myself known everywhere as the One whom I certainly am through unheard-of miracles and signs which are beyond any doubt.

   [15] But if from My side, at all times, everywhere and unceasingly, I took care of the people's spiritual development in the manner as I briefly showed you now, then how can you, a Roman gifted with great intelligence, ask Me questions as to why I came only now to you few people to establish the Kingdom of God which is the Kingdom of eternal life?

   [16] You can travel to all the countries that you know and where the inhabitants have still somehow the ability to accept My teaching, and investigate whether even at this time they know about My presence here and My activity.

   [17] In many countries and kingdoms that you still do not know, the better men received inner visions of what happens here now. Only truly animal men who live very wildly in the most hidden corners of the Earth cannot receive any message about Me because they are by far still not capable to understand it, but in time they also will be taken care of.

Jesus instructs the heathen priests

    [GGJ.10.102.03] I said: "Friends, I did not come into this world to let Myself be honoured, praised or glorified by men, but with the intention that all men would, by Me and in Me, find back and recognize the One whom they lost by their own fault and whom they entirely failed to recognize, and that they will know His will, and act and live accordingly. The one who really wants to honour, praise and glorify Me, must accept My teaching, and act and live by it.

   [4] But as long as you will honour your iron, stone and wooden gods, you will not attain to the true light of life from God, will not recognize Him in Me and therefore you also will have no part in His Kingdom which has come now in Me from the Heavens on this Earth."

   [5] On this, one of them, who was still much attached to the worship of many gods, said: "It will all be correct what You say, and as far as we are concerned we also would soon have abandoned our gods, but then what will the people do, and what will they say to us since we were the ones who convinced them with much persuasion and also with many signs that the gods really exist and we recommended them and urged them to honour these? The people are still very much attached to what they have accepted from their childhood, and it will be difficult to completely take away what they had and to give them something better instead."

   [6] I said: "All this depends on your will. Even a child understands the truth sooner than something which is false and thus a lie. Therefore, a grown-up person will surely understand the truth all the sooner and will make it his own with love. So now it only depends on your will, and then it will be My will that will help you to accomplish a good work in My name.

   [7] But do not expect any coercion from Me, because for Me every human being has a completely free will and he can do what he wants. But woe later to the one who despite that he recognized the truth has nevertheless banned it out of him for the sake of worldly advantages, who did not act according to its fundamental principles but who finally even persecuted it with fire and sword. Truly, for him it would be better if a millstone would be hanged around his neck and be drowned into the sea where it is deepest.

   [8] For it is clear that your gods and their images, made by human hands, mean nothing, and the manner on which you look upon it even a thousand times less, because that which still had some inner, spiritual, living meaning according to the old teaching of correspondences has been changed for already a long time into the most dense and darkest nonsense, and with that, also into the coarsest lie.

   [9] When I now again bring you the full truth about the existence of the one, only true God, and make His will known to you, then give up also the completely meaningless gods and remove their images - accept the truth.

   [10] And when you have accepted it, give it then also to those who hunger and thirst for it for already a long time. Then by that, they will not become your enemies but only your true friends, for if they did not persecute you when you solely taught them evil things, they will all the less persecute you when in My name you will give them good things for this earthly life, and even more for their life in the beyond.

   [11] But what My name is and who I actually am, you will all soon come to know."

   [12] On this, one of the gentile priests said: "Listen, miraculous Master in the power of Your will and word, yesterday, shortly after Your arrival in our inn, You healed all the sick people of the innkeeper, of which deed we soon were completely informed and of which we now also believe that this is only possible with the sure help of a true divine Being. That You always can expect such help is easy to imagine and finally also to understand, and since that is certainly the case with You, we gladly would like that You also here would show us a sign of the power of Your word and will. If we also will have proof of that, we will even today destroy all our gods, and in the temple of Zeus we will bring an offering to the one, only true God of the Jews in the manner of Moses and Aaron."

   [13] I said: "Such offering is truly never needed for the one, only true God, not only of the Jews but of all men, creatures and things. In all those offerings, in the inner, purely spiritual meaning, it was only I Myself who was represented and the Kingdom of God that I am now establishing, not for the flesh and blood but for the souls and the spirit of men on this Earth.

   [14] But if I Myself am now walking here around before everyone's eyes among you men, then the Scripture is fulfilled, and nothing is needed anymore that would have to represent Me in a manner that corresponds to Me.

   [15] The new offering that is pleasing to Me is valid for the whole future and consists solely of that you people would believe in Me, love God in Me above all and your fellowmen as yourself by keeping My commandments.

   [16] You should not build for Me any temples of wood, stone and of gold and silver to worship Me in it with all kinds of vain, meaningless ceremonies which were never pleasing to Me and will never please Me. The real temple in which you should honour Me should be your heart that loves Me. Only the gift of the one who gives Me in his heart by doing works of love for Me and for his fellowman will be valuable to Me, and I will reward him with the eternal and blissful life in My Heavens.

   [17] You therefore should also not establish any feast day or workless holiday to honour Me, for every day is Mine, and you should think about Me every day and do good works in My name.

   [18] And if you ask Me something, withdraw yourself in a little room and pray hidden, then I will answer your prayer - this is how the Lord God Zebaoth speaks to you men.

   [19] Away with all temples, idols, with all feast days and with all those meaningless and worthless ceremonies, but instead of that, erect temples for Me in your hearts and bring offerings to Me of pure, unselfish love. Make up for the damage that was done by you to the poor, blind people who were for the greatest part lied to and cheated by you, then you will have part of the Mercy of God."

In order to facilitate an entry into the wealth of the new Revelation by Jesus to the prophet Jacob Lorber, I briefly describe here a selected number of topics, provided with text excerpts.
  1. The Universe and Alien Civilizations
  2. About the Secrets of Our Living Earth
  3. Where do the souls of animals go?
  4. The Prehistory of Mankind (the story of Adam & Eve)
  5. The Nature of the Human Being
  6. The art of staying healthy with age
  7. Improving the human brain
  8. Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war?
  9. Dreams, Visions and Faces
  10. About Prayer
  11. How Angels accompany us
  12. Getting to know Jesus
  13. Prophesy and Return of Jesus
  14. The Death phenomenon
  15. Burial or Cremation
  16. About life after Death and in the Beyond
  17. About suicide
  18. Premature death of Children
  19. The nature of God
  20. The Origin of the New Testament
  21. The detailed Explanation of God’s Order, His Commandments
  22. Finding the right marriage partner
  23. Where do religions come from?
  24. Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind
  25. Jesus and the Miracles
  26. Organ Donation

Getting to know Jesus, the eleven year old Jesus at work. Jakob Lorber.

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