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Premature death of Children. Nature and Consequences of Vice.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

Premature death of Children

   It is a devastating and heartbreaking event for parents when their children die. However, they can find comfort in the volume "The Children's Realm of Yonder" which is taken from the spiritual work "The Spiritual Sun". Here it is described how these children have more or less shed their bodily coverings. However, their beautiful and fully functioning souls live on eternally in the world beyond, imbedded in the love of God. The children are introduced into the kingdom of children, which is directed by Mary, the mother of Jesus. The angels active there are those who had shown themselves to be the friends of the children on earth.

   At first the children are placed in classes corresponding to their age, in which they can mature and grow so they will be in a position to understand the heavenly teachings.

   The heavenly method of instruction is so effective, that the souls of the small children quickly become educated souls in all areas. As they are taught the undistorted truth about all things with regard to God's teaching, they are spared the detours which lead to false theories. The children also learn quickly.

   It would be advantageous for mankind to take this heavenly teaching method as a model. Sometimes, under the direction of angels, the souls of children can visit their parents. This usually occurs unconsciously (during sleep).

   Then there are the first practical tests for the mature child souls who have been educated and have grown up. Directed by the angels, they take over larger and smaller services so as to protect the spirits of men. For this, they enter their spirit-soul spheres and learn of their imperfections. They guide human beings unnoticed, as they influence their consciences. The ultimate law of their work is that they respect the free will of people, during their activity. So, as a result of God's wise direction, these children following premature deaths are trained to be complete human souls.

   Of children with premature deaths, examples from the original text follow practical instruction on the love of fellow man for students in the world beyond.

The teaching of neighbourly love of fellow men for students in the world beyond

    [Spiritual Sun SpS.02-105, 01] "You know that nothing is accomplished with mere theoretical knowledge and faith. What good does it do someone if he has stuffed his head with thousands of correct theories? What is the use if he finds everything in the Book of Life to be absolutely true? That is just as useful as if he had acquired all musical theories and had arrived at the understanding that, if he used all the theories practically, he could create notable compositions. Or, he could become a virtuoso on one instrument or the other. Question: Based on this theoretical knowledge, without even the most basic practical skills, would he be in a position to compose a piece of some value? Or would he be able to sing the easiest part of a composition or perform on any instrument? He would not, because no theory is of any use without practical exercises.

   [02] It is the same as if a foolish father would care for and educate his child but keep his feet tied all the time. Question: Will the child be able to walk when it has seen others walk and learned all ways of walking and various foot movements from a Spanish dancing instructor? The first step it dares to take will be so unsure that the child taught with only theories will be lying on the floor.

   [03] This clearly shows that knowledge without practice is of no use. It is like a chandelier in an empty room whose light burns for its own sake and is seen by no-one. The actual practicing of what one has learnt and knows is, what is important. It is a matter of doing in the realm of the purest of spirits and the activity of love for your neighbour that is the main principle of all spiritual action. The commandment to love your neighbour is taught more practically than theoretically.

   [04] But how is this done? As you see, these grown students are taken by the more perfect Spirits at every opportunity and, those newly arrived from earth, must learn to distinguish the true and nearest ones, the less near and those furthest away. They must learn how they are to react with the nearest, the ones less near and the ones at a distance.

   [05] Everyone knows that the feeling of empathy of a youngster is greater than that of a grown up person. So it happens that these students take in everything they encounter with great empathy and mercy.

   [06] They would like to push everything immediately into Heaven- they do not yet know (from experience), that Heaven only grants bliss to the very close; but there is agony for the less near and the most distant. With these opportunities, they first learn how real brotherly love consists of granting every being, its freedom, and giving back one's own.

   [07] If we do something different to someone than which their love demands, we have shown no service of love. If somebody asks his neighbour for a skirt and the neighbour gives him a loaf of bread instead, would the one asking be satisfied? Certainly not, because he asked for the skirt and not the loaf of bread.

   [08] If somebody goes into a house and demands a bride, and he is given a basket of salt instead, will he be satisfied? And if someone would like to make his way to a place located in the north, where he has a business, but a friend harnesses the wagon to take the businessman south, will this help him?

   [09] So, before they want to turn brotherly love into its practical application, the Spirits must examine the type of love of the spirits that were supplied to them. Depending on the love found, action must follow accordingly.

   [10] Whoever wants to go to hell, must have his escorts there, for that way is his love without which there is no life for him. And, whoever wants to go to Heaven, must receive some guidance so that, purified on righteous paths, he can reach Heaven and can exist as a true and sanctified citizen.

   [11] On the other hand it is not enough to bring a Spirit into one and the same Heaven, but Heaven must correspond to the love of the spirit in every atom of its being. Every other heaven will not get along with a heavenly citizen, and there it will be for him like with a fish out of the water.

   [12] For the form of love in each person is the life element peculiar to him. If he doesn't find this, then he will be lost. Thus brotherly love in the kingdom of pure spirits must be correctly formed and purified, before these spirits are in a position to blissfully and invigoratingly take in the new arrivals and those who have long been existing in the realm of spirits blissfully and in line with God's order.

   [13] The formation of brotherly love and its purification consists of examining and knowing the type of love in the Spirits, but also recognizing the paths of the Godly order on which these spirits are to be led and how they are to be led.

   [14] No force may be applied to any Spirit. His free will, coupled with his cognition, determines the path, and the love of the Spirit governs the way he is to be led on this path.

   [15] When the Spirits come to the place of their agreed upon love and behave maliciously, then it is time (based on the type of malice) to counteract in a punitive way.

   [16] See, all concerning brotherly love is concerned, our students are instructed practically and exactly. If they have achieved proficiency, then they receive the sanctification of accomplishment. For a precisely calculated time, they are then given to the people living on earth as protective spirits the reason being, to give them the opportunity to practice the patience of the Lord. You can hardly believe how difficult it is for such a Spirit, educated in Heaven, to deal with the stubborn people of this earth in such a way that they never notice they are being accompanied by such a protective Spirit and are directed by their love.

   [17] Truly, as a beginner, equipped with power and force, it is not something small to call out fire from Heaven. The Spirit has to watch the person, entrusted to him, becoming established in all kinds of wickedness and increasingly forgets the Lord.

   [18] A young mother experiences pure heaven with the rascal, ill-behaved child, compared to the task of a protective spirit standing at the beginning of its mission. How many tears they have to shed and yet all their influence can only consist of a quiet whispering to the conscience. Or, with unusual opportunities, they can protect against accidents which were set up by hell for the mortals of the earth. They may have no influence on other matters.

   [19] Imagine now, the not unusual and bitter fate of a tutor, when he has rough and unruly rascals to educate. A woodcutter is certainly in a better position to work his craft when he is in charge of the cutting down and splitting of the wood, but the rude child ridicules the will of the master. However, this condition is but hazy shadow compared to that of a protecting Spirit, whose ward is a miser, a thief, a robber, a murderer, a gambler, or an adulterer. The protecting Spirit must view these human atrocities in a passive way and may not counteract them with all of its force. When, some opportunities occur, anticipation is allowed, but it must be applied so cleverly, that the one protected is not hindered in his ability to exercise his free will but, at most, in its execution.

   [20] See, this is the second practical activity in which our dedicated students must practice brotherly love and the patience of the Lord. The following will show what happens to them after this exercise in patience.

Nature and Consequences of Vice

    [SpS.02-106,01] "After our disciples are well trained in patience and return from their duty in this outer world, usually after the decease of one of their entrusted persons whom they protected, they must stay near them as long as the natural spiritual condition of a person's deceased soul lasts here. At the moment of the unmasking or obliteration by which each spirit is simply left on his own, they return again to the spiritual sun. Only from there they go to a new destiny. But where? This is very easy to guess when one considers that our disciples had sufficient opportunity until now to practically observe and recognize the illegalities, first as disciples spiritually-scientifically and then as tutelary spirit."

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Premature death of Children. Nature and Consequences of Vice.

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