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How Angels accompany us, the Nature of Angelsv. Jakob Lorber.

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

How Angels accompany us

They are our escorts not only during our life on earth. Due to their love of God they are young and strikingly beautiful! They are always shown having wings. That's of course symbolic. In fact they are extremely versatile and can travel through infinity with unimaginable speed, the speed of thought. But they do not act out of their own power. Their power is God within them and this is why they have limitless fields of action. They care for everything which concerns the existence of a human being from birth to his leaving the earth. They also guide the souls in the beyond. They take care of the growth of the most insignificant moss plantlet or watch over galaxies and everything in between. The angels are the ones who help us overcome pain and suffering of our fleshly existence and to get our souls ready to receive the spirit of God.

   Wherever true friends of God convene and discuss matters of the spirit of eternal love and truth, scores of angels surround them. Angels travel the whole world checking the hearts of men for their readiness to receive the grace of the living God. They strengthen those hearts which are then absorbing the word of the Lord with joy once it reaches them.

   There are primary angels who did not join the fall of Lucifer and its followers, and there are newly created ones. These are souls of humans who have attained perfection, true children of God. We humans who are still living in the flesh will become angels when we attain perfection. With all new creative tasks our love, wisdom, willpower, patience, mercy, humility etc. grow without end. This way Jesus is in a position to entrust us with ever greater and more creative tasks which we solve in unison with Him resulting in ever increasing bliss.

   Here is a selection of situations relating to angels.

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The Nature of Angels

    [Great Gospel of John GGJ.07.056,05] [The Lord:] "Only now at daylight did Nicodemus notice the blinding beauty of Raphael and could not turn his eyes away from him. After a while of inner, deep amazement he said to Me: "But Lord and Master, where does this beautiful celestial youth come from? What is his name? No, never have I seen such heavenly beautiful youth! Not far from him stands a girl who is also very lovely but how earthly is she compared to this already beyond heavenly beautiful youth! His golden locks, how beautiful they flow over his ethereal soft nape, which is nearly as white as snow! Which indescribable charm is in his face! How soft, full and tender and light are his arms and feet! Everything of him is so ordered and selected, nevertheless very simple, that I as an elder of the temple have never, not even in a dream, seen anything similar. Verily, this youth cannot be a child of this earth! If he had wings according to the pattern of the cherubs, who guard the ark in the sanctum of the temple, he would be a perfect angel of God!"

   [06] Said I: "Do you think that the angels of God must have wings to be angels? There you are still very much mistaken! Did the three men who visited Abraham have wings?! Or did the youths who saved Lot, or the angel who led young Tobias? It is not known to Me, that wings were mentioned in the scriptures. Also the angel, who appeared to Abraham, when he should sacrifice his only son Isaac, and prevented him from doing so, did not, according to the scriptures, have any wings.

   [07] Only the two brass cherubs had to be symbolically depicted with wings by Moses, to show to the, for that time very sensuous, Jews that the pure spirits from the heavens of God move in everything very fast - in thinking, deciding, acting and accomplishing. The natural person on earth does not know any quicker movement than the flight of birds in the air by means of a pair of wings, and thus did Moses, on instructions from God, give the cherubs a pair of wings to indicate to the people the speed of the spirit. But in reality no angel of God ever had a pair of wings.

   [08] The wings therefore only indicate the high degree of wisdom and strength of everything purely spiritual, but not that a pure spirit on God's instructions must descend like a bird from heaven to earth and back again. By the way, there never ever existed any angel in the true heaven, who was not previously a person on any earth. That which you very mistakenly imagine as angels created as pure spirits, are nothing else other than the active forces and powers of God, by which the omnipresence of God, is in all infinity actively expressed, which no person should try to imagine in a form of a picture, because the infinity out of God is in truth unimaginable for every limited being, what hopefully is not too difficult to understand.

   [09] But because each person's soul is called to become a true angel of the heavens of God, can this beautiful and most chaste youth just as well be on this earth without wings, just as I have been now in the flesh as the only Lord of heaven and earth with you, and teach you Myself but at the same time maintain the whole of infinity. By the way it is written: "At the same time you will see the angels of God descend to serve the Lord!" And thus this youth can very much be an angel. - What is your opinion about that?"

The Invisible Guidance of Men by Angels

    [GGJ.06_190,03] [An angel of the Lord:] "If it would be beneficial for the nascent people of this earth and necessary for the salvation of their soul we always would be visible among the people; but this is not the case, and therefore we are only allowed to guide the people unseen, so that their free will does not suffer any force. Since nobody can exist before God, if he not previously, fully isolated, has gone through a full trial life of freedom in his flesh for a certain period of time. This is the Lord's love, wisdom and will, and therefore everything must take place, exist and be accordingly; and if something does not take place, exist and be, it is as good as a pure nothingness. However, if you people from now on will live and act as the Lord wants it, also you will after laying off of the body, become and be what we are now; since also we were once on some celestial body what you are now.

Starting with conception, no human being is alone    EM.01.050.05 ...These spirits are what you would call "guardian spirits." Angels and higher angels will also exert their influence. Every human being has at least three guardian spirits, two angels and one higher angel; and above these watches a seventh, Whom you know well.

   6 From the moment of procreation, these guardian spirits and angels arrange themselves around the new soul, and care incessantly for the soul's orderly development.

Humans before and after coming of age

    [13] Say I: "Hearken, My most beloved Jarah, I see into your heart indeed, and read how much you love Me, knowing also your faithfulness; but right now you are still a child rather than a grown up maiden. You have until now been under perpetual protection of My angels and the world's wicked spirits could not approach you; when however you shall be riper of years, then you shall have to resist the evil world and its cravings from your own strength, in order to there from, out of yourself win firm ground for the unchangeable order I have set for all My beings, upon which alone you shall truly be able to approach Me in spirit and in truth. And behold, there the world has great power over man, because the world is for the greater part dominated by hell, and it usually takes an intense struggle for the soul in order not to be swallowed by its own flesh and blood and therefore by the world!

   [14] Your shape is a very beautiful one. Soon worldly youths shall cast their eyes upon you, offering you heart and hand, and it shall be difficult for you to encounter them. When that time comes however, then think of Me in your heart and of all that you had heard and seen upon this height, conquest of the world shall be easy for you!"

   [15] Says Jarah, somewhat saddened: "But it would have been clear to You from eternity whether I would be capable of becoming unfaithful to You!? And if You can see a future faithlessness in me, how can You love me? And can You permit a future sinner to approach You?"

   [16] Say I: "That, My most beloved Jarah, is still too lofty for you! But out of My especially great love for you I nevertheless say unto you: Behold, I can indeed know everything that will take place with a person from eternity, if I want to know it; but in order for man to be capable in his maturity to act completely freely without hindrance, I divert My eyes from him for a certain period, taking no notice of his free action, unless he fervently asks Me to help him with his voluntary struggle with the world, whereupon I cast a glance after him, help him to the right path and provide him with the necessary strength for his struggle with the world.

   [17] So behold, I don't want to look into your future either, so that you remain free in your action; but that is why I teach you now, so that at the time of temptation you would remember it actively. At that time the guardian angel also shall leave you to yourself. Once you shall have defeated the world out of your own power however he shall return to you again and serve you in all things. - Have you, My most beloved Jarah understood Me at least a little?"

The influence of Angels upon Humans

    [GGJ.02.039.06] But even when you are not able to see them, you can ask them anything and they shall place the answer in your heart, which you shall always perceive in your heart as a well-defined thought. And this is far superior to external speech! I say unto you: A word that an angel has laid in your own heart is more beneficial for your soul than thousands of words heaved through the ear externally! Because what you hear in your heart is already your own whereas that which you hear from without you still have to make your own through action in accordance with the heard word.

Angels and the free will of Men

    [GGJ.10.054.08] If I would not protect, by My angels, those who already from nature have a better attitude and will, there would be only few people on this Earth who would not be possessed. But men should not rely too much on that because My angels do not restrain the will of men. This is also for you something to think about."

God's actions through the Spirits

    [EM.01.042, 03] It is true men can build houses, prepare clothing material, and make tools. But they cannot make the matter for these things. They cannot make grass, bushes or a tree, and certainly not an animal. But the lively spirits and angels can do these things, because they are equipped with the strength from Me, to complete such things in My name.

   [04] In several easily comprehensible examples, we want to explain clearly and palpably how individual intelligences can work and do work in one and the same manner and others in another way- all under the direction of higher spirits.

On Obsession

    [EM.01.058, 16] Sometimes several spirits can take possession of one flesh [body], but they have to indicate beforehand that they are doing this only to achieve healing - and thus their wish is granted. This is because such spirits do not follow the advice of the angels to turn immediately to the Lord; instead, they stubbornly insist, maintain and prove that they can only reach the Lord through this path. So what they want is allowed; for the angels teach everything in an empirical way.

Rejection of unclean fruit

    [GGJ.01_242,10] See, through My angels I undertake an annual thinning out of all fruit trees, from whose fruits men feed, upon which no apple, pear or fruit of any kind whatsoever must ripen, within which during flowering, some unclean spirit has settled in up to the fruit stage. And such fruit is cast down from the tree or bush while still completely unripe.

   [11] Similar care is taken with all types of grains and plants destined for human consumption.

   [12] But a blind man not only does not recognize this but, akin to a polyp, eats everything that seems a titbit to him. Any wonder that he soon gets sick, sluggish, toilsome, crippled and therefore miserable through and through?

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How Angels accompany us, the Nature of Angelsv. Jakob Lorber.

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