Jakob Lorber Offenbarung    Revelation Jakob Lorber

Books of the New Revelation through the prophet and scribe Jakob Lorber

Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

The following is a list of booksby Jakob Lorber with short summaries:

The Household of God (The ancient history of mankind; comprised of God's conversations with the Patriarchs Adam, Seth, Jared and Enoch; the self-induced Flood catastrophe) three volumes
Die Haushaltung Gottes

Earth and Moon (Nature and purpose of Earth and our Moon)
Erde und Mond

Saturn (Nature and purpose of the ring-planet Saturn)
Der Saturn

The Fly (A collection point of life from God; the nature of ether and (sun-) light; a symbol of humility)
Die Fliege

The Grossglockner (The gospel of the mountain; nature and working of nature-spirits (2010, not yet available in English))
Der Großglockner

The Natural Sun (Nature and purpose of our Sun-planet)
Die Natürliche Sonne

The Spiritual Sun (Main work on the hereafter) 2 volumes
Die Geistige Sonne

Interpretation of the Scriptures (Jesus explains Bible-passages)

The Childhood of Jesus (The life of Jesus' youth-history up to 30 years of age)
Die Jugend Jesu

Paul´s Letter to the Assembly of the Laodiceans (Colossians 4:16; The decline of Jesus´ pure teachings)
Paulus´ Brief an die Gemeinde in Laodizea

Correspondence between Abgarus Uchama, Prince of Edessa, and Jesus of Nazareth (Abgarus´ 7 letters to Jesus and His answers)
Der Briefwechsel Jesu mit König Abgarus von Edessa

Beyond the Threshold (How 10 different people experience their earthly death and the beginning of their lives in the ´beyond´)
Jenseits der Schwelle

Sunsets into Sunrises (The great hereafter-leadership of a Catholic Bishop)
Bischof Martin

From Heaven to Hell (The great hereafter-leadership of (politician, revolutionist) Robert Blum) 2 volumes
Von der Hölle bis zum Himmel

Three Days in the Temple (The discussions of the 12 year old Jesus with the scribes in the temple of Jerusalem)
Die drei Tage im Tempel

The Great Gospel of John (Word for word narration of Jesus' three years of apprenticeship! Through this literal unfolding we can witness the three years on earth, as if we had been there just like Peter) 10 German volumes
Das große Evangelium Johannes

The following are thematic collections:
Nun folgen Thematische Zusammenstellungen:

The Lord´s Book of Life and Health (A selection of advice to the health of body and soul)
Heilung und Gesundheitspflege

The Path to Spiritual Rebirth (The highest goal of all spiritual efforts)
Weg zur Wiedergeburt

The Second Coming of Christ (Jesus´ predictions for our times)
Die Wiederkunft Christi

The Presence of Christ (A comparative study of the New Revelation and New Testament)
Gegenwart Christ

The Lord Speaks (A selection from the Great Gospel of John)
Der Herr spricht

The Children´s-Realm in the Beyond (The portray the life of early-deceased children in the hereafter)
Das Jenseitige Kinderreich

The wide-ranging (6 part) introductory-volume by Kurt Eggenstein: "The Prophet Jakob Lorber Predicts Coming Catastrophes and the True Christianity"
Das Einführungsbuch von Kurt Eggenstein (ca. 500 Seiten)

The 3 introductory-volumes by Dr. Walter Lutz: "The Fundamental Principles of Life"
Einführungsbuch von Walter Lutz: Die Grundfragen des Lebens

I now wish you much enjoyment when reading!
Nun wünsche ich Ihnen viel Freude beim Lesen!

In order to facilitate an entry into the wealth of the new Revelation by Jesus to the prophet Jacob Lorber, I briefly describe here a selected number of topics, provided with text excerpts.
  1. The Universe and Alien Civilizations
  2. About the Secrets of Our Living Earth
  3. Where do the souls of animals go?
  4. The Prehistory of Mankind (the story of Adam & Eve)
  5. The Nature of the Human Being
  6. The art of staying healthy with age
  7. Improving the human brain
  8. Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war?
  9. Dreams, Visions and Faces
  10. About Prayer
  11. How Angels accompany us
  12. Getting to know Jesus
  13. Prophesy and Return of Jesus
  14. The Death phenomenon
  15. Burial or Cremation
  16. About life after Death and in the Beyond
  17. About suicide
  18. Premature death of Children
  19. The nature of God
  20. The Origin of the New Testament
  21. The detailed Explanation of God’s Order, His Commandments
  22. Finding the right marriage partner
  23. Where do religions come from?
  24. Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind
  25. Jesus and the Miracles
  26. Organ Donation

Books of the New Revelation through the prophet and scribe Jakob Lorber

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