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Revelation by Jakob Lorber, the Prophet.

The New Revelation by Jesus concerning the end of our civilization through the prophet Jakob Lorber

The New Revelation by Jesus concerning the end of our civilization through the prophet Jakob Lorber. The Christian mystic and prophet of God, Jakob Lorber (Graz 1800 - 1864), received from our Lord Jesus Christ a wide-ranging New Revelation in the German language! Here is set out the truly pure and unadulterated Word of God. Even those with a vested interest have been unable to tamper with His revelations. As "Scribe of God", as Jakob saw himself, he was given detailed information which would be impossible to receive in an earthly-materialistic way. Lorber foretold in great detail inventions and discoveries - all verifiable - which would take place. He made other predictions which again became exactly true. His revelations answer all the important issues of life and are in accord with the discoveries of scientists. By giving his prophet such minute knowledge God gave Jakob absolute proof. The following examples show some of Lorber's forecasts which have since been demonstrated by recent scientific advances.

Example 1840: Lorber predicted - elementary particles with a lifetime of 1 trillionth of second. Only after 1948 were the ETA-Meson and the Baryon SIGMAo both discovered with a lifespan of about 10-19 sec.
Source: 1. "Gifts of Heaven" (GH); p. 83; verse 11.
Example 1847: Lorber says that the allegedly indivisible atoms are divisible and that they constitute a Microcosm or a Micro-Universe. It was not until 1911 that the Rutherford - Bohr Atom Model was defined.
Source: "Earth and Moon" (EM), chapter 18, 8 and 9.
Example 1850: Lorber writes: There are billions of galaxies besides our Milky Way. Since 1948 with the use of the 5m - MT. PAOLOMAR-telescope, this fact has been confirmed.
Source: "From the Hell to Heaven" (H2H); 2. H2H 298.6 and 303.1 (date)
Example in 1850: Lorber writes: there are super-galaxies or galaxy clusters. Since 1948, Discovered and confirmed following the use of the 5 m - MT. PALOMAR-telescope.
Source: "From Hell to Heaven" (H2H); 2. H2H 298.6 and 303.1 (date)

In the works of Revelation by Jakob Lorber there are hidden treasures, which humanity has yet to discover. Enormous existential issues are addressed as in: These and many more questions are very clearly and concisely answered in different works. Examples: The work "The Household of God" describes the spiritual primary creation, and the fall of the evil primary spirits under the leadership of the leading spirit Lucifer-Satan, which event led to the formation of the material universe and thus the Earth. Next, Jesus reveals to us the exciting prehistory of humanity. God created Adam and Eve and taught them all they had to know. After 30 years, during which time several children were born, came fratricide and the division of God's children and Children of the World. Among God's children, who had lived a simple life in the mountains, the primary church and the primary bible came about. (This primary bible which was lost in the flood was once again given to humanity through Jakob Lorber in three volumes called "Household of God".)

Among the Children of the World a secular civilization emerged. Later both groups intermingled and from the mixed peoples emerged a worldly-wise imaginative race which, through discoveries and inventions, was 1000 years more advanced than the civilisation of the mid 19th century. The centre was the megalopolis Henoch, which was larger than all Israel. Terrible weapons were developed and used with devastating effect. The blowing up of mountains, influenced the inner structure of the earth, which led to the Great Flood. The traces and treasures of Hanoch remain buried in Caspian Sea even to this day.

In His works about the Spirit World Jesus familiarizes us with the "beyond", the spiritual world into which we all are going to pass into.

In the work: "The Return of Christ" we read what we and our civilisation will soon experience, if we continue to behave as wickedly and as godlessly, as in the past. Source: Matth.24,36 - 42.

In the volume: "Healing and Health Care" we are given suggestions as to how we should live and eat, if we want to achieve good health in old age.

In the work: "The Childhood of Jesus" we participate in the miraculous events that led to the incarnation of God, i.e. the birth of Jesus. We learn also, what we have long wanted to know, an account of His life up until His 12th year.

In the work "The Path towards Spiritual Rebirth ", (a collection of important citations), we are shown the shortest way to eternal salvation. It is a guide to inner retreat (meditation). In "The Great Gospel of John", (the 10 volume work) Jesus tells us in great detail all that took place in his mission, during His three years of teaching, so that we really feel as though we were present during this time. We travel with Jesus and his disciples and, often, with other followers through Israel experiencing the great diversities of life during that period. In discussions with the most mature souls of the earth, attracted to Jesus, He gives answers relating the most important questions of humanity in an easily understandable manner. He explains the spiritual and material creation of life on Earth and in the "Beyond", giving vivid examples and images so clearly that his listeners are deeply moved. He also shows that, for example, millions of years of highly developed animalistic humanoids preceded Adam and Eve.

"The Great Gospel of John", is the most important, largest and most beautiful work of the New Revelation by Jakob Lorber, and is the key to the deeper understanding of the Bible. The texts in the biblical Gospels give us the impression of sketches, because at that time in accordance with John 21, 25, only the most important facts and subjects should be written down. A wonderful work for all who love Jesus!

Through this revelation we can learn to know, understand and love God, in a previously unimagined depth - our God, our loving heavenly Father who came onto this very earth for us, as the man Jesus! Even if all the knowledge contained in the New Revelation could be acted upon, benefitting mankind, it is the teachings of Jesus which are the most important. In vol. 4 of the Great Gospel of John, chapter 210, verse 2, Jesus justified his visit on the earth as follows:
"In truth, I principally came into this world to guide mankind - which had completely abandoned all of My original ordinances - by means of teachings, examples and deeds, so that it would return to the primordial state in which the first human beings found themselves to be the true masters of all the other creatures.

Lorber's original manuscripts are still preserved and in safekeeping by the editors Lorber-Verlag in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany. The list of books shows that the New Revelation includes many works by Jakob Lorber, which is sub-divided into many books and contains a total of approximately 10.000 printed pages.

Just like in the Old Testament many references are included pointing to the Saviour (Jesus), so there are specific references to the Revelation by Jakob Lorber in the New Testament: Rev 14.6 "Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel (= The Great Gospel of John" through Jakob Lorber) to proclaim to those who live on the earth-to every nation, tribe, language and people.

I, personally, became intensely interested in the wonderful revelation of Jesus through Jakob Lorber in 1978, studying Kurt Eggenstein's book "The Prophet Jakob Lorber proclaims imminent catastrophes and true Christianity".

This Revelation proved to be the greatest treasure of my life. Out of gratitude I am sponsoring, on a purely private basis and with the help of friends, articles on this subject, in small ads in newspapers and on the internet, in order to bring this Revelation/(these Revelations) to those who seek answers to life's mysteries. It is my fervent hope that from these pages others will obtain new insights.

Here is a list of the works Jakob Lorber received with short summaries.

The Household of God, (the prehistory of mankind; contains conversations of God with the Patriarchs: Adam, Seth, Jared, Enoch; and includes the self-induced catastrophe of the Flood). 3 volumes.
Earth and Moon (nature and purpose of the earth and of our Earth's moon)
The Saturn (nature and determination of the ringed planet Saturn)
The Fly (a gathering place of the life from God; the essence of the ether and of light)
The Grossglockner (a mountain gospel; and the work of the nature spirits)
The natural sun (nature and designation of our planetary sun)
The spiritual sun (main work describing the beyond) 2 volumes
Scripture Explanations (Jesus explains biblical passages.)
The Childhood of Jesus (the story of Jesus from his birth up to his 30th year)
Paul's Letter to the church in Laodicea (Col 4.16 secession from the pure teachings of Jesus)
The exchange of letters of Jesus with King Abgarus of Edessa. (Jesus instructs a local king about His mission)
Beyond the threshold (Is about 10 different people, their earthly beginnings and deaths and the of their experiences in the "beyond")
Bishop Martin (guidance in the "beyond" of a Catholic bishop)
From the hell up to heaven (guidance in the "beyond" of Robert Blum) 2 volumes
The three days in the Temple (Discussion: 12 year-old Jesus in the temple with priests and scribes)
The Great Gospel of John (verbatim protocol of the three year teachings of Jesus! This means we can witness His three years of teaching as if we were Peter or John!) 10 volumes.

Now thematic compilations:
Healing and health care (selection of the advice to the health of body and soul)
The path to rebirth (the highest goal of all spiritual efforts)
The return of Christ (the prophecies of Jesus for our time)
Presence of Christ (a comparison of Revelation and the New Testament)
The LORD speaks (a selection from the Great Gospel of John)
The Children's kingdom (depicts the life in the "beyond" of prematurely deceased children)
The big book of introduction to the Revelation by Kurt Eggenstein "The Prophet Jakob Lorber proclaimed imminent catastrophes and true Christianity"
Introduction by Walter Lutz: "Fundamental principles of life."

In order to facilitate an entry into the wealth of the new Revelation by Jesus to the prophet Jacob Lorber, I briefly describe here a selected number of topics, provided with text excerpts.
  1. The Universe and Alien Civilizations
  2. About the Secrets of Our Living Earth
  3. Where do the souls of animals go?
  4. The Prehistory of Mankind (the story of Adam & Eve)
  5. The Nature of the Human Being
  6. The art of staying healthy with age
  7. Improving the human brain
  8. Why does God tolerate injustice, mischief and war?
  9. Dreams, Visions and Faces
  10. About Prayer
  11. How Angels accompany us
  12. Getting to know Jesus
  13. Prophesy and Return of Jesus
  14. The Death phenomenon
  15. Burial or Cremation
  16. About life after Death and in the Beyond
  17. About suicide
  18. Premature death of Children
  19. The nature of God
  20. The Origin of the New Testament
  21. The detailed Explanation of God’s Order, His Commandments
  22. Finding the right marriage partner
  23. Where do religions come from?
  24. Mature and immature Souls and their activities in Mankind
  25. Jesus and the Miracles
  26. Organ Donation

Jakob Lorber - Divine advice on real-life topics in the free book!

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